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50 Things Sucessfull Men Have in Common

50 Things Sucessfull Men Have in Common

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Published by: Chukwuemeka Onyeukwu Sixtus on Oct 29, 2010
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  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • Overview on Opportunity
  • Understanding Opportunity
  • Missed Chances - Sound Familiar?
  • If I Could Only Give You One Tip
  • - It Would Be This
  • Yours for the Taking
  • Proof This Works
  • One of the Examples Out of the Pile
  • Stop Doing It on Your Own
  • For Immediate Results
  • Always on the Lookout: Try It for
  • Yourself Tomorrow Morning & See
  • What Happens…
  • Summary
  • Overview on Online Marketing
  • Understanding Online Marketing
  • The Fundamentals of Online Business
  • Why Are You Here?
  • This Is Real Business
  • Your Personality Gets You Noticed
  • Your Personal Resource Reserve
  • On to the Good Bits
  • How Much Money Will You Make?
  • You’ve Got All the Time in the World
  • Why We’re All Special
  • Overview on Success
  • Top 10 Reasons for Success
  • Are You Listening to the Right People?
  • I Bet You Know More Than You Think
  • Wasting Time without Even Knowing It
  • Avoiding the Dirty Bits
  • Does This Sound Like You?
  • Don’t Listen to the Big Guys…
  • Are You Crazy?
  • Broken Vase Syndrome
  • I’m Worried I Can’t / Won’t Succeed
  • Knowledge Really Is Power
  • The Freebie Magnet
  • Never On Your Own
  • Overview on Health
  • Keeping Your Most Powerful
  • Resource Healthy - Yourself
  • Overview on Final Thoughts
  • A Few Last Words
  • Monitoring Your Success
  • Factors That Hinder Success
  • Prepare Yourself
  • Everlasting Ideas for Your Business
  • Gradual Progress
  • Keep Building Those Resources
  • - The Key to Quick Success
  • Mistakes Are Good
  • I Can’t, Because…
  • Now It’s Your Turn

Next up, we have the all important knowledge. Knowledge is power,
after all, and without it we'd all be doomed and useless at pretty much
everything. Well you don't have to worry about not having the
knowledge anymore because everything is covered in this guide for this
particular method, but I do want you to make sure you're using it. The
whole buying guide, after guide, after guide is getting a little over the top
for some people that I've spoken to in the past. Ten, twenty, thirty or
more e-books read. They claim they've read everything but still haven't
reached their dream of making wads of cash every month.

Like we've already discussed this can be for many reasons. You can
have all the knowledge in the world but it won't do anything unless you
take what you've learned and put it to good use. Don't turn into one of
those report hoppers, because it won't get you very far, and in the end

you're going to end up frustrated, bored and broke.

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