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Active Wear

Active Wear

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Published by Parul Kapur

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Published by: Parul Kapur on Oct 29, 2010
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Active-wear for the stylish fitness enthusiast!

- Parul Kapur (B.H.Sc. {textiles & clothing}, APMM)
What you wear during your workout is just as significant as the fitness training itself. An ill-fitting outfit can make the difference between a good workout and a bad one. Plus, you want to feel good and part of that is looking good. When it's the time for a gym workout, you cannot go about exercising in your business, casual suit. When it's the time to shape up your body, you should opt for proper gym workout clothes. These gym clothes allow flexibility to bend upside down for carrying out different types of exercises. The most important aspects of active-wear should be comfort of movement, styling, and health. The garment should allow your body to move easily without any binding or irritation. Active-wear should be appealing and help you look your best. And, your active-wear should also contribute to your health and, at least, should not be made from harmful chemicals or contain toxins. Fusing exciting color combinations with bodyloving designs and fabrics provides an overall spectacular look that symbolizes vitality, strength, and beauty. Gym clothing is essentially made of knit or hosiery fabric that easily soaks up the perspiration and also stretches and relaxes as the body does. If the design features are incorporated wisely you can change your look with your clothing i.e. look thinner, taller and so on. For those attempting to look slimmer could try side panels which cause eyes to focus inwards, long tops cover not only the butt but also the hips and tummy, while horizontal stripes trim the hips. Capri’s flatten the tummy, hips and butt. While those aiming at creating an illusion of increased height should wear bright colours at top of garment as these cause eyes to focus upwards also the vertical stripes on the lower garment make the legs look longer. High neck tops also add height. Boot length track pants add height and disguise the legs and sleeveless tops enable free movement of the arm. A few quick tips you could consider while purchasing your exercise clothing: • Think comfort- Shorts, tee shirts, tights...wear whatever feels good to you. • Protect yourself- Wear light-colored clothes, a hat, plenty of sunscreen and sunglasses if you're exercising outdoors. • Wear the right shoes for your activity- For weight training and low impact activities consider a cross-training shoe, running or walking shoes. If you're going to be running, you'll need a running shoe so your feet will have plenty of support. Similarly, if you're participating in a sport such as basketball, football, etc. you'll require a sport-specific shoe so you don't hurt yourself. • Be safe- Make sure your clothes and shoes have reflective material on them if you're out and about at night. • Be picky about your workout socksIf they are too thick or thin you could get blisters which can ruin a good workout. • Choose clothes to fit your activity- If you are running or walking, a simple pair of shorts and tee shirt might be fine. And if you are doing yoga, you might choose more fitted clothing so you can move freely but stay covered. There is no right and wrong when it comes to exercise clothes. It is whatever makes you feel good, gives you freedom of movement and keeps you comfortable. Stay fit and fashionable! Happy exercising!

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