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Black God Anthology

Black God Anthology

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Published by: axiom37 on Oct 29, 2010
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By Shabazz Adew Allah
Mecca (Harlem, NY)

What is an Earth? An Earth is a righteous Blackwoman who
adheres to her true culture which is Islam. In this Nation of
Gods and Earths (and since earliest history in such places as
ancient India and Sumeria), the Blackman is God, symbolic
to the Sun, while the Blackwoman (Queen of the Universe)
is the Earth.

The Earth is the 3rd planet from the sun. She is the only
planet in the Solar System that is capable of bringing forth
life. This is through the process of the Sun providing light
and heat for the Earth to absorb (and the Moon to reflect, as
this is the second nature of the Blackwoman. However the
Moon lacks Wisdom (water) and has no life on it). This is
reproduced exactly in the Blackmans relation to the woman.
Just as the Earth brings forth life, or fruits of the seeds that
God plants - The Blackwoman brings forth a child from the
Blackman, which comes through her after 9 months.

The Earth is approximately covered on its surface by 3/4ths
of water. The Blackwoman, out of respect for herself, her
culture, her children and her God, covers herself the same

way. There are no veils worn in this nation, however the
hair is usually, if not always, worn in a wrap or covering.
An additional fact, which happens to be in support of
keeping the hair natural and in a covering, is that Perms and
straighteners, although well known to damage and destroy
(kill) the hair - also cause cancer. Inquisitive (or doubtful)
minds can research this. The Blackwoman is a Queen, and
is treated as such in this nation, as in the Best Part. She was
made by God to procreate the Human family. Without her,
we have no us.

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