Simple Apprehension

The Generation of Ideas

The 3 Acts of the Mind 
Simple Apprehension: an operation of the mind Apprehension: whereby we abstract from the non-essential nonelements of a thing and recognize those essential elements which make it to be precisely that particular thing.  Judgment: the act by which the intellect affirms or Judgment: denies the truth of something, putting together or dividing apart concepts;  Reasoning: an operation of the mind that involves Reasoning: a process whereby from certain truths already known, we proceed to another which is different from those that are given but necessarily following from them.

The 3 Acts of the Mind
Mental Act
Apprehension Judgment Reasoning

Mental Product
Idea Enunciation Argument

External Sign
Term Proposition Syllogism

Is the process of idea-formation idea It is based primarily on the principle that ³Nothing enters the mind unless it passes first through the senses.´  Knowledge first acquired is sensible because of the involvement of the external and internal senses.

Ideogenesis Diagram
External Senses Internal Senses Intellect Percepts
Active Intellect

Sensed Data

Common Sense

Memory Imagination

Abstracted Nature


External Senses

Sensible Impressions


Passive Intellect