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McCollum Lobbyist Request

McCollum Lobbyist Request

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Published by Nelson Velardo

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Published by: Nelson Velardo on Oct 29, 2010
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Court 600Thistlewood FL Longwood, 32779

3, 0 Septernber201 PhilipClaypool Counsel and Executive Director General on Florida Clommission Ethics 15709 PostOfficeDrarver 'l allahassee 32311-5207 , F-L DearN{r.Claypool: 4, J effbctiveanuary 2011 AttomeyGeneral the I will be vacating publicofficeof lrlorida issue. on opinion thefollowing an andrequest advisory from I Statutes, amprohibited Florida 112.313(9Xa)3, section rhat I am aware r.rnder government the before person entityfor compensation or another personally representing the of for I wasa ntetnber, a period two yearsfollowing of tody o, agency which of thetermgovernment as I of vacation offrce.However, amunclear to theinterpretation me advising asto what an request opinion and in boilyasused thissection therefore rvithin thatterm. wouldbeincluded cntitics by issued the opinion lronranypublished be that I alsorequest rny narrre withheld Comrnission. Sincergly,


Llill McCollum


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