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+ Housekeeping benefits The amount of each benefit and length of time for which it is available depends in significant measure on whether the claimant has suffered a “catastrophic” ("CAT") impairment. A CAT impairment ig defined in the regulation itself. as: paraplegia or quactiplegl the total loss of at leat one limb; blindness: & brain injury of a particular severity (the injury must be quite serious); or, a 55% impairment of the whole person.” have not addressed in this paper the manner in which a CAT impairment can be established; there is a host.of case law on the issue that one must be familiar with if retained by a claimant with a particularly severe injury. One should note, however, that the physical and psychological impact of the accident can be relied on in combination to. egtablish the 55% impairment. The benefits available for both non-catastrophic and catastrophic claims are ‘summarized in the following chart. Category “Amount ‘Amount if CAT] When Available income Replacement |» 70% of gross |» Same * Available for 2 years post Benefits (IRBs)” income, to a accident unless the claimant . max. of $400 suffers @ complete inability to per week. engage in any employment for which he is reasonably suited by education, training or experience. | Med! Rehab Benefits | $50,000 max. | + _ $1,000,000 + Non-CAT: 2 years post- | (e.g. medical services, max. accident. | prescription meds; wheelchairs; skils + CAT: 10 years post-accident. training; home modification)* Ritendant Care + $36,000 mex. |* $7,000,000 [+ Non-CAT: 2 years _post- max. accident. ’ * CAT:40 years post-accident. Fatality” ‘> $25,000 for[* NA ° NA | deceased's spouse; $10,000 for each dependent child 4 ibid. ats. 3(2). > id. ss. 4 Ibid. ss. 15-18. ° iid. 8.19. * Ibid. ss. 26-27.