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Nathan Pick
28 OCTOBER 2010 202-785-0266

ATR Releases 2010 list of Federal Pledge Signers in

Federal candidates join incumbents in making no-new taxes promise in upcoming election

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) released an updated list of
incumbents and challengers in Georgia who have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge . These
candidates have made a written commitment to their constituents to never raise their taxes. ATR
strongly encourages taxpayers to consider those who have made this commitment. The list of
incumbents and challengers who have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge is as follows

Incumbents GA-07 John Linder (R) Challengers

GA-Sen Johnny Isakson (R) GA-09 Tom Graves (R) GA-02 Mike Keown (R)
GA-Sen Saxby Chambliss (R) GA-10 Paul Broun (R) GA-04 Cory Ruth (R)
GA-01 Jack Kingston (R) GA-11 Phil Gingrey (R) GA-05 Fenn Little (R)
GA-03 Lynn Westmoreland (R) GA-08 Austin Scott (R)
GA-06 Tom Price (R) GA-12 Raymond McKinney (R)

*List does not denote incumbents who are not running for reelection, who are termed out, or do not have an election this year.

Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) is a non-partisan coalition of taxpayers and taxpayer groups who oppose all tax increases.
For more information or to arrange an interview please contact John Kartch at (202) 785-0266 or by email at

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