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Pre-election Campaign Disclosure Statements submitted to Sacramento

County Elections Division by Oct. 18, 2010.

Ryan Herche

Western Electrical Contractors Association Inc. $2,000

Golden Gate Chapter Associated $1,000
Chris Rufer, agriculturalist, Morning Star Co. $700
Usua Amanam, president, Amtrat International $600
Ryan Herche, educator, Training Minds $500
Golden Gate Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors $500
Sacramento Builders Exchange $500
Duane Dichiara, consultant, Revolvis $250
Yolo County Republican Party $200
Rudy Brooks, owner, Rudys Consultant $113.20
Sulaiman Tokhi, deputy district attorney, Yolo County DA's Office $100
James Thayer, language analyst, USAF $100
Jean Taylor, retiree $100
Angela Azevedo, retiree $100
Ian Badeer, computer technician, Quick TEQ Computers $100
Mark Bowman, attorney, Bowman Law $100
Craig Garbe, consultant, Elders At The Gate $100
Darlene Townes, student $100
Arthur Derby, retiree $100

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