Time to recycle Chesbro

Letter to the Editor Eureka Times Standard Posted:10/29/2010 01:08:31 AM PDT

Karen Brooks is a citizen candidate running for State Assembly, District 1. She is a 30-year resident of Humboldt County. She lives in Bayside, is married and has two sons. She is a Humboldt State University business graduate. She has worked in the private sector, so she has real life experience. Brooks offers solutions and new ideas to help solve our problems in Sacramento. She doesn't want to be a career politician. It is exciting to support such an outstanding candidate. Change is happening. People are fed up with career politicians who just “recycle” from one office to another when they termlimit out. In Humboldt County, we are the stronghold of a “career politician” in Wesley Chesbro. He was an Arcata City councilman, a Humboldt County supervisor for the 3rd District, an assemblyman, then state senator and now he is back to assemblyman. It is just the same old retread rhetoric and ideas. Chesbro has touted “recycling” for many years and I say it is time to “recycle” him for a new voice in Sacramento. It is time to send the good old boy home and see if he can make it in the private sector. Please join me in supporting Karen Brooks. Be bold, vote for the best candidate. Brooks is getting support across party lines. Margaret Stafford Arcata

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