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If I lose myself

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The Precious Present by 1981, Doubleday, The precious present has

The precious present.
Spencer Johnson Broadway New York, USA nothing to do with wishing.

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You already know what the

precious present is. You
already know where to find
When you have the The richness is rare, The precious present is not
it. And you already know
precious present, you are indeed, but … the wealth something that someone
how it can make you
perfectly content to be of the precious present gives you. It is a gift that
happy. You know it best
where you are. comes only from itself. you give yourself.
when you were a small
child. You have simply

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The precious has nothing to
do with wishing … When
you have the precious
present you will be
It is wise for me to think It is also wise to think
perfectly content to be
about the past and to learn about the future and to
where you are … The And when I lose my self, I
from my past. But it is not prepare for my future. But
richness of the precious lose what is most precious
wise for me to be in the it is not wise for me to be
present comes from its own to me.
past. For that is how I lose in the future. For that, too,
source … The precious
my self. is how I lose my self.
present is not something
that someone gives to you
…. It is something you give
to yourself ….

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I know that some people

The present is what is. It is
choose to receive the
precious. Even if I do not
precious present when they
know why. It is already just
I can choose to be happy are young. Others in middle Pain is the difference
the way it is supposed to b.
now. Or I can try to be age. And some when they between what is and what I
when I see the present,
happy when … or if … are very old. Some people, want it to be.
accept the present, and
sadly, never do. I can
experience the present. I
choose the precious present
am well, and I am happy.
whenever I want.

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When I feel guilty over my

imperfect past, or I am My past was the present. As long as I continue to
The present is simply who I
anxious over my uncertain And my future will be the stay in the present, I am
am just the way I am …
future, I do not live in the present. The present happy forever: because
right now. And it is
present. Then, I experience moment is the only reality I forever is always the
pain. I make myself ill. ever experience. present.
And I am unhappy.

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The precious present is
something precious I can
I am the precious present. The precious present.
give to and receive from
myself. For I am precious.

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