There were many, within Godrej and outside who assisted us to make this project possible. Our heartfelt thanks to each one of them for their whole hearted co-operation in making this project possible. Our grateful thanks to: Mr Satvinder Singh Rayaat, Associate Manager, Godrej Interio for his tremendous enthusiasm and lively interest in this project and the dedicated work he put in over a two month period. We also like to give our thanks to Mr. Manmeet Singh Asst. Manager - Sales (Godrej Interio) for their guidance for our project. Our deepest gratitude to all the respondents who have been sincere to express their views without whom the validation of this research would have remained just an idea.



The summer training is an on the job training which enhances the knowledge and skills of the trainee and generate scope for the implementation of his/her acquired skills and knowledge during his/her MBA program. It helps an individual to gain first hand experiences in the corporate world. Godrej group of industries is catering the needs of customers since 1897 by providing various quality products. The company is one of the largest privately held diversified corporate in India. The Godrej name has been built on a spirit of innovation that has made it one of the country’s most remarkable industrial corporate. Founded over 108 years ago, Godrej is a highly reputed Household and Industrial Brand in India. Admired for its sprit of Innovation and Self Reliance, Godrej and Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd. is today a highly diversified marketing and manufacturing organization. Godrej Interio is a contemporary, stylish & ergonomically designed range of furniture & interior solutions that transforms any space. It comes from the expertise & constantly evolving solutions that is provided to the consumer. And the motto “Interio - No one knows interiors better than us” is depicted in the work done by Godrej employees. The main objective of conducting such a type of research was to know the potential and preference of Godrej Furniture in Himachal Pradesh sand to know the perception of people about Interio Brand in general


During the training period at Godrej & Boyce MFG. Co. Ltd.we learned about: Corporate culture, Organizational behaviour, Team work & Coordination.

In these two months we conducted a survey, regarding “potential and preference of Godrej Furniture in H.P.” we received feedback & valuable suggestions about Godrej furniture. These suggestions will certainly help the organisation in future. From this survey we came to know about the demand of furniture in banking sector, educational, insurance segment and also in govt. Offices. It was also found that most of the customers are not aware about the Godrej furniture and brand “Interio”. During this programme we consulted many sources - experienced dignities working in Godrej, books, magazines, catalogues, and websites to get sufficient knowledge about the company. During the survey we found two main issues:

Insufficient information regarding the Godrej range of institutional / Educational furniture

• Price consciousness among customers While conducting this survey we got opportunity to meet & interact with the heads of different institutions around Himachal pradesh and we came to know about customer perception regarding Godrej furniture. • Institutes purchase more local furniture as compared to branded. They believe that Godrej furniture is very expensive & is not easily available to them, so more showrooms should be opened & more schemes & offers should be provided to the customers. • There are several features that customers take into consideration while going for purchasing furniture like
o o o o

Aesthetic look, Price, Quality, Warranty,


preface_________________________________________________3 3. Bibliography____________________________________________68 INTRODUCTION ABOUT GODREJ 5 . Executive summary_______________________________________4 4. Organisation profile______________________________________ 5 5. The Godrej dynasty______________________________________8 8. Data interpretation and analysis___ ___________________12 50 7. Research methodology 6.1. Acknowledgements_______________________________________2 2.

Godrej was derived from Gudrez-the name of an important tribe in IranNow headquarters of Godrej is in Mumbai(india) COMPANY PROFILE  Founded Lalbaug. Ardeshir Godrej. Mr. The group has diverse business interests ranging from engineering to personal care products. 6 . The Godrej Group was established in 1897. Beginning with security equipment and soaps. from edible oils and chemicals to agro products. Godrej Group is also well-known for its philosophy and initiation of labour reforms. Mumbai 7th May. from refrigerators and furniture to machine tools and process equipment. Here is a brief profile and history of the group.from locks and safes to typewriters and word processors. Companies operating under the Godrej Group are involved in a host of businesses .Godrej Group is one of the most respected business groups in India. Its founder. from engineering workstations to cosmetics and detergents. the group diversified into a wide variety of consumer goods and services. was a staunch nationalist and believed that India cannot win freedom unless it is economically self-reliant. 1897.

godrej. of Employees   over 10000 people 1. desk Chair. South Western America. Products Commodities.1 billion US $ East Asia 7 Sales Turnover Main Market .com  No.   Website Companies 10 www. cupboards  Trade and Market America Eastern America North America. fmcg Office furniture. Founder(s) Godrej  Ardeshir Godrej. Pirojsha Mumbai New Delhi. Key people   Adi Godrej (Chairman) Chemicals & Real Estate. Headquarters Chennai. ITES Appliances.

and then stunned the world by creating toilet soap from vegetable oil. from edible oils and chemicals to agro products.from locks and safes to typewriters and word processors. Companies operating under the Godrej Group are involved in a host of businesses . HISTORY OF GODREJ The Company celebrated its centenary in 1997. Ardeshir went on to make safes and security equipment of the highest order. The group has diverse business interests ranging from engineering to personal care products.South East Asia and Africa The Godrej Group is one of the respected business houses of India. In 1897 a young man named Ardeshir Godrej gave up law and turned to lock making. from engineering workstations to cosmetics and detergents. 8 . from refrigerators and furniture to machine tools and process equipment.

it is a symbol of enduring ideals in a changing world. To them. Godrej touches the lives of millions of Indians every day. leading Godrej towards becoming a vibrant.Ardeshir Godrej Godrej Pirojsha His brother Pirojsha Godrej carried Ardeshir's dream forward. Pirojsha laid the foundation for the sprawling industrial garden township (ISO 14001-certified) now called Pirojshanagar in the suburbs of Mumbai. multi-business enterprise. 9 .

First generation the two brothers were the founders. Adi godrej. second generations focused towards diversification of business by investing of acquiring more business in the leadership of Mr Naoroji godrej. third generation in the leadership of Mr. is keener to keep hold on core business functions 10 .

achievements. touches the lives of millions of Indians every day.The word Godrej etched into the metal of his locks stood for trust. It is a living code of ethics for Indian industry as it races into the forefront of global dominance. Vietnam. we also have manufacturing facilities in Singapore. self reliance through industry and prosperity from indigenous resources. a story of a family committed to the nation. Oman and a marketing office 11 . From hi-tech engineering solutions. Besides manufacturing set up in India. The brand Godrej has a tremendous recall in India. Today Godrej is the bridge between the future and in hundred years of history. Godrej. security and reliability. Godrej has legacy of 111 years is a story of success. What started as dream has become a movement. Godrej is a highly respected brand and besides it's high quality products. Malaysia. futuristic security and entry systems to a wide range of consumer and personal products. development & change. The name Godrej is today locked away in the mind of every Indian as a symbol of responsible entrepreneurism. It started off with locks and then a stunned world looked up in awe when Godrej made soaps from vegetable oils. and is gaining fast access in the International markets. is known for it's business ethics.

PRODUCT LINE OF GODREJ Godrej follow ISO 9001 system standards & 14000 environment standards.out of UAE. fire resisting filing cabinets. night latches. pad locks. fire doors. data safes. sliding door units. work stations Security equipment: Safes. Godrej has manufacturing base in Mumbai. chairs for teachers. book cases Steel furniture . offices.Cupboards. Spanish. partitions. Pashtu. Warehousing solutions: Material handling equipment. educational institutions & industrial requirements. door closers Appliances: Water Purifiers. Godrej products range encompasses a wide range of products to suit homes. 12 . To name a few. metal shelves Locks: Wide range locks covering mortise. filing cabinets. training room chairs. which can be offered in several languages including Arabic. tambour door units Office furniture: Chairs. Educational furniture: School desks. steel tables for teachers. fire safes. Typewriters: Godrej are the world's second largest manufacturer of manual typewriters. Chennai & Goa. Lockers. library stacks. steel doors. Refrigerators. Chandigarh. Air conditioners and WashingMachines. desks. French. strong room doors. and Russian etc. shelving and racking.

• • • • • Godrej Agrovet Ltd Goldmohur Foods & Feeds Ltd Godrej Properties Ltd Godrej Hicare Ltd Godrej International Ltd 13 . MAJOR SUBSIDIARIES OF GODREJ INDUSTRIES LTD.Co. BUSINESS PROFILE MAJOR COMPANIES OF GODREJ GROUP: • • • • • • Godrej & Boyce Mfg.Ltd.BHD Godrej PTE.Interio was established in 2006 and is one of the largest business Groups of Godrej & Boyce.Ltd Godrej Industries Ltd Godrej Infotech Ltd Godrej Commodities Ltd Godrej SDN.

Security Equipment.SEZ Godrej & Khimji LLC Godrej Group Companies: Godrej & Boyce Mfg. and Construction Material & Services. Ltd. Tooling.• Godrej Global Mid East FZE MAJOR AFFILITES • • • • • • • Godrej Consumer Products Ltd Godrej SARA LEE Ltd Geometric Ltd Godrej Efacec Automation & Robotics Ltd Godrej Hershe Foods & Beverages Ltd Mercury Mfg. Air Conditioners.. Machine Tool Service. and DVD Players).Ltd. Material Handling Equipment. Conferencing Solutions. and vending Machines. Process Equipment. Office Automation. Automated Warehousing. Godrej Consumer Products Ltd (GCPL): 14 .Co. Precision Components & Systems. Industrial Products include Storage Solutions. Electrical & Electronic. The Consumer products include Appliances (Refrigerators. Locks. Co. Furniture.: Godrej & Boyce manufactures a spectrum of consumer products and industrial products. Microwaves. Washing Machines.

Godrej Agrovet: 15 . Godrej Industries Ltd. and Godrej No 1. Nupur based Hair Dyes. SCM software. The company is also leader in the hair colour category in India and offers a vast product such as Godrej Renew Coloursoft Liquid Hair Colours. It also has major presence in food products such as refined oil and tetrapack fruit beverages. hair.: The company is India's leading manufacturer of oleochemicals. Its liquid detergent brand Ezee is the market leader in its category. Godrej Liquid & Powder Hair Dyes to Godrej Kesh Kala Oil.Godrej Consumer Products is a leading player in the Indian FMCG market with interests in personal. Godrej Consumer Products is the largest marketer of toilet soaps in the country with leading brands such as Cinthol. Fairglow. The company is engaged in the business of developing customized software solutions and implementing ERP. CRM. Geometric Software Solutions: leading Godrej Infotech: PLM It is a CMMI Level 5 Company and the services provider. household and fabric care segments.

I. Godrej Efacec: The company provides warehousing. Oman.P. Godrej Properties and Investments Limited (G. Godrej Sara Lee: It is a joint venture between the Godrej Group and Sara Lee Corporation. USA. automated storage and retrieval system solutions. Vietnam.L): Godrej Properties provides meticulously planned townships at affordable prices. and Sharjah. The Godrej Group also has overseas establishments in Malaysia.Godrej Agrovet is one of the largest producers and marketers of animal feeds and innovative agri-inputs India. Singapore. 16 . Its brand HIT is very popular in India. The company is the world's largest manufacturer of home insecticides.

VISION GODREJ IN EVERY HOME AND WORK PLACE\ THE CHOICE FOR HOME AND WORK SPACE SOLUTION Mission:• Godrej Mission is to operate in existing and new businesses which capitalize on the Godrej brand and corporate image of reliability and integrity. 17 . • We shall achieve this objective through continuous improvement in quality. cost and customer service. developing and empowering our employees and suppliers. • We shall strive for excellence by nurturing. • Godrej objective is to delight our customer both in India and abroad.

VALUES • Commitment to Quality • Customer Orientation • Dedication & Commitment • Discipline • Honesty & Integrity • Learning Organisation • Openness & Transparency • Respect/Care & Concern for People 18 . conducive to learning and team work.• We shall encourage an open atmosphere.



Mumbai – 400079. 25188020. Adi B Godrej. Dalip Sehgal. Chairman Mr. Hoshedar K Press. Aman Mehta Registered & Corporate Office: Pirojshnagar. D Shivakumar Mr. Eastern express highway. 022-25188040 Website:http://www.India Phone. 2006 - CHANGE OF NAME OF DIVISION TO “INTERIO”. CORPORATE INFORMATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS Mr.Ltd 21 . Jamshyd N Godrej Mr.godrej. Vice-Chairman Mr.25188030 Lucknow office: Godrej & Boyce Mfg. A Mahendran Mr. Vikhroli.022-25188010. Omkar Goswami Mr. Nadir B Godrej Ms Rama Bijapurkar Dr. Bala V Balachandran Mr. Managing Director NON EXUCATVE DIRECTORS Mr. Bharat Doshi Mr.Co.

Adi Godrej left India at the age of 17 to enroll at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.UP India 0522. The Godrej products were among the first indigenously manufactured products to displace entrenched foreign brands. More than a century age. Adi Godrej took the Godrej Group to great height during controlled economy era. Though he planned to study mechanical engineering but he later on switched to management.newal kishore Road Near akashwani. Adi Godrej restructured company’s policies to meet the challenges of globalisation. He modernized and systematized management structures and implemented process improvements. His father’s name was Burjorji Godrej and his mother’s name was Jai Godrej. Adi Godrej is the present chairman of Godrej Group of companies. After his return to India. the Group 22 . Adi Godrej joined the family business. After the liberalization process. Adi Godrej was born in a business family. He received his Bachelor and Master degrees in Management from the Sloan School in 1963. Lucknow. In the early 2000s. the Godrej’s were into manufacturing locks and vegetable-based soaps.43-C .2215142. CURRENT CHAIRMAN Adi Godrej Adi Godrej is one of the icons of Indian Industry.

Co. the group is also involved in philanthropic activities.completed a 10-year restructuring process through which each business became a stand-alone company with a CEO/COO from outside the Godrej family. 1994 • Nisarga mitra Award from Rotary Club of Bombay. Ltd. Under Adi Godrej’s leadership. AWADRDS & RECOGINITION 2006 • Lalji Mehrotra Foundation Award for Excellence. 2003 • Economic Times corporate Excellence Award for Corporate Citizenship. 23 . Godrej is major supporter of the World Wildlife Fund in India. which includes a 150-acre mangrove forest and a school for the children of company employees. • Great Son of India Award given to Sohrab Godrej by National Convention For protection of India’s Resources and Environment. 2005 • BHNS Green Governance Award for the Category – Conservation & Restoration of Habitat to Godrej & Boyce Mfg. conferred by National Society for Equal Opportunities for the Handicapped. Virkholi for Environmental Conservation. it has developed a green business campus in the Vikhroli township of Mumbai.

Interior products & Services. energy and raw materials such as wood derivatives .1991 • Indira Gandhi Paryavaran Puraskar. fuel . awarded to Sohrabji Godrej. • Monitor and reduce the effect of fumes.dust and noise level in the ambient air 24 . steel etc. • Continue pollution prevention techniques • Conserve key resources like water. Aesthetic. We are in the business of enabling people to be more effective and comfortable n their personal and professional lives by providing Ergonomics. We are committed to continually improve our environmental & Quality management system We shall strive • Assess and meet the changing expectations of our customers by offering Quality products and responsive services. and Value for money in our optimizing its use. 1989 • Institutional Economic Studies Lok Shree Award for Social Commitment towards the society.

by periodically reviewing our objectives & involving interested parties as applicable.• Maximising recycling and reuse the waste and scrap generated • Dispose of inevitable waste in an environment friendly manner We shall abide by this policy. We shall comply with relevant local/national legislation/regulations and any other requirements applicable to us.  Quality  Reliable service  Comprehensive range  In-house design recourses  State of the art manufacturing set up  Speed of delivery  Wide spread distribution network  Iso 9001:2000 and Iso 14001 certification 25 .

26 . colored doors and vinyl draping. we have been at the forefront of product innovation. – Appliance Division is in the business of manufacturing and/ or marketing Refrigerators. From creating a revolution with PUF(Polyurethane Foam) in 1989 to. to Godrej Pentacool – five side cooling in 2001 and PentafreshTechnology in 2004 and now – EON range of Frost Free Refrigerators with seven wonders including revolutionary Cool Shower Technology. Co. Godrej began manufacturing of refrigerators in 1958. Ltd. Washing Machines. 100% CFC free Refrigerators. DVD Players and Microwave Ovens. Air Conditioners. Member of BIFMA (business & institutional furniture manufacturer association Godrej & Boyce Mfg.

Fully Automatic and Front Loading Washing Machines. DVD players mark our foray into the Consumer Electronics segment. consumers continue to rate Godrej After Sales Service the best in the industry. With 370 service centres spread over the country. In the AC category – we have over 15 models straddling Split and Window segments. We also export our products to Singapore. we also have the Godrej Smart care Service brand to provide excellent 'After Sales Service'. Bahrain and Oman. grill and convection segments. Afghanistan. Our manufacturing facilities are located in Shirwal (near Pune) & Mohali (near Chandigarh). and plans of more models – we are geared to making our presence felt here as well. Godrej is also looking at Exports in a big way and has launched its Refrigerators and Washing Machines in Sri Lanka. Godrej is also a key OEM supplier in India. Godrej ACs offer best in class cooling and efficiency.Godrej started manufacturing Washing Machines in 1996. Kenya. Various divisions: • Interio division • Appliance division 27 . Egypt. After the success achieved in the domestic market. With a portfolio of 4 unique models which club great aesthetics and big sound. the Middle East. Rwanda. We have recently stepped into the Microwave Oven category and in a short span of time garnered a good market presence. We have a complete range of Hi – Tech Semi Automatic. In addition to the above products. Apart from catering to the domestic consumers. Equipped with Blue Fin and I-TREC technology. through our range of models across solo.

• Prima division • Retailing division • Security equipment division • Locks division • Storage solutions group


Furniture is the collective term for the movable objects which may support the human body (seating furniture and beds), provide storage, or hold objects on horizontal surfaces above the ground. Storage furniture (which often makes use of doors, drawers, and shelves) is used to hold or contain smaller objects such as clothes, tools, books, and household goods. Furniture can be a product of artistic design and is considered a form of decorative art. In addition to furniture's functional role, it can serve a symbolic or religious purpose. Domestic furniture works to create, in conjunction with furnishings such as clocks and lighting, comfortable and

convenient interior spaces. Furniture can be made from many materials, including metal, plastic, and wood.

Furniture has been a part of the human experience since the development of non-nomadic cultures. Evidence of furniture from antiquity survives in the form of paintings, such as the wall Murals discovered at Pompeii; sculpture, and examples have been excavated in Egypt and found in tombs in Ghiordes, in modern day Turkey.

The Classical World
Early furniture has been excavated from the 8th-century B.C. Phrygian tumulus, the Midas Mound, in Gordion, Turkey. Pieces found here include tables and inlaid serving stands. There are also surviving works from the 9th-8th-century B.C. Assyrian palace of Nimrud. The earliest surviving carpet, the Pazyryk Carpet was discovered in a frozen tomb in Siberia and has been dated between the 6th and 3rd century B.C. Recovered Ancient Egyptian furniture includes a 3rd millennium B.C. bed discovered in the Tarkhan Tomb, a c.2550 B.C. gilded set from the tomb of Queen Hetepheres, and a c. 1550 B.C. stool from Thebes. Ancient Greek furniture design beginning in the 2nd millennium B.C., including beds and the klismos chair, is preserved not only by extant works, but by images on Greek vases. The 1738 and 1748 excavations of Herculaneum and Pompeii introduced Roman furniture, preserved in the ashes of the 79 A.D. eruption of Vesuvius, to the eighteenth century.

Early Modern Europe
The furniture of the middle Ages was usually heavy, oak, and ornamented with carved designs. Along with the other arts, the Italian Renaissance of the fourteenth and fifteenth century marked a rebirth in design, often inspired by the Greco-Roman tradition. A similar explosion of design and renaissance of culture in general, occurred in Northern Europe, starting in the fifteenth century. The seventeenth century, in both Southern and Northern Europe, was characterized by opulent, often gilded Baroque designs that frequently

incorporated a profusion of vegetal and scrolling ornament. Starting in the eighteenth century, furniture designs began to develop more rapidly. Although there were some styles that belonged primarily to one nation, such as Palladianism in Great Britain, others, such as the Rococo and Neoclassicism were perpetuated throughout Western Europe.

19th Century
The nineteenth century is usually defined by concurrent revival styles, including Gothic, Neoclassicism, Rococo, and the Eastlake Movement. The design reform of the late century introduced the Aesthetic movement and the Arts and Crafts movement. Art Nouveau was influenced by both of these movements.

The first three-quarters of the twentieth century are often seen as the march towards Modernism. Art Deco, De Stijl, Bauhaus, Wiener Werkstätte, and Vienna Secession designers all worked to some degree within the Modernist idiom. Postmodern design, intersecting the Pop art movement, gained steam in the 1960s and 70s, promoted in the 80s by groups such as the Italy-based Memphis movement. Transitional furniture is intended to fill a place between Traditional and Modern tastes.

Asian history
Asian furniture has a quite distinct history. The traditions out of China, India, and Japan are some of the best known, but places such as Korea, Mongolia, and the countries of South East Asia have unique facets of their own. Traditional Japanese furniture is well known for its minimalist style, extensive use of wood, high-quality craftsmanship and reliance on wood grain instead of painting or thick lacquer. Japanese chests are known as Tansu, and are some of the most sought-after of Japanese antiques. The antiques available generally date back to the Tokugawa era.


Chinese furniture is traditionally better known for more ornate pieces. The use of uncarved wood and bamboo and the use of heavy lacquers are well known Chinese styles. It is worth noting that China has an incredibly rich and diverse history, and architecture, religion, furniture and culture in general can vary widely from one dynasty to the n

Interio division
Furniture and interio group was established in 2003 with the amalgamation of Store well and furniture business and is one of the largest business groups of Godrej & Boyce .Furniture and interio group has a whole range of home furniture as well as institutional furniture ranging from bedroom and dining sets ,kitchens, kids furniture, desks, seating systems open plan office systems, storage systems, etc. Also has diversified areas like lab engineering solutions, Marine furniture, interiors, carpets etc. The FIG team works with a passion of growing at the growth rates far in excess of industry norms, diversifying to add product lines, which enable it to be a total solutions provider in its lines of business and be a market leader in each and every product line of its portfolio. Customer delight, respect for all and innovation are the key prime drivers for the division. The FIG team works with the passion of making Godrej-“The choice for Home and Work Spaces”. In 2006, Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd. Unveiled 'Godrej Interio', to provide complete solutions for homes, offices and special projects. Godrej Furniture and Interiors Group has unified its home, office and special projects business lines, to offer stylish and aesthetically designed furniture under the Godrej Interio Brand At the launch of Godrej Interio, Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Chairman & MD Jamshyd Godrej said, "Godrej Interio is an amalgamation of time-tested values of quality and trust of Godrej and a contemporary outlook to business. Along with the new image, we are offering a complete array of expertly designed home and office solutions, which we are sure will delight home and corporate buyers. Our endeavour is to give Indian consumers global quality products at affordable prices." Godrej offers the Interio range of furniture solutions in wood, metal, composite materials, with specially designed software for online project


Exports are expected to grow from the present 5 per cent to 15 per cent in the near future. THE ART OF LEARNING There is old English saying. The Godrej Interio range of products will be available across India through 42 Company managed Godrej Life space stores and a Network of 800 Godrej Interio Channel Partners. 600 crores.tracking. Godrej Interio offers a wide variety of products for offices. 100 Crores in technology and brand building.’ Modern day education. bed room. Interio carries the expertise of design houses from Italy. chairs. schools and auditoriums and even the most specialized solutions for the Navy Godrej Interio COO Anil Mathur added. In the B2B segments. has developed methods to make 32 . As the result of added investments. It also plans to increase focus on niche segments like Stadium Furniture. and aggressive marketing strategy. modular furniture. The range of home solutions includes products for the drawing room. This includes investment to the extent of up to Rs. the turnover for 2006-07 is targeted at Rs. laboratories. 800 Crores and the Division plans to reach a sales turnover of Rs." An official statement issued by the company states that the turnover for the division for the last year stands at Rs. Targeting a growth of 33 per cent. coupled with strong Godrej R&D. The range also includes special projects like labs. 1500 crores by 2010. children's room and kitchen. education institutes as well as complete solutions including desks. but the fruit is sweet. Health and Hospitality Furniture and Corporate Showrooms. huge investments are being made in the business. carpets and interiors. "Godrej Interio is the result of deep understanding of consumers about their lifestyle and desires.’the roots of education are bitter. GODREJ EDUCATIONAL FURNITURE. France and India. however.

It is said. Godrej have specially designed canteen furniture for close interaction. Lab and training Room Furniture is created to allow for vast storage spaces and mobile seating. Godrej Educational Furniture is designed in keeping with ergonomics most conducive for this sector. Education is a process that re-invents the learner. Godrej furniture is created to meet the specific storage and specific needs of the teachers and HODs. Godrej furniture facilitates easy showcasing. and high levels of hygiene. Godrej interio. understands that for a teacher. Just as students learn better when they are relaxed. a class is never really over. At Godrej Interio. The world is a class room 33 . Godrej furniture inspires them in the classroom and provides ample rest between classes. referencing. Poorly designed educational furniture is the root cause of most discomfort. In the staffroom. taking into account factors like students’ explorative nature. individual study and group study. Within the library.the optimum level of comfort level is required to ensure optimum attention over a period of time. Even physical parameters like the average height and weight of an Indian child. and their body structure has been kept in mind. Godrej furniture has been created after in-depth study across the country. teachers teach better when they are comfortable. like pauses after period. and faculty cabins. their natural behaviour in a classroom . This is true of children in kindergarten just as it is in a Management or Engineering Institute. To make break-time truly enjoyable.the roots of education as sweet a process as the fruits. this change is smooth and comfortable. One area identified by ergonomists is the furniture used in education.

ranging from. 34 . A million stimuli. A child’s mind is a random access memory. A black board is a canvas for creativity.Everyday! At Godrej. DESKING SOLUTIONS The wooden top is made up of either Pre laminated or Decorative laminate. education is a natural process. Absorbing colours. The desking products have a wide range. learnings. Recording sights and sounds. We aim to make learning an extension of better living. To Godrej a chair is a seat of wisdom. storing away smells. A table is a drawing board for ideas.Learning starts from the day we are born.

• Executive desks • Conference tables • Premium suites • Multipurpose tables • Reception tables • Classroom desks-cum-benches • Training room tables STORAGE SOLUTIONS 35 .

Godrej offers various storage products. • Filling Cabinets • Compact mobile storage • Lockers • Bookcases • Tambour & sliding door units • Periodical display racks 36 .

A) Super structure • Seat & back • Arm rest B) Under structure • Revolving type • Fixed type 37 . • Anthropometrics data • Job profile • The surrounding work environment Chair has two components. All chairs are designed considering following data.SEATING SOLUTIONS Godrej has a large range of seating products.

To inspire teachers to inspire their students. To be the citizens of tomorrow. Godrej offers furniture for. At Godrej.EVERY DAY IS TEACHER’S DAY A teacher is more than a teacher. It takes long hours. To walk out into the world with confidence. the teacher needs to be at ease. Every piece of furniture is designed with one objective. grooming and enlightening students. they know how a good teacher shapes a student’s life. philosopher and guide. Leading. • Staff rooms • Faculty cabin • Principal/Directors chamber 38 . For this. A friend. patience and care.

one of the leading Carpet Tile manufacturers in the world 39 . we also offer our customers office interior products from leading global majors like Milliken . In addition. Each and every solution is designed keeping in mind your comfort.Godrej Interio is a leader in Open Plan Office Systems. Seating and Desking products. Our products have been certified by India's leading medical fraternity as being ergonomically and scientifically designed. health and productivity.


LTD was the pioneer in introducing the concept of Modular furniture in India in 1982 but it did not go ahead with it as the market demand for such modern age equipment was low. with the growth of IT and Services industry in India. design of office e.c. Godrej & Boyce MFG Co.t. customers of modular furniture’s can customize the product. groups 41 .e. space allocation. i.MODULAR SOLUTIONS FOR OFFICE Modular furniture’s come in breakdown or knockdown format which means that the whole furniture system say a work station is broken down into several parts which can be broken down into several parts which can again be assembled as per the needs of the client. But in the past few years. a massive boom in the demand for such modular furniture increased at tremendous pace because of the concept of teamwork.

Hence GODREJ INTERIO. Where the entire family comes together for dinner after a tired day at work. With the range of Home furniture & decor solutions. It’s vibrant stylish and comfortable. That. This phenomenal drive to think new is ably backed by exclusive showrooms and dealer outlets across India.BRAND PHILOSPHY A new era in interior solutions beckons. Where guests are impressed by the style of the decor. And who better than Godrej to script new beginnings!! Years of understanding consumer needs. which enables change the 4 walls of any space. Where the ups & downs of daily life can be forgotten. It reflects the expertise Godrej has. Godrej Interio recognizes the needs of modern lifestyle and stands dedicated to meet these with ease and aplomb Interio: The Philosophy ‘Interio’ is simply the unified platform to convey that our solutions allow you to 'transform your space’. through R&D and matchless expertise means our products –home furniture. in the business of Furniture & Interior solutions. A perfect amalgamation of time tested values and contemporary outlook. competitive environment and respect for big brands call for a younger &modern face of Godrej. into one that breathes of a 'quality life'. productive & vibrant environment that makes your home worth living in & your office worth working in. It reflects the Godrej philosophy of breathing life into monotony. at ease family. office furniture and special project furniture –are world-class and evolving with time. The changing customer. Making it a comfortable. Where you can recharge yourself for the next day ahead. 42 . Godrej intends to provide the warmth & comfort that reflects a happy.

It comes from our expertise & constantly evolving solutions that we provide to the consumer. Godrej wants to create a positive environment that encourages employees & employers alike to deliver their best. So that he can be successful at work & exudes energy even when he gets back home. stylish & ergonomically designed range of furniture & interior solutions that transforms any space. A comfortable workspace that instils confidence. The Brand Promise Godrej Interio is a contemporary. pride. 43 . And the belief that. ‘No one knows interiors better’ than us. So whether you are a busy & ambitious executive at work or a doting father and loving husband at home.With the Office Furniture Solutions. understands pressures of work & provides furniture that ensures employee well-being at all times. Godrej Interio provides the most aesthetic & ergonomically friendly interiors that make you feel good about yourself and your environment.

The IT and ITeS sectors account for nearly 37 per cent of the total furniture market followed by education and multiplexes. "This would enable us to decrease the time to market in the region. the company will launch an umbrella brand on August 16. Godrej & Boyce.000-crore furniture market comprises mainly office and home segments. Hospitality. 2005 he said. told press persons here. The FIG reported a turnover of Rs 650 crore this year and expects to touch Rs 850 crore by the end of the current fiscal. The southern States contribute nearly 30 per cent to our business. Chief Operating Officer. Umbrella brand The company is also stepping up its presence by enhancing its distribution strength in the South. The country's Rs 20. Godrej has a presence through 700 dealers and 28 exclusive showrooms across the country.Godrej & Boyce Taking new projects Godrej & Boyce is looking at opportunities to set up a manufacturing unit for its furniture division in either Karnataka or Tamil Nadu. Mr Mathur said. he said. In a move towards a unified approach to brand building for all its products." Mr Anil Mathur. he added. 44 . Furniture and Interiors Group (FIG). healthcare There are plans to launch furniture for the hospitality and healthcare segments soon.

even as office furniture volumes were increasing by about 8 to 10 percent. “Godrej had reached the peak of a business life cycle with office furniture. Around 2002. It had to explore new avenues for growth. It was time to explore the market further Competitors V/s Marketing The unorganised market constitutes about 80% of the furniture market in India.000 crore (Rs 80 billion) office furniture market. This range was meant as a precursor to the entire offering that was to follow. returns were Decreasing by 5 to 7 percent year on year because of price reductions. At the same time. but Godrej was ready to change the mindset. In 2000. There were a plethora of unorganised and newer players offering better designs at competitive prices. The ambitious plans also include entering the furnishing segment and doing 45 . This was launched under the brand name ‘i-space’. Godrej was the trusted name when it came to furniture in India Furnishing the Future Godrej has already entered the arena of laboratory furniture and will be venturing shortly into the ‘seating sector’. Advertisements created awareness about branded furniture. The division’s margins were also under pressure as prices of raw materials headed northwards. The market then did not perceive children’s furniture as an area to spend money on. The advertising efforts of the other brands indirectly benefited Godrej. Because of falling returns. speaking of brands. targeting multiplexes and airports. And.The Rough Edge The journey was not entirely without the occasional bump. top line growth was not commensurate with the quantities sold and it became necessary to expand the base. it ventured into yet another unchartered territory – the children’s furniture segment.” Godrej was the market leader in the estimated Rs 8. prices of finished goods were falling. Quite a few brands compete for a share in the remaining 20% of branded furniture market.

An authorized company showroom of Godrej Lifespaces would offer the entire gamut of Godrej products apart from FMCG. Today there Are 38 of its showrooms across India and 12 more will soon be set up.S. The Division recorded a turnover of Rs 63crore from 38 Lifespace showrooms last Year. Apart from the Middle East and Africa. home or a multiplex.” More things stored in this Godrej Almirah!! “Godrej Lifespaces”. Godrej’s furniture division is vying for the U. The target is to achieve Rs 100 crore by the end of 2007-08. Godrej just make furniture be it for the office. and Canadian markets as well.entire interiors. Godrej is everywhere. CORPORATE PROFILE GODREJ & BOYCE BUSINESSES • Furniture & Interiors • Appliances • Locks • Security Equipments & Solutions • Prima Office Equipments • Storage Solutions • Material Handling Equipments • Process Plants & Equipments • Industrial Products • Electrical & Electronic Services • Construction & Real Estate 46 .

Bed room. Educational Institutes. Children room & Kitchen • Exports 5% of the category turnover MARKET SCENARIO • Rapid changes in lifestyle and living standards both in metro and small towns • Biggest Demographic change-Nuclear families • Service Industry Growth including IT & ITES • Image conscientious 47 . chairs. Laboratories. Complete Solutions including desks. Modular Furniture.GODREJ GROUP • Established in 1897 • Group turnover exceeds: Rs 6000 cr • Godrej & Boyce is the flagship with a turnover of Rs 2300 cr Godrej Furniture & Interiors Group • More than 60 years experience • Caters to both . Carpets & Interiors • B2C(27% of turnover) Complete Solutions for home including Drawing room.Office (B2B) & Homes(B2B) • B2B:(63% of turnover) Wide variety of products aimed at offices.

Metal & Foam processing Software for online configuration & tracking • Investment on ‘Design’ Design collaboration with Indian. • Decor conscious Godrej FIG • Wide Reach Number of company owned showrooms.38 Network of 800 Channel partners FIG Plan • Investment in technology New technologies in Wood. Italian & French design House Brand Strategy Godrej “Perfect Home” G Lab Godrej Formula “S” Offices 48 .• Need for products & solutions which will create distinctive but beautiful Homes & Offices.

Contemporary  Ensure opportunity to individuals for “self Expression”  Brand which help individuals to make their surroundings “Distinctive but Beautiful” NEW BRAND 49 .NEW BRAND Godrej Brand ‘Customer Speak’  Attentive  Last Long Time  Good Value For money  Well made  Warm. Friendly  Reliable. Trustworthy NEW BRAND – PROMISE  Expertise in the business of furniture & interio solution  Vibrant.

RESULTS Ahead 50 .Contemporary o Solves latent need or problem o “Ahead of the pack” : Innovation  Ensures opportunity for Self Expression o Create a feeling of belonging Godrej – Path Ahead  Continue “Discipline Diversification”  Corporate showrooms  Stadium furniture  Healthcare Furniture  Hospitality  Multi – Location Manufacturing  Global Collaboration  Design  Manufacturing Sourcing  Expand Market for home products by redefining price points Godrej .o Relates to people: Changing profile  Vibrant .

o Growth Rates up from 25% to 33% o Market Share to increase by 10% o Business volume to cross Rs. to change is to mature.15000 million by 2010 Making a new beginning of Godrej Furniture & Interiors Group “The beginning of change is change itself” {To exist – is to change. to mature is to go on creating (and recreating) oneself endlessly} THE FLOW Recognising Changing “Consumerism” Existing Brands – Introspection New Brands: Why & its evolution Communication Plans BUSINESS PHILOSOPHY 51 .

interio products & Services. Consumer Response • Its colourful and bright 52 . the Philosophy Godrej Interio provides the most contemporary. Godrej Interio: Brand Name Logic Unify the range Contemporary Furniture and Interiors category Ease of comprehension Distinctive Design Logic Modern Youthful Yet Elegant Active Yet Minimalist Godrej Interio. value for money Furniture.Enable people to be more comfortable and joyous in both. Aesthetic & Ergomically friendly interiors that make you feel good about yourself and you environment. their personal & professional lives providing ergonomic & Aesthetic.

Research 53 . But it is not necessary that a particular research design is always the best. Experience with different research design will generally provide the researcher with the capability to match a research problem with an appropriate design. flooring.• Signals walls. vibrant and hi-tech) Godrej Interio: 2 key parameters • EXPERTISE • AESTHETICS Research Methodology Research Design A research design provides the framework to be used as a guide in collecting and analysing data. Anything to do with interiors • Bold and definite font – appealing • Premium furniture show room • Upper/upper middle class • Use of exotic colors.bright and pastels (Overall feel: modern.

Research methodology is a way to systematically solve the research problem. Exploratory research is done through surveys to find the 54 . It may be understood as a science of studying how research is done scientifically. Broadly speaking we can classify research designs into the following three categories: • • • Exploratory research Descriptive research Casual research.methodology depends. to a large extent on the target population and how easy or difficult to access it. The second factor which influences research methodology is of course the importance of decisions which will be taken based on the research. Research objective The research study is having one main objective: “To know the market Potential of branded furniture in education segment” Sub objectives • • • To know the customer satisfaction level To know the purchasing power of the customers To collect data for future improvement Exploratory RESEARCH : Exploratory research is used when one is not conversant with the problem environment such type of investigation is mainly concerned in determining the general nature of the problem and variables related to it.

various aspects of customer satisfaction like margin. When it comes to method. This technique is often utilizes multiple disciplines in one study. etc. simply put. The multidisciplinary approach is good for the flexibility it offers. the extent of difference determines how differently cases are treated. Nature of Study The nature of this study is descriptive one. is the act of comparing two or more things with a view to discovering something about one or all of the things being compared. service charges. the majority agreement is that there is no methodology peculiar to comparative research. The research design in such studies must be rigid and not flexible and must focus attention on the following: Formulating the objective of the study Designing the method of data collection Selecting the sample 55 . The point here is that if one is able to sufficiently distinguish two cases. service delivery. and cases are treated differently. Comparative research Comparative research. Quantitative analysis is much more frequently perused than qualitative. Like cases are treated alike. The general method of comparing things is the same for comparative research as it is in our everyday practice of comparisons. Questionnaire is prepared to collect the primary data. comparative research conclusions will not be very helpful. However. and this is seen in the majority of comparative studies can be use quantitative data. yet comparative programs do have a case to answer against the call that their Research lacks a “seamless whole” There are certainly methods far more common than others in comparative studies.

small scale industries.situated in Himachal Pradesh SECONDARY DATA: Secondary data refers to that which has already been collected by someone else. It thus happens to be original in nature. Primary data are those data i. Every question is having its own value and it provides various aspects of this report. The primary data is collected from a questionnaire which is having 18 questions. through observation or through correct communication with respondents. The various methods of collecting primary data are performing surveys. The primary data for the study was collected through questionnaire and informally. government and private offices.Collecting the data Processing and analysing the data Reporting the findings DATA COLLECTION SOURCES OF DATA PRIMARY DATA: Primary data refers to data that is collected afresh and recorded for the first time.e. Secondary data for the study was collected from: _ Published literature _ Company published data and broachers _ Internet _ Commercial service _ Books 56 . collected by the researcher himself. etc. But basic manner of primary data collection is survey method. For collecting the data we go through the Educational institutions. census. banks.

banks. DATA ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION Introduction To Analysis After tabulating. based on the willingness and availability of the respondents. companies. The study was conducted on offices with different type of brand business in same segment. Sampling Method: Convenience sampling was used. sample frame and sampling method. . sample sizes of 45 offices were selected for the purpose of the study. and government and private offices those who are deal in the selected Area’s in Himachal Pradesh were taken as the sample universe.Sampling Design The sampling design mainly consists of the sample taken for the study along with the sample size. Sample Size: From the universe. researcher often use statistical interpretation which concentrates on what is average or what deviates from an average. Elements (Sample): Sample for the study is random. Sample Universe: All educational institutions. Research period: The time for the project was limited to 45 days only. shows how widely the response vary 57 . Sample Frame: The offices were selected on a random basis from which the respondents were selected based on convenience. from this. the data must be analyzed. Statistical interpretation. 30 days was spent for the collection of data.

Classification is the process of arranging the data into sequences and groups according to their common characteristics or separating them into different related parts. statistical market rely on estimates of expected errors or deviation from the two values of population. being measured. _ Bar graphs _ column chart _ Pie charts _ Hypothesis testing Q 1 what comes in your mind when you hear the word Godrej? (Awareness and promotion) 58 .and how they are distributed in relation to the variable. The analysis and interpretation of data may lead the researcher to accept or reject the hypothesis being selected. Data interpretation will be done through statistical tools like. Data Analysis Tools Used The process of arranging data into groups or classes according to resemblance and similarities is technically called classification.

SO this results shows that there is good awareness and brand image of GODREJ in the minds of people of Himachal Pradesh 2) How can people get information? What are means through which they fulfil their requirements? 59 .OTHERS 0% FURNITURE 30% SAFES 47% APPLIANCES 23% The graph shows that 47% of our respondents say when they hear GODREJ word then their safes that is used for storage comes in their minds 30% respondents said that furniture comes in his mind first when they hear word GODREJ 23% people say that appliances of GODREJ comes in mind when they hear about word GODREJ .

so it shows that people get information about godrej through various means Q3. 11% people say that they fulfil their requirements through social contacts 11% people get information from other recommendations . Do you use any of the office furniture solution provided by Godrej Interio? 60 . We find that 36% people get information or fulfil their requirements through newspaper advertisement 21% people say that they get information from sales persons 22% people get from media advertisements.OT HER RE OMME C NDAT IONS 11% S E P RS AL S E ONS 21% NE S E W PAP R ADVE IS RT EME NT 35% ME DIA ADVE IS RT EME S NT 22% S OCIALCONT S ACT 11% From the above graph we came to know that there are many sources through which people get information about godrej.

We can collect questionnaire from 43 respondents from collect questionnaire information we can say that 73% of our respondents use godrej interio product in which we include education institutions. 27% of our respondents say that they do not use godrej product in which we include small scale companies and some government offices. Q4 Of the given. government. private companies offices and mostly banks. which ones do you use and from which brand? ( competitor identification ) 61 .NO 27% cannot say 0% YES 73% The purpose of this question was to know that what percentage of people use godrej furniture of any product of godrej interio divison.

30% people use modular solution 70% not use . desking solution. Is it from godrej or other brand? 72% people use seating solution 28% not use seating solution of godrej. storage solution or modular solution.63% people use storage solutions 37% not use. We find that people use local furniture in their offices if it is not of godrej. They prefer local small companies 5) how do you judge quality (customer knowledge) 62 . 51% people use desking solution 49% not use.80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% seatingsolutions deskingsolutions modular solutions storage solutions others GODREJ 72% 51% 30% 63% OTHERSBRANDS 28% 49% 70% 37% The purpose of this question was to know that which type of godrej interio solutions is used by our respondents is it seating solution.

guaranty/warranty. 30% people judge quality with the brand name of the product. or with features and this information tells about the perception of the respondents 6) What you think about price of Godrej furniture? 63 . use of new technology. we can say on the basis of collected information that 37% respondents judge quality with features and benefits of the product. 19% respondents say that they judge quality with use of new technology in product or innovative of innova e tive tec hnolog y 19% fea turesa benefits nd 37% g rantees rra ua /wa nties 14% bra na nd me 30% The purpose of this question was to know that how people judge quality with brand name. 14% people believe that they judge the quality of product with the guaranty and warrant y of the product .

The purpose of this question was to know the perception or thinking about price of godrej furniture products.60% of respondents from total respondents say that the price of godrej is satisfactory because it provide good quality of furniture and other services so its price is right otherside 40% respondents say price of godrej furniture is very high that its competitors so middle families cannot purchase godrej furniture for home use or office use. 64 . is it satisfactory or very high .

14% respondents choose furniture for range of designs 2% choose for customer relations and 2% choose for brand name and reasonable price. 65 . 45% respondents choose godrej for their superior quality. 43% quality 48% price 2% The purpose of this question was to know why people choose godrej interio what main reasons of choosing godrej by them are. in our questionnaire we give them 6 main reasons so they can choose godrej interio.What are/were the main reasons of your choosing Godrej Interio? (Mark multiple options if applicable) 7) customer relations 2% payment terms 0% range of design 14% ECONOMICAL. 35% respondents choose godrej for their good brand name.

They believe that godrej furniture is very expensive & is not easily available to them.8) Is Godrej furniture is easily available in your home market? not avaliable 19% easily avaliable 81% The response of this question shows that 81% of our respondents say that godrej furniture is easily available in their home market so they can purchase furniture easily from their dealers. 66 . 19% of our respondents say that godrej furniture is not easily available in their home market so there is need of availability think. We can interpret by saying that people are very price conscious .

19% respondents say there is committee purchase process in which we include educational institutions.9) What is your buying process? T ENDE R 28% C OMMITT EE P URC HAS E 19% DIREC BUY T 53% The purpose of this question was to know about the buying process of educational institutions. 23% respondents say that they purchase furniture with tender in which most of them are banks. 53% of our respondents say that they purchase godrej furniture direct from godrej dealers. government and private offices and companies. 67 .

2% respondents say they purchase standard but unbranded furniture 68 .in 74% respondents say they go for branded furniture for their next purchase. 7% respondents say that they purchase furniture with their economic conditions.Q10 Which Type of Furniture companies do you look in for when you go for Purchasing Office Furniture? (Yes or no) S AND D B UNB ANDE T AR UT R D 5% E CONOMICAL 7% LOCALCOMPANIE S 14% B AND D R E 74% The purpose of this question was to know the perception of our respondents for their next purchase decision for furniture. will they go for godrej or not what is the main idea into their mind . 14% respondents say that they go for local companies for their next purchase.

11) Do you get any discount from your supplier? YES No Cannot Say 2%0% 42% 56% The purpose of this question was to know that are godrej interio users get discount from company or dealers. on the basis of collected information we can say that 56% our respondents say that they get discount from company or dealers . 2% respondents say they cannot say or they have no information. 42% of our respondents say that they cannot get any discount from company or dealers. 69 .

20% say they cannot say anything about this 70 . on the basis of our collected data we can describe that 28% people change their supplier because of lack of availability of product range.Q 12 Have you changed your supplier (if yes for what region) CANNOT SAY 20% Pricing 29% Lack Of Availability Of Product Range 28% After Sales services Comlaints 14% Quality Comlaints 9% The purpose of this question was to know about what are the main reasons so they can change present supplier. 14% people say that they can change supplier for after sale complaint. 29% people say that they can change godrej for high price.

71 . styles and modifications that Godrej is offering to them & rest 46% can be grabbed by bringing major innovations in furniture with respect to style.designs. design etc.Q13 Is Godrej innovative 0% CANNOTS AY 46% YES 51% NO 3% The purpose of this question is to know the perception of people about godrej innovative technology From this graph we can say that 51% of respondents are satisfied with the innovations .

As it is easy. so company should go for more & more advertisement. Furniture should be prepared keeping into mind that what customers think is best design/style & not what company thinks is suitable.FINDINGS & RECOMENDATIONS • There were many organizations who haven’t purchased Godrej furniture because of unawareness. so in order to remain ahead of its competitors Godrej Interio has to do major innovations such as more attractive designs & styles in furniture products. so Godrej should take every aspect into consideration. quality. 72 . That means the company should be customer oriented rather than market oriented. • Majority of the institutions prefer wooden & steel furniture. Godrej has close competition with local brands. so more showrooms should be opened & more schemes & offers should be provided to the customers. warranty. after sale service etc. though being ahead of its competitors. customer should be given priority. so company should make their purchase process through . • Godrej is having an extra edge over the other brands. price. • Most of the organizations make their purchase process (furniture) through Direct Buy. reliable & detailed to customer. • There are several features that customers take into consideration while going for purchasing furniture like aesthetic look. there is still need of improvement. so high quality of steel & wooden material should be manufactured in order to meet customer expectations. exhibitions & promotional carnivals. • Organizations like to purchase branded furniture but they believe that Godrej furniture is very expensive & is not easily available to them.

Limitations • Concerned respondents were not available • Some respondents were not cooperative • Unawareness about the products • Biasness or prejudice of some of the respondents regarding any sort of the information which is required for such study. In terms of 4p’s of marketing (price. promotion. So that the customer gets motivates towards godrej Interio. 73 . place & product) promotion & price demands immediate attention. ultimately it will help the company to get immediate orders & will also clear ambiguity among customers. Godrej as a brand name is known to everyone living in India. The availability of funds and rising standard of institutions is an opportunity to grab. Godrej Interio has to change its marketing policies. • Medium sample size of the respondents CONCLUSION We conclude by saying that Godrej furniture has a great potential in every region of Himachal Pradesh.• Most of the customers complained that Godrej has high prices of furniture. But people are less aware about the modular solutions. Company reduced its warranties provided on interio products over the last years so to remain competitive better warranties should be given to the customers. so it is recommended that the company should provide some discounts and offers to their customers. There is a need of high promotion of modular solutions. • Not much of importance was attached to this task by some of the Respondents. We were greeted with either reluctance or nonchalance.

K. BIBLIOGRAPHY BOOKS • B.KARANJIA (Godrej .K.The company should maintain healthy relationship with customers in order to retain them with the company . it is clear that customers are having future requirement of furniture in their organisation.KARANJIA (Godrej .VOLUME 1) • B. So company should try to give optimum satisfaction to the customers in order to retain them with the company. So the company should provide better services to the customers and should be concerned about price.VOLUME 11) • C.KOTHARI (RESEARCH METHODOLOGY) (MARKETING) • PHILIP KOTTLER • PRASANNA CHANDRA (PROJECTS) CATALOGUE • A whole new school of possibilities MAGZINE • CHANGE • INSIDE OUTSIDE WEBSITES 74 .A HUNDRED YEARS 1897 – 1997 .A HUNDRED YEARS 1897 – 1997 .R.As from the data collected.

godrejinterio.• • • • 75 www.

? 76 ......DID YOU KNOW......

from Chandigarh business school .P. for Godrej Interio products which is being conducted by Mr……………………. CHANDIGARH.promotion) a) Newspaper advertisement c) media advertisement b) social contacts d) sales persons 77 .C. --------------------------------------Email/Web Address ------------------------------------ Dear respondent please answer these questions:Q 1 what comes in your mind when you hear the word GodreJ? ( awareness and promotion) a) b) Safes Furniture b) Appliances d) Others Q2 Means through which you search for your requirements of furniture item are (communication ways to identified segments .QUESTIONNARIE A survey on potential & preference of Godrej furniture in H.LTD.OF Employees Office Area City/Town ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contact/Telephone No.Mohali for the summer training program under the supervision of GODREJ & BOYCE MFG.G.CO. The data collected under this survey will be kept private and confidential ABOUT COMPANY Name of the organization: ______________________ Name of the head NO . Landran.C.

Q5 SEATING 1) What kind of main chair is used by you (product identification) a) ) Static 2) Fabric choice (product identification) a) Lather finish b) Cloth b) Revolving 78 .. which ones do you use and from which brand? ( competitor identification ) Type of solution furniture Is that from Godrej Is that from others (specify) Seating Solutions Desking Solutions MODULAR SOLUTIONS Storage Solutions Others……………… …. Do you use any of the office furniture solution provided by Godrej Interio? a)Yes b) No Q4 Of the given.Q3.

3) Price range a) 3000-5000 c) Above 10000 4) Work chair (product identification) a) Revolving 5) Price range a) 2000-3000 Q6 DESKING 1) Main table looks a) Sleek 2) Finish (product identification) a) Totally wooden 3) Price range a) Below 50000 c) Above 100000 Q7 STORAGE 1) Made of (product identification) a) Wood c) Wood and steel 2) Price a) 4000-6000 c) Above 10000 b) 5000-10000 b) Non-revolving b) 3000-4000 a) Bulky b) Glass top b) 5000-100000 b) Steel b) 6000-10000 79 .

Q8 Please rank Godrej Interio based on the following factors (check the consumer behavior) Highly satisfied Satisfied Neutral Unsatisfied Highly unsatisfied QUALITY PRICING DELIVERY SCHEDULE RANGE OF DESIGNS CUSTOMER RELATIONSH IP Q9 how do you judge quality (customer knowledge) a) use of innovative technology c) Brand name b) guarantees/warranties d) features and benefits Q10 what you think about price of Godrej furniture? a) High b) Satisfactory c) Low Q11 What are/were the main reasons of you’re choosing Godrej Interio? (Mark multiple options if applicable) a) Brand name d) Price b) Range of designs e) Customer Relationship c) Quality f) Payment terms 80 .

Life of furniture Customization of furniture Price of furniture Appearances of furniture Faster delivery of furniture Range of Designs Warranty Payment terms TOTAL Q13 Is Godrej furniture is easily available in your home market? a) Easily available Q14 What is your buying process? a) Direct buy c) committee purchase b) not available a) Tender d) limited tender Q15 Which Type of Furniture companies do you look in for when you go for Purchasing Office Furniture? (Yes or no) a) Branded -------------b) LOCAL COMPANIES ---------------------- c) Standard but unbranded ------.Q12 Given below are some characteristics of Godrej furniture. the higher is its importance to you. The higher points allocated to a characteristics. Please give each characteristic some point’s base on your preference so that the total adds up to 100.d) Economical Q16 Would you go for Godrej Interio the next time you purchase furniture? a) Yes b) No 81 .

Q17 Do you get any discount from your supplier? a) Yes b) no if yes what % --------------- Q 18 Have you changed your supplier (if yes for what reasons? 1) Pricing 3) After sale service complaints range Q19 What other Brands would you consider when you next purchase furniture? a) ----------------------------b) --------------------------2) quality complaints 4) lack of availability of product Q20 Any suggestions you would like to offer to help Godrej Interio serve you better? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Signature of respondent: ------------------------------.---THANK YOU FORs YOUR KIND COOPERATION AND VALUABLE TIME 82 .

s s 83 .

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