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Posted Date:05/01/98 Detailed Specs
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Brief specifications for comparing the
ECP parallel port (on late model Toshiba
computers) and EPP parallel port

EPP - Enhanced Parallel Port

1-3 MB/sec
Asynchronous, interlocked,
bi-directional communication - Half
Duplex Operation
Targeted at register oriented type
Network Adapters
Tape backup
Master/slave architecture
Peripheral is polled for data
Supports peripheral interrupt
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Supports two cycle types:

Symmetric Read/Write cycles
Hardware assisted handshaking/data
Limited by I/O cycle capabilities of
the implementation

ECP - Extended Capability Port

5 MB/Sec
Asynchronous, interlocked,
bi-directional communication - Half
Duplex Operation
Targeted at block oriented type
May have hardware support for RLE
compression or decompression
Supports 2 cycle types:
Channel Address
Peer to 'Peerish'
Peripheral may request the reverse
channel, but the host controls the
data transfer
Hardware assisted handshaking/data
Implementations include DMA as well
as programmed I/O PC interface

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