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Staad Pro Mannual

Staad Pro Mannual

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Complete Structural Engineering Solution

Addressing the increasingly complex global seismic requirements as well as the need to integrate the wide array of tools used by professional structural engineers, STAAD.Pro 2006 continues to be the world's most widely-used, customizable and user-friendly structural solutions software. STAAD.Pro 2006 is a combination of a robust 3D multi-material structural modeler with a powerful analysis and design engine capable of solving the most complex linear elastic, soil-structure interaction, dynamics and plastic analysis problems. Over 20,000 structural engineering firms from around the world have used STAAD.Pro's exhaustive design tools for steel, concrete, timber, aluminum and composite sections to design low- and high-rise buildings, petrochemical and industrial plants, towers, bridges, foundations, culverts and much more. Intelligent modeling and interoperability empower structural engineers to use powerful structural objects like floors (composite or noncomposite), slabs, joists, shear walls and bridge decks to assemble, analyze, design and connect their structure in one integrated environment. STAAD.Pro 2006 was designed to streamline the structural engineer's workflow and eliminate the loss of data incurred by using several disjointed applications to exchange information. Full design of a reinforced or post-tensioned concrete elevated slab using RAM Concept can be performed in a matter of hours. A mat foundation or pile cap arrangement can be designed and detailed automatically using the critical forces from the super structure with STAAD.foundation. A robust library of elements including truss, beam, plate, solid, cable and surface along with complex load generators for wind, snow, wave, gravity, vehicle and seismic help save engineers THOUSANDS of hours and expedite the time to actual production. The new STAAD.Pro 2006 includes an optional advanced analysis module with a full pushover analysis (performance based design) as per FEMA 356/440 and steady state analysis. It also improves the efficiency of the popular STAAD.Pro design routines by automatically calculating the unbraced length factors, reporting transfer forces for connection design and introducing a new PBEAM that allows the modeling of physical members. With enhancements to OpenSTAAD, engineers can now seamlessly integrate STAAD.Pro with MathCAD and Excel sheets eliminating the manual transfer of data. STAAD.Pro 2006 is the professional engineer's choice for an end-to-end, multi-material structural software solution.

Model with Physical Members

Calculate Transfer Forces for Connection Design

Optional Pushover Analysis per FEMA 356/440

Steady State and Harmonic Response Analysis

floating tool bars. Norway. and Holland. pushover. This is especially useful for structures like bridges. Euro Zone.perfect for phase or stage construction • Interoperable with other leading engineering software including Frameworks Plus. solids. member/element.Pro Structure Wizard contains a library of trusses and frames. powerful analysis and design engines with advanced finite element and dynamic analysis capabilities.Pro is the only Structural Analysis and Design software whose maker meets the rigid requirements of ISO 9001 compliancy and NUPIC/NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) as per10CFR50 and 10CFR21 standards. tunnels. area. STAAD. • STAAD. Development. DESCON. buckling or cable analysis. Finland. Japan. supports.Pro supports multi-material design codes such as timber.Pro’s dynamic and soil-structure interaction capacities along with our exhaustive design output sets STAAD. which can be defined using a hyperbolic function. DWG. Complex models can be quickly and easily generated through powerful graphics.Pro is the industry standard. Denmark. can be computed in MS Excel. snow. pressure vessels. concrete and timber design • Specialty design for castellated beams and bar joists and joist girders • Object-oriented intuitive 2D/3D graphical model generation • Pull down menus. etc. time history. analyzing and designing a model. Mexico.Pro’s Graphical User Interface can accept cut and paste data from a spreadsheet program such as MS Excel. joints. Any third party or in-house application can be seamlessly integrated with STAAD. Utilizing tabs minimizes the learning curve and helps insure you never miss a step. Export all data to Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel! Easy-of-Use STAAD. • The STAAD. China. P-delta. petrochemical plants. members. bridges and roof structures! To help simplify modeling complicated structures.Pro is fully COM (Component Object Model) compliant and is designed using an open architecture (OpenSTAAD). response spectrum. has helped make STAAD. pushover. visualization tools. STAAD. • Interactive menu-driven model generation with simultaneous 3D display. aluminum and cold-formed steel design of low and high-rise buildings. Canada. STAAD. • STAAD. Russia. 46 out of 50 state DOTs and 7 out of the top 10 engineering universities. France. composite and aluminum. Spain. maintenance.Pro features a state-of-the-art user interface.Pro the easiest-to-use Structural Analysis and Design software on the market today. Germany. Bentley Structural/MicroStation. linear and non-linear cables and curvilinear beams • Advance automatic load generation facilities for wind.Pro is the choice of 47 out of 50 leading Structural Engineering firms. you input all the necessary data for creating. VRML. • STAAD. The following key STAAD. Ideal for skyscrapers.Pro is the professional’s choice for steel. From model generation. Our 25+ years of experience. concrete. dynamic.Pro was developed by practicing engineers for practicing engineers around the globe. including openings and column/wall lines • Unlimited Undo and Redo. bridges. eliminating hand calculations. starting from the top of the screen and heading down. mesh generation with flexible user. • STAAD. Create any customizable parametric structures for repeated use. by engineers who understand the process of modeling. By selecting tabs. then cut and pasted into STAAD.Pro Graphical User Interface incorporates Research Engineers’ innovative tabbed page layout. text and spreadsheet interfaces that provide true interactive model generation. STAAD. architects. • STAAD. . International Airport Terminal • STAAD. visualization and verification • Full range of analysis including static. P-delta. Also. design. width. timber. owners. Reports contain only the information you want.Pro tools help simplify ordinarily tedious tasks: • The STAAD. metric or SI units • Presentation quality printer plots of geometry and results as part of run output • Script style programming language to extract data and execute external software • Performs multiple analyses in the same run .Pro Overview • “Concurrent Engineering” based user environment for model development. analysis and design to visualization and result verification. TEKLA Structures. Over the past 20 years. piles and much more! WHY STAAD. plates. nodes for curved geometry. steel. cold-formed steel. Towers.Analyze. Bridges and Foundations STAAD. • Built-in command file editor for text editing • State-of-the-art graphical pre and post processors • Rectangular/cylindrical coordinate systems with mix and match capabilities • Joint.Pro. our customers have designed everything from residential buildings to skyscrapers to tanks to tunnels and even a piano! STAAD. Sweden. Britain. RAM Concept. LARSA and Structural Desktop Graphics Environment Model Generation • Easy auto mesh and auto refinement of user-defined polygonal element boundary by simple mouse clicks. editing and analysis. buckling and steel. properties. cable (linear and non-linear).Pro.Pro apart from our competitors. • More structure wizard models including user-defined parametric structures to create any structural template. It has evolved over 25 years and is constantly guided by a premier industry-based steering committee. Add your own logo as well as graphical input and output results.Pro easily generates comprehensive custom reports for management. STAAD. imperfection. creating a model joists and walls in minutes • Complete support of VBA macros for customization (integrate with MathCAD or Excel) • Supports truss and beam members. Australia. tool tip help • Quick data input through property sheets and spreadsheets • Customizable structural templates for Model buildings with slabs. More are constantly being added.Pro is designed for engineers. cooling towers.Pro • STAAD.controlled numbering scheme • Import/Export DXF. breadth and number of bays in each direction. Design and Connect Buildings. STAAD. analysis. For static. along with suggestions and input from practicing engineers. CIS/2 and Excel files • Efficient algorithm minimizes disk space requirements • FPS. Use the Structure Wizard to quickly generate models by specifying height. culverts. where you want it. analyzing and designing a structure. concrete. floor and moving loads • Flexible zoom. and support are all based upon the highest quality standards. For example. India.Pro has steel and concrete building codes for over 40 territories including US.Pro can be customized to perform the specific structural requirements of the user. and even roller coaster tracks.Pro’s User Interface is the industry standard. pan and multiple views • Isometric and perspective views and 3D shapes • Toggle display of loads. etc.

Chinese. BS8110. German. shell/plate bending/plane stress and 8-noded solid elements • Compression-only and tension-only members. joist girders and castellated beams • AISC Design Guide 2 – Design for Beams with Web Openings • AISC Design Guide 11 – Check for Floor Vibrations due to Rhythmic Activities Concrete Design • Design of concrete beam/column/slab per ACI 318-02. Canadian. Optional codes include BS8007. European. Chinese. welding. Spanish. and code clauses for steel and concrete design • Graphically displaying built-up sections and customized shapes in 3D within the STAAD. Mexican. pivot. Mexican (NTC and CFE). Composite Beams • Composite deck interface with built-in vendor database and automatic calculation of effective width design per ASD and LRFD codes • Graphic representation of stud locations Analysis & Design General Features • Beam. and design • Library of commonly used structures can be picked and modified to add to other parts. critical vehicle loading positions. Optional codes available include ASCE 52. • Full. horizontal and vertical shear and edge reinforcements at different heights. shear and moment in-plane and out-of-plane bending moment). automatic meshing of the wall. stiffeners. mats and foundations • Nonlinear cable members for cables and structures with large deformation • New automated bridge loader to calculate 3D influence surfaces. • Moment and shear connection designs for column flange to beam joints including superior graphical and result presentations • ASCE 10-97 Transmission tower code • Design open web joists. loadings.). South African. Australian. P-Delta analysis • Non-linear analysis with automatic load and stiffness correction • True curvilinear beams (not piecewise linear) • Plate elements contain extra “drilling” degree of freedom • Tapered tubular cross-sections such as hexagonal. British. • Step-by-step hand calculations including all formulae. shaped. Australian. drift and deflection • Code check. Towers. • Easy “snap-to” construction grid for laying out beams and columns on irregular grids. automatic or user-defined panels and all reinforcement information. • Design “physical members” by combining separate beam entities as one with full step-by-step calculation sheets for verification. South Afican. • Full two-way slab design for irregular shaped slabs with full reinforcing contour map. integrated rectangular shear wall analysis and design (including openings) with output including forces at different heights along the wall (axial. • Segments of repetitive geometry may be used to generate complex structural models. pipes and tubes (HSS Sections) • User-specified design parameters including sidesway. 318-99. etc. French. Scandinavian. rotate and mirror operations • Automatic wall-slab interface with proper boundary connectivity Design Codes Steel Design • Design codes include AISC (ASD and LRFD 2nd & 3rd Ed. 318-95. multi-linear (non-linear) spring supports • Unidirectional support (compressiononly/tension-only supports) for generation of soil springs • Multiple analysis in same run using Analyze soil-structure interaction inactivation commands for piles. member selection consisting of analysis/design cycles • Calculation of Effective Length Factors (K Factors) for Steel Design • Powerful grouping command to design disjointed members as a physical member • AISC/ANSI N690 Code Check for Stainless Steel material • British cold-formed steel code (BS5950 Part V) with associated database of shapes • Weld design per AISC . orientations etc. mirror. tapered beam. Design and Connect Buildings.ASD Code • Apply block or contour fireproofing on steel members • Composite beam design per AISC ASD and LRFD (effective width automatically calculated) • Torsion design for open sections • Design for tapered I-sections and tapered tubes (hexagonal. repeat. • Built-in steel tables including AISC (7th-9th Editions). angles. rectangular. Eurocode and much more. traffic lanes. BS5400. • User-controlled scale factors for deflected or mode shapes. Timber Design • Code check/selection per AITC Code with full glulam and sawn lumber database. Multi-material modeling • Comprehensive graphics editing. net section factor. Japanese. • Design circular. • Graphical specification and display of properties. Bridges and Foundations • 2D and 3D graphic generation using rectangular. Indian. intermediate results. Singaporean and Indian Codes. supports. for quick and easy geometry generation. German. etc. (excellent for poles and sign posts) . trapezoidal and Tee sections time history or harmonic loading • Numerical and graphical design outputs with complete reinforcement details. Canadian. Also footing design per ACI 318-02. French. • Intelligent objects (beams. Chinese. etc. AISI and AASHTO. meshes with holes and curved surfaces. cylindrical and reverse cylindrical coordinate systems. • Interactive concrete design and detailing with bar scheduling and interactive rebar layout. Scandinavian. Canadian.). • Structure Wizard to create parametric templates. Shapes include I-Beams with or without cover plates. I and L Perform response spectra. • Access to text editor to modify model quicky through command syntax. channels. double angles/channels. octagonal. Indian. copy. • Generate. (optional) • P-Delta analysis enabled for beams and plates • Imperfection analysis to simulate cambering • Influence area reported for spring supports for elastic mats • Warnings for “load losses” due to poorly defined plate releases • Enhanced solid stress contour definition for brick elements • Linear. plates.Pro environment • New customizable node/member renumbering schema • Automatic adjustment of beta angles and plate orientations during copy. BS5950. etc. • Canadian timber code (CSA O86-01) with database of associated species • EC8 (European) timber code Aluminum Design • Optional aluminum design as per ASD 1994 Code. truss. Japanese.Analyze. Russian and South African. • Import/Export AutoCAD 2D/3D DXF or CIS/2 files to start your model. octagonal. Japanese. Korean. columns) to report geometry.

Prestress and Fixed-end Loads • Global. Support Displacement. absolute and SRSS combination schemes.” Aaron Bopp.and post-processing data for any entity with mouse roll over • Export saved pictures into any raster format (BMP. Stress Contours. Hydrostatic. Uniform. retrieve. Also. Supports. compare and restore older versions of the same file Results Verification • Textual and graphical results verification and display • Custom-defined tool tips for displaying pre. multiple structures and proper beam-plate connectivity • Backup manager and auto-save to automatically save your files. Design and Connect Buildings. 97 and IBC 2000. Save to an external AVI file • VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) export feature enables “Walkthrough” Model verification using any standard Web Browser • 3D beam stress diagram to determine stresses along any point • Cutting lines through plates to determine the stresses and moments along the line . • Automatic Wind Load Generation on user-defined panels. Members/Elements including Concentrated. any type of element. Orientations. etc. time. • Pressure loads on individual faces of solid elements • Canadian seismic load generator (NBCC 1995) including distribution of base shear View forces. Local and Projected Loading Directions • Uniform or varying Element Pressure Loading on entire or selected portion of elements • Floor/Area Load converts load-per-area to member loads based on one-way or two-way actions in any direction (even inclined surfaces) • Floor load generator automatically updates the pressure distribution if the floor group changes • Reduce live loads as per IBC • Automatic Moving Load Generator per AASHTO.) and in any size • Super query box to change any 3D influence diagrams beam/element attribute on the fly (i. STAAD is the only software for the job.excellent for custom design scenarios • Step-by-step calculations to verify steel and concrete design “STAAD’s easy to use interface and powerful analysis and design capability made the design quick and efficient. • Element pressure loads along a global direction on any imaginary surface without actually having elements located on that surface. pinned and spring supports with releases. time. • Imposed displacements in any number of load cases. Towers. Strain. • IBC 2000. any number of DOF. Dimensions. Also Inclined Supports for curved structures • Automatic spring support generator (with compression-only attribute) for mat foundations • Active/Inactive members for load-dependent structures Dynamic Analysis • Response Spectrum • Time History Analysis with blast loading and multiple arrival times for multiple vibrational sources • Extraction of Frequency and Mode Shapes • UBC 94. time for dynamic analysis • Tools to graphically show overlapping plates. Bridges and Foundations • Master/slave capabilities to create rigid or flexible diaphragms • I-beam warping end restraint added as an option for torsional stiffness • Buckling analysis • Plate elements consider inclined supports • Full and partial moment releases (excellent for steel frames where Automatic wind. rotation. viewing origin and distance • Compatible with spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel • Plots of displacement vs. Trapezoidal.97/AIJ/IS1893/Cypriot Seismic Load Generation. stresses. Joint/Member numbering. Properties. as per ASCE7 on closed or open lattice structures • Tributary/Influence areas drawn for all floor and wind loads • Factored Load Combinations including algebraic. displacement along the height of a structure and design results with one click • EC5 (European) seismic load generator including distribution of base shear along the height of a structure Model Verification • 2D/3D drawings on screen as well as on plotter/printer • Graphical representation of the unstable area of a structure due to improper modeling • Full 3D shapes for Beams. • Temperature gradient along local Y and Z axis of member. acceleration vs. JPEG. and with inclined supports. 2003 supported • Calculation of maximum base shear for time history loading • Scale factors for ground acceleration for time history loading • Harmonic Load Generator • Combination of Dynamic Forces with Static Loading for subsequent Design • Missing mass for response spectrum and time history load cases • Logarithmic interpolation for spectra • Modal damping for time history and spectrum for individual modes • Composite damping to specify damping ratio for each member/element • Plot base shear and support reaction versus time for time history analysis • Base shear calculation includes direction factors • Generate floor spectra from time history Load Types & Load Generation • ASCE 7-02 Wind and Snow (Unbalanced/Drifting) loading • Loading for Joints.e.Analyze. • Deflected and Mode Shapes based on Joint/Section Displacement for userspecified loading or mode shape number • Bending Moment and Shear Force diagrams of individual members as well as the entire structure (through single double-click) • User-controlled Scale factors for Deflected or mode shapes • Force/Moment Envelope plots as max/min for all loads • Stress contour plots on deflected shape as filled or line contours • Code Performance Plots for Steel Design (capacity ratio) • Powerful on-line Query for analysis/design results • On-screen Report generation with Sort/Search • Animation of Deflected/Mode shapes. Greensboro. Hidden line removed. Design Engineer Sutton-Kennerly & Associates. 2003/UBC 94. double click on a support or load for bridges diagram). gravity and releases defined by springs are seismic load generator hard to determine) • Fixed. Linear. Plates and Solids with shading and lighting • Sectional views with listed members only • Isometric or any rotations for full 3D viewing • Display of Loads. colinear members. BS5400. Temperature. etc. IS codes or userdefined loading. • Capability to open and save multiple windows on screen for simultaneous viewing of different items • Plot Manipulation according to size. TIFF. velocity vs. NC .

Pro to analyze and design the moment Create customized reports connections between the columns and beams. Arrange and rank the data based on Forces.Several short Distance Learning Courses on various subjects for REI software tools • For a schedule of training sessions across North America at Bentley Training Facilities or REI’s new training facility in California. Structural Desktop. etc. builds or updates every time they run STAAD Other SELECT Benefits • Annual license exchange to swap out products • Discount on additional licenses • Pooled licensing that can be accessed across a network • Access to use software or design codes on subscription basis STAAD Training Programs at the Bentley Institute Training is an invaluable tool towards using REI software more productively.Pro Advanced Training is a 2-day training program is based on advanced topics such as Finite Element Analysis. Germany. • All training is conducted by STAAD. Other Interoperability • Integration with Sectionwizard for section property calculation of any shape.Pro GUI. The Bentley Institute develops and delivers accredited.Pro Advanced Training as Classroom Learning or Distance Learning courses. Japan. • Full calculation sheets provided for result verification. where you want it. etc.com/livedemo) • Dynamic knowledge-base system for FAQs and example problems (changes every day with input from REI support engineers around the world) Product Updates & Enhancements REI’s development team is committed to keeping REI products current and using new and emerging technologies to ensure the availability of product enhancements and problem fixes. • Point and click on a member (tool tips) to obtain all the information on its Geometry. Displacements.foundation to design mats.Analyze. Emphasis is on PreProcessing. VBA. • Use STAAD. using any language like VB. Scandinavia. Classroom Learning Led by experienced Bentley/REI instructors. LARSA. thereby. technical support is available on demand. • Customize reports to include only the information you want.Pro Certified Trainers (SCT) or Bentley/REI employees • Coming soon . including your company logo.Pro to analyze and design base plates. • Sort and Search based on required criteria to create customized reports. menus or macros to run specific analysis or design macros within STAAD. • OpenSTAAD API to link STAAD data into any 3rd party or in-house applications like Excel.etc • Significant powerful. Technical support is provided worldwide through Bentley’s support centers in the United States. France. and Buckling. • Open and customizable international steel library databases. Displacements. and data queries • Use STAAD.Pro with STAAD. Design and Connect Buildings. • CIS/2 interface to take data to steel detailing or other analysis packages. Towers. DESCON. Distance Learning Live. Add customized dialog boxes. Thailand.com/en-US/Training/. • Built-in VBA editor to create macros to customize the STAAD. Mexico and India. eliminating the hassle and cost of procuring additional licenses.reiworld. Dynamics. The Bentley Institute offers both the STAAD. professional training courses that is created to enable users to stay competitive. Moments. With offices located throughout the world. Java. • Use STAAD. Bentley maintains a World Wide Web site and e-mail-based technical support. China. ask us about the new USL license that allows you access to most REI and RAM products across your enterprise. Forces.bentley. Canada. In addition. Even design information such as Allowable Stresses.. pile caps and slab on grade from your STAAD model. we offer a comprehensive Maintenance & Service program (Bentley SELECT). United Kingdom. • STAAD. This program is designed to provide you with an information pipeline to answer the questions that you may have or problems that you may encounter using any of the REI products and to ensure that you always have immediate access to the latest releases and upgrades. Governing Code Criteria and Reinforcement layout are available. Integration: STAAD. • Advanced query using automated SQL systax to get any information in any format.Pro Standard Training is a 2-day training designed for users who have less than 6 months of combined experience in STAAD. etc. integrated component analysis and design tools. classroom learning is offered through scheduled courses at Bentley training facilities or as account-specific training in your office or nearby training facility convenient to your work location. FORTRAN (fully COM compliant). Cross-sectional properties. go to http://www. Moments. . • STAAD. We understand that accurate and timely technical support can play an important role in making sure your projects are completed on time. C. Bridges and Foundations STAAD. AutoCAD.etc within STAAD. Analysis. Frameworks Plus Maintenance & Service (Bentley SELECT) To ensure you receive maximum benefits from your investment in REI products.etc within STAAD. Stresses. • Use STAAD. Singapore. Participation in our Maintenance & Service (SELECT) program provides you with: • Automatic Software updates and enhancements mailed to you upon request • Downloadable updates and patches (archived updates also available) • Automatic Bug Notification System to inform users of new patches.Pro Special Features Query and Report Generator • These powerful graphics based facilities provide on-screen result verification and customized report generation. All REI products will evolve through at least one major release per year as well as a number of update releases. and Post-Processing.etc within STAAD. User friendly navigation and organization of data helps you get the information you need with a few simple clicks. Account-specific training programs can also be held at your site and customized based on your requirements.Pro to analyze and design the footings and create a footing layout (group footing as well!). Distance learning is available through scheduled courses or as account-specific courses tailored to your workflow. Profit from our Maintenance Program (SELECT) with: Technical Support Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. MicroStation. C++.Pro • Integration with RAM Concept for RC or Post-tensioned slab design • Integration with third party products as MathCAD. Universal Structural License (USL) If you are a medium to large engineering company looking to standardize on the STAAD and RAM suite of products at a fixed yearly cost. instructor-led distance learning is taught by experienced Bentley/REI instructors via the Internet. • Unlimited toll-free access to domestic technical support • e-Support: Online technical support 24 hours per day • Free real-time online tutorials to learn new features (www. in ascending or descending order. TEKLA Structures.Pro Standard Training and STAAD.

Not only do they provide advice related to the use of the software. “ David E. you are now eligible to become part of the industry's most comprehensive subscription program. Bentley SELECT.Pro are either registered or unregistered trademarks or service marks of Bentley Systems.Analyze. These outstanding offerings are delivered to compliment the unlimited technical support. for your Bentley engineering software. It has become one of our essential design tools for all types of structures.com/SELECT. Omar Villegas-Jiménez Civil / Structural Lead UHDE Jacobs “We’ve been using STAAD for over 4 years. To learn how to upgrade your current maintenance program to Bentley SELECT. Similar to REI's Maintenance Program. Senior Civil Engineer Metso Minerals Industries Inc. a once-a-year learning opportunity for all users of Bentley products and their managers to sharpen skills and expand knowledge. Ernest. nine in total. Incorporated. At Bentley. call your regional engineer or inside sales representative. We use it mainly because of its reliability and ease of use. Towers. and see why your SELECT subscription truly provides comprehensive investment protection for your REI software. continuous product development and updates and substantial volume discounts. they request the STAAD input file and take their time to find out what is wrong . . they also make suggestions related to the model. P. STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS AND DESIGN © 2006 Bentley Systems. For a complete listing of all nine SELECT offerings. the “B” logo. Design and Connect Buildings. USER'S FEEDBACK “The technical assistance team has been very useful to our projects.E. Most engineers are very familiar with it. we are excited to extend these exclusive SELECT benefits to our REI users. • Pooled Licensing to maximize license utilization across your organization and minimize the burden of desktop license administration. In addition to these fundamentals. Bentley SELECT improves upon your existing support and customer care program by delivering several additional benefits. Jacobs Engineering Group.” Steven Vicha. • BE Conference registration. When we have a problem. Bridges and Foundations RELEASE REPORT Model Generation/Results Verification • Physical Member Interface allowing creation of physical members from a series of analytical members • Parametric mesh model saved to the STD file for persistency of all meshes • Enhancement of the SET Z UP command • Specification of Member Orientation Using Reference Vector • Customizable Color to Display Unity Check / Utilization Ratio • Single File Archive to save All STAAD Input / Output Files Load Generation • Automatic generation of load envelopes saved as part of the STAAD file • Automatically create response spectra from IBC graphs by providing a zip code Analysis • Pushover analysis as per FEMA 356/440 codes with full visualization of formation of plastic hinges (optional) • Steady state analysis along with harmonic responses (optional) Design • Auto Calculation of Effective Length Factors of Members as per AISC • Enhancement to Steel Designer BS 5950 Calculation Sheets • Generation of Transfer Force Report for Connection Design • Added Slab Design to BS 8110 in RC Designer mode • Improved BAEL Beam Design Enhancement in RC Designer mode • Improved DIN 1045-1 Beam and Column Design in RC Designer mode • LOAD GENERATION command recognized by the RC Designer Interoperability and Open Architecture • Integration with RAM Concept for full RC and Post-tensioned slab design of STAAD floors Customer Support (Bentley SELECT) With Bentley's acquisition of Research Engineers International (REI).E. Inc.Pro is capable of doing everything we need and its new interoperability features allow users to write Excel macros to tap into STAAD which allow us to meet our individual needs. SELECT provides your team with expert technical support and frequent product updates.bentley. Other brands or product names are trademarks of their respective owners. I am confident to say that at least three projects would not have been successful from the structural point of view if we had not received the assistance of the Technical support team”. visit our SELECT Web site www. Bentley. “We have been using STAAD in our office since 1990. which is an extra value to the company name. Research Engineers and STAAD. which you already enjoy as a REI subscriber. STAAD. and for the information created. P. Featured offerings for REI users include: • An Annual License Exchange opportunity that enables you to rebalance your technology portfolio for optimum productivity in the year ahead. Incorporated. BE Conference. Bentley SELECT. SELECT also includes innovative licensing and learning benefits that deliver comprehensive investment protection for your team’s productivity.

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