Introduction Architecture Meaning .

Introduction .1.

TuPhoi (Tang Tu. NhanTu). TuTu. ManhTu. and Chu Van An at Temple of Literature . Located in the South of Thang Long citadel in Ly dynasty  Founded in 1070 by King Ly Thanh Tong  Worships KhongTu.

 Built Imperial Academy in 1076 by King Ly Nhan Tong  At first just for King and the royal. collected all people can be excellent learning  Had 2313 students graduating as doctor . then expanded.

2. Architecture .

Main Entrance (Van Mieu Mon)  Garden Court (VuonGiam) Khue Van Pavilion (Khue Van Cac )  The Main Temple ( nhaBai Duong )  Imperial Academy (QuocTuGiam) .

Khue Van Pavilion An unique architecture  2 floors  4 brick pillars  4 round windows  Three-roofed Archways .

)  Being mirrored on the ThienQuang Well (well of heavenly clarity) like the sky and ground => symbol of Hanoi .Khue Van Pavilion (Cont.

Meaning .3.

 Includes materials on the history of education.  Determines the role of Confucianism (NhoGiao) in Viet Nam  is considered to be Golden historical source . geography.

Introduction Architecture Meaning .




Turtle stelae .

Turtle stelae .

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