Planning Business Messages Writing Business Messages Completing Business Messages

lay out your writing schedule.PLANNING Analyze Study your purpose. and then profile your audience. . Investigate Satisfy your audience¶s information needs through formal and informal research methods.then establish a good relationship with your audience. Adapt Choose the right channel and medium.

WRITING Organize Define your main idea. limit the scope. Choose your words carefully so that you can create effective sentences and paragraphs . and chose the direct and indirect approach. Compose Control your style through levels of formality and conversational tone. group your points.

COMPLETING Revise Evaluate content and review readability. Proofread Review for errors in layout. . spelling and mechanics. Produce Use effective design elements and suitable delivery methods. editing. and rewriting for clarity and conciseness.

The Business Messages must always be: Purposeful Audience.centred Concise and to the point .

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