August 2010

Jake Towne for US Congress th Pennsylvania's 15 District

“If universal peace, civilization, and commerce are ever to be the happy lot of man, it cannot be accomplished but by a revolution in the system of governments.” - Thomas Paine “An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come.” - Victor Hugo

The National Debt is not just...
The Deficit is Not Just…
below (in Billions of Dollars)


Social Security and Medicare Unfunded Liabilities = $107T

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Jobs Sector vs. Number Employed 22.1 million direct government jobs, 17% of workforce



1 in 7 Americans on Food Stamps
• 41.8 Million Americans as of July 2010 • Numbers up 24% from 2009 and 48% from 2008 • Projected annual cost of $67.2 Billion USD

Bureau of Labor and Statistic Figures

The Unemployment Rate is >17%

Federal Reserve Balance Sheet (June 08 – Oct 10)

$1.1 trillion in bad mortgages

Dishonest Money: The Fall of the Dollar

The purchasing power of the dollar has lost >94% since FDR took America off the classical gold standard in 1933 through monetary inflation. The monetary inflation was caused by the FED. They debased the dollar by creating more and more irredeemable paper dollars.

FDIC Insurance is Bankrupt

Deposit Insurance Fund at NEGATIVE $15 Billion

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