Loading GL Code Combinations into Oracle One of the best features about Oracle Applications is that you can

let the applications naturally generate account code combinations over time providing "dynamic insert" is set to "on" (plus, you should have also implemented cross-validation rules!). However, in some cases, you may want to generate the GL code combinations yourself in a single mass-update. The easiest way to do this without creating a custom process is to use Desktop Integrator (GLDI). Firstly, turn "dynamic insert" to on. Then use GLDI to create a journal entry in Excel of all of your desired combinations. Next, load the journal into the GL_INTERFACE table and import it. Once the journal is imported, you can safely delete in within General Ledger. It will have automatically created your combinations. If you are not using GLDI, you can use SQL*Loader in a similar way (it just takes a little bit more time and knowledge).

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