My Home

Getting Started: Ask about someone’s home. Use the things below and your own ideas.
They will draw them in and tell you where they are!
Ask other questions too! Be a nosy neighbor!

Do you have a _____________?

Where is the / your _____________?

This Is Where I live!
It’s Your Turn: Draw your apartment or house in the box. Only the walls and doors!

2. Ask your partner about their apartment and answer your partner’s questions.
Use the “helpers” below. Ask additional questions.

Where is the ________________?

Where is your _______________?

Do you have a / an ____________?

Where does your _______________?

How many _________ do you have?

What color is the ______________?

Where is your favorite ______________?

Multi Media

Locations and giving directions

Make a “doll” house

Home objects

Video: Flat Life

Who is it? Guess the Celebrity.
Getting Started: One person writes the names of celebrities and famous people
in the box below. Make 3 statements about one person/group.
Can they guess who it is?

Santa Claus
Michael Jackson

He / She / They

Adolf Hitler

Celine Dion

dead / alive
tall / short

male / female
rich / poor

young / old
fat / thin

Guess My Celebrity
It’s Your turn: Brainstorm with a partner and write down many names of
famous people. Next, play! Take turns guessing.

He / She / They

Keep Score!

Multi Media



A Radio Talk Show Interview
Getting Started: One person is being interviewed. The audience asks the questions.
At the end, ask your own questions!

1. What is your ________________?
2. Where are you ________________?
3. What is your __________________?
4. What languages ________________?
5. How old _____________?

6. How tall _____________?

7. Where do you ___________? 8. What do you __________?
9. Are you _____________?

10. How big is your _______?

11. What do you usually do on ______________days?
12. What is your favorite ________________________?
13. How often do you ____________________________?
My Questions

It’s Your Turn: Interview a partner using the same questions. For added practice,
try asking the question using, “Could you please tell me ……..?”.

Interview a Celebrity
It’s Your Turn: Pretend you are a famous celebrity! Write the answers below first
using the questions above as a guide.
Then answer your partner’s questions. Can they guess who you are?

1. Sorry, I can’t tell you my name.
2. I am from ____________________.
3. I am


4. I speak __________________________.
5. I am _____________.

6. I am _____________ tall.

7. I live _______________. 8. I am a _________________.
9. ___, I am __________.

10. I have __________________.

11. I usually ____________________ on __________days.
12. My favorite____________ is ___________________.
13. I ______________

Multi Media


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