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Irene Hannon - Where Love Abides

Irene Hannon - Where Love Abides

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Published by: taking_chances on Oct 31, 2010
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Where Love Abides by Irene Hannon

Exciting And Heartwarming

The widowed sheriffs daughter wanted just one thing: a mom. But the lady shed set her sights on didnt consider herself mother or wife material. Christine Turner couldnt abide her attraction to handsome lawman Dale Lewis. Shed moved to Oak Hill for a fresh start, but no matter how much she wanted it, she didnt believe a family was in Gods plan for her life. Dale decreed it a crime for such a lovely, kind woman to hide away on her farm. Especially when he wanted to make his daughters dream and Christines come true.

Personal Review: Where Love Abides by Irene Hannon
Amidst the many Inspirational Romantic fiction books I have read in the past few months, this book was memorable. The story caught my attention and the characters engaged my emotions. Though not billed as a suspense novel, it nevertheless kept me turning the pages. I look forward to reading more of Ms. Hannon's books!

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