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5S AUDIT Location


Scoring criterion: 0 = not relevant, 1 ="Poor", 3="Medium", 5="Good".
5s Audit elements Criteria Score Scale of Evaluation
Benches and storage areas No irrelevant objects or documents 3 > 90% World Class 5S
Parts they are in place with specific references 3 80% to 90% Very Good

Reserved parts and tools the routine parts an tools used are in place 3 68% 60% to 79% Medium
Obsolete equipment they do not exist here 5 < 60% Poor
Surrounding area of equipment absence of objects that are not necessary to work 3

Benches and storage areas Materials are arranged in identified places 1
Parts arranged in identified places 3
Set in order

Reserved parts and tools arranged in identified places 5

Tools and accessories arranged in identified places 1
Material for packaging arranged in identified places 3
material containers arranged in identified places 1
hoses and wires rolled 5
lighting enough at all workstations 3 Sustain Sort 68% 60%
equipment clean! No dust or residue. 1 Set in order 55%
transportation clean and well levelled trays 0 Shine 40%

Standardise 56%
rubbish rubbish is not present 3 40% Standardise 56%
containers of supplies clean and adequate capacity 5 Sustain 60%
sources of dirt they are contained 1 Shine 40%
uniforms fit and clean 0 J

line identification arranged with the line marking 1 K

Set in order 55%
signs and boards clean and functioning 3 56% L
marking on the floor clean and functioning 5 ¶C
visual control clean and functioning 5 Sort 68%
cleaning schedule cleaning according to the plan 3

cleaing registration they are recorded regularly 3 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80%
excessmateriasl/objects they are removed to a temporary locaiton 3
material inventory level exist only in necessary amount 3
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