Advanced Product Quality Plan


PROJECT LEADER RESP ONSIBILITY Customer & Sales CHECK POINTS Design Fesibility STANDARDS/ DOCUMENTS Enquiry Report Quality Policy Objectives Business Plan TARGET ACTUAL DATE DATE


Receipt of Customer Enquiry

Joint review with Customer to obtain Requiremen ts Obtain Customer voice

Customer , Product Tech.requirements MKT Application requirements PD & ENGG Life & Reliability requirements Statutory Requirements

NP Data Pre Contract Review


Customer, MKT , PD

Implied need of Customer Asthetic & Packaging Requirements Performance Requirements

Market Survey report

Initial Feasibility Review


Select Basic Design Volume ( Customer Projection) Production Capacity Process Selection Tentative Timing Plan Test Facilities Target cost Investment requirements Customer Requirements

Past Design data Production Capacity Chart Costing Sheet

Project Approval by Managemen t

Management Return of Investment

Initial Fesibility Review Report

Formation of Cross Functional team (NPDCFT)


Review of Product Requirement & Consolidate Design Requirement

PD , ENGG. Historical Warrant/Complaints NPD-CFT Life & Relibility requirements Tentative Costing Customer Voice Packaging requirements

Past data Design Input Detail Check List Market Survey Report Packaging Std. Product Design Company Std. Pre-Contract Review report

Preparation of Customer Outline Drawing & Product Specification


Meachanical Requirements Product requirements Electrical / Functional Cherateristics

Design review - 1 ( Adequacy Check for Design Information)


Design review -1 Check List


Design Information Check List Market Survey Report Design Control Procedure Procedure

Price & Delivery (Project Introduction Timing) Preparation of Prototype Sample Prototype Control Plan Prototype Sample Verification Test Methods Product Spec. NPD-CFT Product Specifications Process Standards Target Cost Past FMEA Report of Similar Prod. NPD-CFT . QC PD . ENGG. ICIL Test Std. Product Drg. NPD-CFT Tools and Gauge Drawing Selection of Sub Contractors Product Spec. Design I/P Detail Check List Detail Check List Material Data Firmup Design Preparation of Preliminary Process Flow Chart PD PD NPD-CFT Process Type and Process Sequence Past Design data Failure Mode and Effect Analysis PD . Plan for Testing Facilities MFG. ENGG NPD-CFT FMEA Check list Action to reduce High RPN FMEA Review Report Preparation of preliminary BOM PD . Tool Drg.PD.QC Test Methods ENGG NPD-CFT ENGG.ENGG NPD-CFT Process Flow Test Methods Process Std.2 (Design Verification results) PD .. Company Std. Product Dimen.Data Sheet) Design of Production Tools and Inspection Gauges Manufacturing of Tools and gauges ENGG. Design Control Procedurers DR. NPD-CFT MFG . MFG Design review -2 Check List ENGG. QC Process Sequence Process Standards Product Specification Customer Requirement on Quantity. Product Drg.. Product Drg. Requirements Product Spec. (Tech. Customer Std. Product Spec.) PD . ENGG Purchase Material Specifications Material Availability / Source Selection / Development Approved Vendor List Purchasing Procedure Preparation of Prototype Control Plan PD .Advanced Product Quality Plan PROJECT NAME FUNCTION PROJECT LEADER RESP ONSIBILITY CHECK POINTS STANDARDS/ DOCUMENTS TARGET ACTUAL DATE DATE ACTIVITY A A Design of Formulation / Process ( Design of Exper.

Test Procedurers SOP Control Plan Preparation of Prelaunch Control Plan NPD-CFT MFG .2 (Design Verification ACTIVITY results) PROJECT LEADER RESP ONSIBILITY CHECK POINTS STANDARDS/ DOCUMENTS TARGET ACTUAL DATE DATE B B Prototype Sample Validation PD Test Requipment Customer Requirement Test Methods / Standards DR-3 (Review of Design Validation results) MKT .Advanced Product Quality Plan PROJECT NAME FUNCTION DR.PD ENGG. QA Process Flow Special Charasterstics Test Methods Adherance to SOP . MFG Design review -4 Check List ENGG PD .3 Check List Design Validation Report Design Control Procedurers Approval By management MGT Tentative Cost Vs Target Cost Yield Requirements Design Review-3 Results Sample Submission Customer MKT Company Standard Customer Requirement Inspection Report Design Verification Report( Physical Functional Tests) Design Validation Reports Customer Approval Letter Feedback From Customer Customer MKT Approval from Customer or Improvement Requirement DR-4 (Review of Customer Feedback) MKT . Control Plan and Standards .. MKT Contract Review Procedure Contract review Checklist Process Std's Product Spec. NPD-CFT Design review .NPD-CFT QA Customer Feedback Report Design Control Procedure Team Fesibility Commitment NPD-CFT Manufacturing Fesibility for the Required Volume & Process Capability Purchase Order Delivery Schedule Finalise Product Cost Customer Projection Company Standard Contract Review Customer .

MFG . QA PUR Updation & Improve Existing Standards Monitor Quality Performance for 5 batches NPD-CFT Production Sign off NPD-CFT New product Quality Procedure CFT Review Report . NPD-CFT.. MFG Product Submission Warrant Approval Parts Submission Warrant Ins / Test Report Approval By Customer Customer Feedback from Customer Pilot Supply / Commercial Approval Review of Customer Feedback if any .(Mechanical & Electrical ) Dimensional Specification C C Production Part Approval NPD-CFT QA Product Submission warrant Documents Customer Requirement Pre Contract Review Report PPAP Approval Procedure Pilot Supply MKT . Sheet TARGET ACTUAL DATE DATE ACTIVITY Functional testing MFG . MFG PD . Test Methods Product Drg. ENGG.Advanced Product Quality Plan PROJECT NAME FUNCTION PROJECT LEADER RESP ONSIBILITY CHECK POINTS STANDARDS/ DOCUMENTS Product Drg. PUR Internal Rejection Problems Faced Customer concerns Production control plan Non Conformity Report Customer Feedback Bulk Production NPD-CFT. QA . QA Product Spec. Product Spec. and Internal Problems during Manufacturing MKT .

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