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Supply Chain

Supply Chain

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Oiling the Wheels of a Global Business

Your Career in Supply Chain Management at Schlumberger

And each year we have a number of opportunities for internships. and are always looking beyond their own function to see how their activities may affect the whole business. the successful professionals in our supply chain organization today have some characteristics in common. You may well have a technical or engineering qualification. Our solutions must perform reliably in every terrain. These qualifications are extremely valuable in some areas of our supply chain activities. You may have a specialist supply chain. while also speaking excellent English—the Schlumberger business language. We design and manufacture state-of-the-art technology. They are rigorous and process-oriented. When you build your career in Schlumberger. practical. So our supply chain must be second to none. or procurement qualification. they are interested in building a career in supply chain.   . They take a broad view. Most of all. our business is to help companies meet the booming demand for oil and gas. They are generally good communicators who thrive on developing close. efficiency.Your contribution will sustain our competitive advantage At Schlumberger. and physical level. understand the need for a structured approach. They may well be fluent in local languages. and deliver complex projects and services worldwide. you’ll be working alongside an international team of oil industry experts and supply chain professionals. and are keen to share best practices. and be interested in applying your technical know-how to meet our customers’ expectations more effectively. Our business is dynamic and growing rapidly. from scorching deserts to frozen Arctic seas. However. using the most advanced technical solutions to improve production from existing fields. It’s an exciting time to join us. Who are we looking for to join our supply chain team? We are recruiting recent graduates with first degrees. and find new hydrocarbons. as well as those with a Masters/MBA degree. logistics. and competitiveness. But we offer great autonomy and great challenges for supply chain specialists. or a degree in any business-related subject. We also recruit experienced people who have supply chain or technical experience with other companies. Would I fit in? We are not looking for a single type of personality to join us. long-term working relationships. seeing it as a crucial element when it comes to profitability. It’s complex and demanding on an intellectual.

and those of their customers. In every part of the business. This can involve sourcing goods or services. Here too you will be working closely with business teams to reflect their needs. to assist in making logistics decisions. and benefits. service. consistent. This involves the coordination of a global strategy for the category through the technology centers and the supply chain organization in each area. costs. such as chemical products. These need to give local operations enough flexibility. while capitalizing on best practice. or working in our manufacturing or technology centers on supporting the development of new products and production lines. but big enough for there to be plenty of opportunities to develop your career. BUSINESS SYSTEMS/PROCESS/IT SPECIALIST Translate the Schlumberger strategic direction for supply chain activities into practical. SUPPLY CHAIN ANALYST Conduct comprehensive financial analyses of spending metrics. Perhaps most importantly for many people. Because we are a global business. It can also include driving corporate planning/ forecasting processes of parts and services.  Why choose Schlumberger? For many. working closely with our field organization. Schlumberger employs a wider range of nationalities in a broader spread of locations than almost any other company worldwide. and ensuring maximum consistency across different operations. Providing support for leading-edge solutions is also attractive to many. and clear agreements with suppliers in a highly competitive and complex market environment. or travel. especially those with an interest in technology. in the right quantities. it is the sheer diversity. so effective logistics is vital if we are to deliver on time and on budget. IT & telecoms. with the goal of sustaining continuous cost reductions and quality.What kinds of opportunities are available? PURCHASING SPECIALIST Manage assigned supplier portfolio and supply base with a long-term.  . the supply chain function reports directly to the senior management team. You’ll find a good balance between local autonomy and central systems. CONTRACTS/PARALEGAL SPECIALIST Develop fair. and as such is seen as a key function within the business. as well as designing the right performance metrics. International careers are a real prospect for many. The best of both worlds The supply chain organization at Schlumberger is small enough for you to make a real difference. Even those who choose to build a career in a single country or region will have exposure to a global business with a resolutely international culture. trend information. and delivery improvements. strategic focus. LOGISTICS SPECIALIST Ensure that the right components or project elements are in the right place at the right time. our customers and suppliers come from across the world. processes. and knowledge sharing. tools. It also involves managing the supplier base. streamlining methods and processes. CATEGORY SPECIALIST Manage purchasing of assigned categories. Schlumberger is a team-oriented business: a supportive environment where people enjoy working. workable systems and tools.

Russia Bachelors in Economics and Postgraduate Diploma. followed by a short spell in manufacturing. There could hardly be more contrast between central services and this kind of fast-growing local operation. We’re constantly questioning the way we do things.” Nelly Supply Chain Process Leader. Now I’ve returned to Russia. One of my first assignments was to work with a major supplier of specialized trucks in my home country of Mexico.” “Each new challenge is demanding. it’s enormous fun!” Initially I worked for a division in Portugal where I gained excellent exposure to sales and marketing. Above all. to speed up production and greatly reduce the overall cost to Schlumberger. “I’m currently using my experience with that and various other assignments to look at our supplier management processes across the various technical centers. and looking for different approaches. where I was responsible for buying commodities like electricity and telecommunications. And diversity of job opportunities in supply chain. “Diversity brings a fresh perspective to every problem. I moved to central procurement in Houston. Environmental Management. Mexico “ When I made the move into supply chain. “It’s the great diversity of the company that I enjoy most. Tyumen. customer service.”   . where we have a major focus on the supply chain in manufacturing. and finally supply chain. Diversity of people and nationalities. USA Bachelors. Houston. but fun. in Paris. where we’re setting up new manufacturing facilities from scratch for three key product lines that are essential to the Russian market. Mechanical Engineering.Mario Manufacturing Supply Chain Manager. I wanted to use my experience in manufacturing engineering and quality management. Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM). trying to develop standards and share knowledge that will benefit us all. Technical University of Denmark “ “Then I moved to provide procurement support to the field in Russia. It was not simply an operational role: I was also implementing new business processes to make transactions more efficient. After four years. of workplaces and product lines. It’s a fastchanging function. and I enjoy being part of the change. Next stop? China.

“Supply chain has a unique view of Schlumberger as a whole.”  . and now I’m head of supply chain for the GeoMarket that covers Saudi Arabia.” Ammar Supply Chain Services Manager. University of Aleppo. University of Sherbrooke. We’re involved at the early stage in tenders. I’ve worked on three or four big supply chain initiatives. Because I did not have a technical background. even millions of dollars through better sourcing. and Pakistan Bachelors. Now. Syria “ The day after I graduated. I joined Schlumberger and went straight out to work in the oilfields as a trainee warehouse supervisor. Saudi Arabia. “Over the past ten years.” “You’re recognized for your achievements. Kuwait. I’ve always had great support from the specialists in the field. I feel a real sense of pride to present Schlumberger as a good business and a good employer. because we work so closely with all the different segments of the business. My experience has shown me how much Schlumberger is prepared to put people first in terms of training. International Management. North Africa Masters. when I’m visiting universities and recruiting people into the supply chain organization. Accounting and Business Administration. Bahrain. and Pakistan. It was very important to me. Our main objective is to partner with operational people to reduce costs by optimizing our supply chain. the environment…. Canada “ In supply chain we have an important project management role. And there are always technical people on hand to advise us. so I could know what I was talking about with my colleagues and suppliers.”  “We’re helping to turn ideas into cost-effective reality. health and safety. As a non-technical person. as well as the central functions. advising sales and marketing on what might be feasible in terms of supply and logistics. support. Kuwait. it was the best way to learn the business—literally getting my hands dirty.Philippe Supply Chain Manager. or talking to government officials. Bahrain. development. We work with the technical people and with finance to make sure we can deliver on time and at the right price. helping the company save thousands.

Will I need to be mobile to work for Schlumberger? Mobility is less crucial in supply chain than in some other areas of the business. you’ll feel at home. There are over ten nationalities represented in our senior management team. In our GeoMarkets. On the other hand. and we encourage people who want to develop their careers in one country or region. a couple. Success depends on a rich mix of talents and technologies. For several decades now. an international career is a real possibility if you are interested. or a family. A passion for excellence. we’ve recruited where we work. in a truly multinational community The oil and gas industry is a truly global business. We employ over 0. 10 11 . in-depth local knowledge is extremely valuable. diversity is more firmly embedded in Schlumberger than in any other business in the industry.A distinctive lifestyle. So wherever you go within the Schlumberger organization. And whether you’re a single person. we help you adapt to a new country and culture. particularly if you’d like some experience of the central supply chain organization. Many Schlumberger people have taken an international career path. working in more than 0 countries. and our support networks are well established. A friendly work environment. A global culture. As a result.000 men and women of more than 10 nationalities.

but based in the Schlumberger offices here. It shows how much they want to give you opportunities to develop yourself. This is an especially complex GeoMarket. “But that’s something I really enjoy. Kazakhstan Diploma in Linguistics. Atyrau. “I’m responsible for indirect spending in the technology center. they gave me responsibility early in my career and supported me with training. Ecole Supérieure des Affaires. Bishkek Humanities University. Kyrgyzstan “ I’m responsible for logistics at my location— organizing the shipping of goods and equipment into and out of every area where Schlumberger operates. and freight forwarding. “I was lucky to see Schlumberger from the inside before I joined. “My colleagues from all parts of the business are very kind. That covers a huge diversity. In many places the infrastructure and the roads are non-existent.” 1 1 . But Schlumberger didn’t doubt my capabilities. France Diploma in Purchasing Management. It’s challenging. employed by an agency. it was not in supply chain. even if I’m working in quite a different area from others in the supply chain organization. and there’s a great team spirit.” Nargis Logistics Supervisor. so logistics is a real challenge. local and national transportation.” “I’ve been impressed by the training.” “No one nationality prevails at Schlumberger. In fact. and we have many government regulations. high-tech business that invests a great deal to be the best in its industry. but trying to advise them independently and help them use the company’s procurement rules to best effect. I’d be interested in moving to an African GeoMarket at some point in my career. I worked as a travel coordinator for Schlumberger. Although I had working experience before. Clamart. France “ I joined because I wanted to be part of a worldwide. Grenoble. This should be good preparation for that. from basic business supplies to sophisticated purchasing issues like consulting services. That involves coordinating customs clearance. working alongside the business—respecting the fact that they have the final decision.Lan Strategic Purchasing Leader. I liked the truly multinational atmosphere: I could see that everyone—no matter where they came from—was given a fair chance at promotion.

” 1 “Being part of a young.“What we do has a direct connection to customers. I began in the IT function. France MBA. dynamic function is extremely exciting. Schlumberger supported me when I decided I wanted to change from the technical to the managerial side. University College London. From day one. We’re helping the business to deal with 0 to 0 percent annual growth. “Having been heavily involved in process improvement for a few years.” 1 . Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon. if you’re curious and willing to make the effort. and I’ve gradually moved out into the field. although it was pretty hard work studying for an MBA while working. managing suppliers. working with our technical centers around the world. UK “ Perhaps my career has been a little unusual because I started in the head office. in New York. I’m particularly focused on making sure our products are reliable— because that’s so important to our customers. Electrical Engineering. “I really appreciate that Schlumberger is prepared to invest in you. I was interested in the supply chain aspects. So I transferred across. I moved into this incredibly demanding GeoMarket. North Carolina. So I’m very happy in my current role: defining the global electrical manufacturing strategy. and coordinating electronics supply chain activities worldwide. Aberdeen. Houston. USA Masters. and it made me curious to find out more. “It was the strategic aspects of global supply chain management that appealed to me. to secure supplies. Telecommunications. to manage cost in a market where the supplier base is very mature. working on an e-procurement project that was very innovative for its time.” Alexandre North Sea GeoMarket Supply Chain Manager. Duke University. and the competition is fierce. UK Masters. Having a technology background helps me understand the issues and customer requirements.Global Electrical Commodity. I could sense there was a real ‘buzz’ around the supply chain function. the company will give you the responsibilities and the chance to succeed. USA “ Even when I was working on the engineering side of the business. It is a win-win!” Adrian Manager .

1 . especially as the company really doesn’t dictate how people should do their jobs. India “ Always aiming one step ahead I came to Schlumberger from a consulting background. both to the individual and to the company as a whole. Schlumberger was a real contrast: not just the multicultural environment and wider geographic spread of the business. Our structured approach to career development helps you plan ahead and focus on gaining the skills and experience you need to progress. There were lots of issues to overcome. but in the past few years it has proved very successful. Schlumberger was a well-organized company with solid technology solutions. I’m enjoying being on ‘the other side of the fence’ now. You’ll be contributing directly to the business and taking responsibility for delivering results within a short time. you will be encouraged to extend your abilities through education. but also the sophistication of the technical capabilities. Training is a mix of formal courses and on-the-job learning. training. Mumbai. Supply Chain. And I moved from a very mature supply chain function to one where I can really make a contribution to its growth and development. Not many companies are so committed to dual career families. Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Bordeaux. I’d been working with oil companies in the Middle East—specializing in supply chain—and from what I could see. Throughout your career. I moved to Shanghai. From visiting suppliers in Europe. France “ My first job was in the automotive industry. National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE). to gaining field exposure in Brazil. Investment in training is paramount. Most recently. “I’ve always worked internationally at Schlumberger. where we’re setting up a sourcing office.” 1 We understand the value of becoming a recognized professional. But Schlumberger has really supported me and tried to accommodate the needs of my future wife—who also works for the company and will be joining me in a few weeks.Laurent Supply Chain Manager – Manufacturing Shanghai.” “There is a real sense that you’re trusted to do the job. to working in Houston….” Vinod “You’re given real independence over how you work.” Flexibility to develop your own career Because supply chain is expanding rapidly in Schlumberger. I have a fast-growing. It’s very satisfying when the systems you help put in place are accepted by people in many different segments. “This is a major move for me. China Masters. “Initially I worked on GOLD—our Global Oilfield Logistics and Distribution system—a very ambitious international initiative. mostly local team to manage in a very dynamic market. and professional development opportunities. the opportunities for your development will be growing all the time. Schlumberger prefers to promote from within and give people the development opportunities they need to build a career with us. Supply Chain Services Manager. India Masters in Industrial Engineering.

We place high value on the quality of our behavior as an employer. you could help to shape its future direction. a supplier. and fun place to be. Our people agree: the work can be very demanding. stimulating. No other business can offer you greater variety. Because the supply chain function is expanding rapidly and is very diverse in Schlumberger.com/careers 1 . And we’ll provide you with the training and development resources you need to progress. the challenges are enormous—but Schlumberger is an intensely rewarding. And not just business or intellectual challenges. and where people understand the true value of diversity. and as members of the communities in which we live and work. in difficult terrain. a client. You could find yourself in some challenging locations. but where promotion is entirely on merit. You can really develop as supply chain expert experiencing many aspects of the function and the business. you will find them. greater depth. and being a key part of the business management team. You’ll join a uniquely multinational culture where nationality and beliefs. If you’re looking for challenges. You can push yourself to the limit. Your input to the processes. and systems we are developing could be vital to our ultimate long-term business success. tools. Our diversity and our culture lead to our view of ourselves as global citizens. and greater international presence. There are many opportunities to make a broader contribution to society.slb.7 Great reasons to join the Schlumberger supply chain team Your career opportunities at Schlumberger will be second to none. upload your CV or resume at http://www. 1 How to apply: For consideration. helping us to develop in dynamic new economies or compete in mature markets. gender and family situations are respected. working closely with people out in the field.

Our belief that no culture has a monopoly on creativity has given us access to the best people no matter where they were born.000 people of over 10 nationalities working in more than 0 countries. The company employs more than 0. and information solutions to an industry that is vital to the global economy. All rights reserved.Success without boundaries www. Photos: Schlumberger. project management. and specialists supply technology. Schlumberger. Knowledge. technical innovation. trusted to deliver superior results and improved exploration and production performance for oil and gas companies around the world. who we are Schlumberger is the leading oilfield services provider. 0 . and teamwork are at the center of who we are.slb.com/careers 0-REC 00 May 00 Copyright 00 Schlumberger. scientists. our engineers. Schlumberger is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Worldwide.

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