Coach Jacks B. B. Comer Memorial High School 2010-2011 Syllabus This class is a split semester class. From August to December we will be studying geography. From January to May we will be studying civics. Geography is the study of the Earth and its lands, features, and inhabitants.
Civics is the study of rights and duties of citizenship.

Class Rules
1) 2) 3) 4) Be in your seat when the bell rings. Do not speak while the teacher or another student is speaking. Do not eat or drink (except for water or sugar free drink) in class. Respect the teacher and other students.

Grading Policy
• • • • • 60% Tests 40% Daily Grade (notes, vocabulary, maps, quizzes, etc.) All work done in class must be kept in your Portfolio. Students should expect to work for the full class period. Failure to do any class work assignment will affect the Daily Grade. The 9 Weeks Exam will constitute 20% of your final average for each quarter.

Grading Scale
A=90-100 B=80-89 C=70-79 D=60-69 F=0-59

Standards for Quality Student Work
Be prepared for class: • Pencil/Pen (Blue or Black ink only) • Highlighter (any color) • Small pencil sharpener with holder for shavings • Textbook • Binder with loose leaf paper Label papers the following way: On upper right-hand corner of first page: 1. First and last name 2. Date 3. Assignment (title, exercise number, and page number) 4. class period

Class Consequences Minor Offenses: 1. Official Warning and/or written work assignment 2. Office Referral Major Offenses: Office Referral Alabama High School Graduation Examination Objectives Standard VI: The student will understand the causes and effects of World War I. VII-2 Analyze America’s involvement in World War II ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I have read and agree to comply with the terms of this syllabus. Student Name: ___________________ Student Signature: ____________________ Parent Signature: _____________________ . VI-1 Evaluate the causes of World War I VI-2 Analyze the effects of World War I Standard VII: The student will understand the Great Depression and World War II. Note or call to parent/written work assignment/detention 3.

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