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Black Book of Openers

Black Book of Openers

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Published by: RoyGBiv2 on Nov 01, 2010
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The Largest Collection of Pickup lines and Openers Ever Compiled.

In order to attract, one must first open. Before you can run routines, gambits, DHV's, or negs,
you'll need to successfully initiate a conversation.

In the pickup and seduction community this is referred to opening a girl or a set. For the rest of
the world it is called "breaking the ice" or pickup lines, or just plain old "starting a conversation."

Whatever you want to call it… there is no denying that the first contact, the first words that come
out of your mouth, are the hardest to get out. Whether it is the crippling approach anxiety that
has taken a hold of you, or your mind just can't come up with a clever way to instigate
conversation, most men freeze and never get the opportunity to attempt to attract a particular

Because of this, we at Great Seducer thought that we would put together a list of the most tested,
proven, and successful openers ever compiled. These openers have been created and used by
some of the best pickup artists in the world. These are openers created by guys like Mystery,
Gambler, Roosh, Tyler Durden, Neil Strauss, and a host of other famous, and not so famous,

The goal of this eBook is to create a resource that you can pull up quickly to scan over and grab
a few openers to take out to the bars and clubs with you. With this eBook, you no longer have
the "I didn't know what to say" excuse. There is no reason you cannot open a set every time you
go out.

Note: We tried to give all of the original author's proper credit, but in the community it is almost
impossible to determine exactly who came up with a particular routine or opener. But we did our

Note: This is a comprehensive list of pua openers that you can go out and use immediately. But
we recommend learning a little bit about how to deliver an opener.

For a good introduction to proper use of openers… we created this podcast that you can
download for free:


2 Greatseducer.com


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