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Silhouette rhinestones

1 Select a rhinestone template. Do NOT

2 Peel the template material off the
3 Affix the template material to a
resize it. Feed the template material into backing leaving the circle cutouts rhinestone backing board.
the Silhouette without a cutting mat.
behind. It works best to peel the
Use the pink cap and a thickness of
material off in one quick motion.
28-33 when cutting the design.

Once all of the rhinestons are

positioned face-up in the template,
cover the design with a piece of
rhinestone transfer tape.

4 5 6
Gently brush rhinestones into the Lift the rhinestones (now attached to
template holes using the brush the transfer tape) off the template
provided. and position the design on the
desired surface.

7 8 9
Place a cloth over the design and Remove iron, cloth and transfer tape. Turn the garment inside out and
press down on top with a heated iron If rhinestones continue to stick to the repeat step 7. This will pull the glue
for 45-60 seconds. The iron should transfer tape, replace cloth and iron into the fabric.
be set to the “wool” setting. again at a hotter setting.

Your new rhinestone Wash and dry clothes inside out. Only
design will be the envy of use designs marked as rhinestone
all your friends! templates.

Use extreme caution when operating a

10 hot iron. Keep out of reach of children.

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