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Role of Indian Capital Market in sustaining Indian Economic Growth

 Topic of research Introduction to Indian Capital Market Major reforms in Indian Capital Market Objectives of Research Analysis Conclusion      .

 TOPIC OF RESEARCH: Role of Indian Capital Market in sustaining Indian Economic Growth. . NOTE: Capital Market regarded as barometer for the country's economic growth.

Broadly classified as primary markets and secondary markets. A capital market is a market for securities (debt and equity).Market Cap of (as of Aug 2010)   o o 66 lac crores 55 lac crores . Two main capital markets in India: BSE – Market Cap of NSE . finance companies .   Courtesy: http://www. FII allowed to access to Indian capital markets on registration with SEBI. FDI allowed in stock broking. asset management companies. merchant banking and other non.h . SEBI Act 1992.sebi. The power to regulate stock exchanges delegated to SEBI by the Government.

Analysis of Indian Banking sector.  . To understand the relationship between stock market development and growth of Indian economy with respect to the facts and figures.



   . The performance of the Capital Market is vital in the sustainability of the Indian Economic Growth. and is indicated by the trends in the performance of Capital Market. Indian stock market is uncertain but fundamentally it depends upon economic condition and various other factors. The combination of both stock market and economic development leads to the rapid growth of any individual country. transportation sectors etc. Economic condition of developing countries like India depend upon income and consumption pattern and growth of industrial. service.

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