The Discovery of RC

Project by Robin Chhabra

All was well in Robbie Land.
Or so we thought.

Santa Maria, could that be Royal Challenge?
Hmm, is that glass half empty, or is it half full?

Hmm, moral dilemma. Should I, Shouldn t I?
Be equanimous, Robbie. Become an Observer.

But it looks so Perhaps if I got just a bit closer
That s it, Robbie. Become the Observer.

Hmm, it seems half-empty! Oh, the intoxication of the eternal question I wonder what it might taste like.
Equanimity, Robbie. Ask yourself, What would the Buddha have done?

Hmm, this tastes funny.
That s not the answer we were looking for.

God, what have I just done?
Don t ask me, I told you to become the Observer.

Sigh Human nature What can we say?

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