Biarritz Vacation & Romance with Nelly Boustead

• Eduardo Boustead, wife

and two charming daughters
• Rizal had romance with


Scenic Beaches

• It is filled with scenic beaches with tourists

from all parts of the world memories of Madrid.

• This place helped him to forget the bitter

• His health improved with remarkable

swiftness in this place.

• The prettier and younger daughter of Eduardo


• He found her to be a real Filipina, highly

intelligent, vivacious in temperament and morally upright.

• With this romantic relationship, he felt

invigorated to write and finish his novel El Fibusterismo.

• Rizal’s friend who advised him not to

marry Nelly.

• He previously loved and

lost Nelly. • He encouraged him to woo and marry Nelly.

It was not successful due to 2 reasons: • He refused to give up his Catholic faith and be converted to Protestantism as Nelly demanded. • Nelly’s mother did not like him as a son-in-law. They ended up being good friends.

• He was Rizal’s

friend whom he asked to advance the amount of the 1st class steamer ticket from Europe to Hongkong.

Reform Crusad e

• He realized that Rizal’s collaboration

was essential because the reform was declining.

With that, his help was very much needed because Rizal was one of the main contributors in La Solidaridad.

• He wrote Rizal a letter telling him to put aside

any of his resentments and continue their mission in the reform.

Rizal wrote back to del Pilar and told him 3 reasons:

1. He needed time to work on his book. 2. He wanted other Filipinos to work too. 3. It was better if del Pilar would be the only one who would lead the reform leaving them both free and with the advantage of del Pilar.

• It was completed on

May 30,

• It was more ardor than the Noli.

……Published in Ghent

• Rizal left

Brussels for Ghent.

• A famous university city in Belgium. • Reasons for moving to Ghent:

The cost of printing in Ghent was cheaper than in Brussels To escape from the enticing attraction to Petite Suzanne

•A publisher who was willing to

print Rizal’s book on installment basis.
• Rizal had received some money from Basa and P200

from Rodriguez Arias for the copies of Morga’s Sucesos sold in Manila.

• Rizal wrote a

letter to Basa from Ghent stating his poor situation or lifestyle

• Printing had to be suspended because Rizal could no

longer give the necessary funds to the printer.
• Rizal wrote to Basa in Hong Kong for money to be

used in the publication of his book.

•He immediately sent Rizal the

necessary funds for the publication of the book.
• With his financial aid, the printing

of Fili was resumed.

• El Filibusterismo came off the

press. • Rizal immediately sent two printed copies to Hong Kong one for Basa and the other for Sixto Lopez. • Valentin Ventura received the original manuscript and

• A Barcelona

newspaper where the members of the Filipino colony published a tribute eulogizing the novel’s original style: “comparable to the sublime Alexander Dumas” and “a model and a precious jewel

• the liberal Madrid

newspaper serialized the novel in its issues of October, 1891

All copies of the first edition (Ghent edition) of El Filibusterismo were placed in wooden boxes and shipped to Hong Kong.

• The original manuscript of El Filibusterismo

consists of 279 pages of long sheets preserved in the Filipiniana Division of the Bureau of Public Libraries.

In the Foreword, Rizal was not frightened by the government of the Philippines. He tells the people in the foreword that instead of fleeing from the feared reality, they should face it.

• Ferdinand Blumentritt, wrote on the page of El

Filibusterismo. He stated that a rebel is trying to convince every Filipino that they will not obtain salvation unless they separate from the country. • Rizal did not tolerate the abusive powers of the Spanish authorities. He wanted the Filipino citizens to open their eyes to see the wrongs that has been done

•The hero is Simoun, who is Crisostomo Ibarra of Noli Me

Tangere He escaped from the soldiers at Laguna de Bay with the help of Elias. •He returns to the Philippines as a rich jeweler where he freely moved around. Although he is a friend of Spain, he had a desire to take his revenge against the Spanish authorities. •He wished to rescue Maria Clara but he found out later that she was already dead. •Simoun continues his plot against the Spanish but failed and in order to escape the arrest, he took poison and died. •Like in Noli Me Tangere, the characters in El Filibusterismo were drawn by Rizal in real life. •Noli Me Tangere is a romantic novel, work of the heart, and a book of feeling while El Filibusterismo is a political novel work of the head, and book of thought.

•September 22, 1891- Rizal wrote to Blumentritt

that he is planning to write a third novel and ethics will play the principal role. Rizal will now be exposing the habits and customs of the Philippines.
• It is said that Rizal was fortunate not to have finished

the novel for it would have caused greater scandal than his previous novels. • Rizal was not afraid to show the evil that took part in the Philippines.

• Makamisa – novel in tagalog; written in sarcastic style with

only two chapters completed. • Dapitan- written in Spanish; depicted his town life and customs during his exile in Dapitan
• •

A novel in Spanish about the life in Pili, a town in Laguna A novel about Cristobal a youthful Filipino student who has returned from Europe.

• Rizal based his novels in his own experience and in what he

witnessed in the Philippines.

Ophthalmic Surgeon In Hong Kong

From Ghent


To Paris

•Rizal left Ghent for Paris.

• Bound to Hongkong • His trip was delightful. • He was the only Asian among them. • He befriended many missionaries. • He also experienced an incident wherein the

German ladies thought that he didn’t know how to understand and speak in English. When he heard the conversation of the ladies, he proved to them that he understand German language by closing the door when the wind blew hard.

• Where he opened his medical clinic • He practiced his profession anywhere to serve other people.

• The brother-in-law of

Rizal • Even though Rizal is away from his family, he was still connected with the family he left in Calamba. • Hidalgo’s letter expressed despair and sorrow of the Rizal Family.

• Christmas of 1981 • His mother is almost blind. • One of the happiest yuletide celebrations in

Rizal’s life. • January 31, 1982, when he wrote to Blumentritt about his pleasant life in Hongkong.

Rizal’s family was tied and very close to each other making Rizal as a family centered man.

• Rizal’s friend in Hongkong who

helped him to build up his own clientele. • He turned over to Rizal many eye cases. • He earned the trust of a Portuguese due to his integrity and passion towards his work.

• He also became a general practitioner.

Mr. Boustead, Nelly’s Father praised him
for practicing his medical profession. Rizal possessed the qualities of a great ophthalmic surgeon.

Dr. Germiniano de Ocampo, a
distinguished ophthalmic surgeon was deeply impressed to Rizal.

• Establishment of a Filipino colony • Planning to move landless Filipinos to a ‘New

Calamba’ to seek protection and welfare • March 7, 1892 – Journey to Sandakan to negotiate with the British authorities regarding project
• The Borneo Colonization Project showed Rizal’s choice to

journey with the hope of finding a safe place for the Filipinos in order to recover their lost identity and establish strong unity among the Filipinos. This trait of Rizal showed his hunger for identity and wholeness of his nation.

• Spanish Consul General • Rejected Rizal’s letters and proposals

1st letter – Rizal offered his cooperation to the Spanish government 2nd letter – Rizal asked to permit landless Filipinos to establish themselves in Borneo
• He did not approve of Filipino immigration because of lack of

laborers • He filed a secret case against Rizal ‘for anti-religious and anti-patriotic protest’ (a trap for Rizal)

• Ang Mga Karapatan ng Tao • A la Nacion Española – appeal to Spain to amend the wrong • • • • • •

deeds done to Calamba tenants Sa Mga Kababayan – Calamba agrarian situation Articles in The Hongkong Newspaper March 2, 1892 – Una Visita a la Victoria Gaol (Spanish prison system vs. British prison system Colonisation du British North Borneo par de Familles de Iles Philippines (French) Proyecto de Colonizacion del British North Borneo por los Filipinos (Spanish) June 1892 – La Mano Roja (Red Hand)

= frequent outbreaks of intentional fires in Manila
1892, Hongkong – Constitution of La Liga Filipina (an association of patriotic Filipinos for civic purposes

Hong Kong

1st letter – To Parents, Brethren and Friends

‘…outcome judges things according to consequences.’

• • • • •

‘…duty urged me. If I die doing it, it won’t matter.’ ‘I don not regret what I have done.’ ‘A man ought to die for duty and his principles.’ ‘…sacrifice to secure justice and peace for you.’ I shall die happy in the thought that my death will end all your troubles.’

• 2nd letter – To the Filipinos
‘…hardly anybody understands what’s in my heart.’ ‘I cannot live on seeing so many suffer.’ ‘…duties of conscience…’ ‘I am all my parents have, but our country has many more sons who can take my place.’

• • • •

‘What matters death, if one dies for what one loves, for native land and beings held dear?’ ‘Always have I loved our unhappy land, …and I shall continue loving it till my last moment…’

Jose Protacio Mercado Alonzo Y Realonda Rizal

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