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Knowledge Work Systems

Knowledge Work Systems

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Published by: Suryan.R.K on Nov 01, 2010
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scientists. designers. knowledge workers create new products or find ways of improving existing ones ..KNOWLEDGE WORK SYSTEMS     Firms have specialized systems for knowledge workers to help them to create new knowledge & to ensure that this knowledge is properly integrated into the business Knowledge workers in today's workforce are individuals who are valued for their ability to interpret information within a specific subject area Knowledge workers include researchers. engineers who primarily create knowledge & information for the organization For eg.

KNOWLEDGE WORK SYSTEMS Knowledge workers perform three key roles:    Keeping the organization current knowledge as it develops in the external world Serving as internal consultants regarding the areas of their knowledge Acting as change agents .

the designer need only to make a physical prototype toward the end of the design process . using computers & sophisticated graphics software CAD may be used to design figures in two-dimensional (2D) space.KNOWLEDGE WORK SYSTEMS Computer-aided design (CAD)     Use of computer technology for the process of design and design-documentation Automates the creation & revision of designs. or in three-dimensional (3D) objects Using CAD workstation .

and aerospace industries. architects from Skidmore. shipbuilding.KNOWLEDGE WORK SYSTEMS Computer-aided design (CAD)    CAD is extensively used in many applications. Solid Edge ( Siemens PLM Software). industrial and architectural design. & Merrill LLP used a 3D design program called Revit to work out the creative & technical details of the design for the freedom tower at the site of the former WTC 3ds Max (Autodesk). Inventor (Autodesk). and many more For eg. CityEngine (Procedural Inc) .. including automotive. Blender (Blender Foundation). Owings.

& rendering capabilities that go for beyond those of conventional CAD systems They use interactive graphics software to create computer generated simulations that are so close to reality that users almost believe they are participating in a real world situation In many virtual reality systems. & equipment.KNOWLEDGE WORK SYSTEMS Virtual reality Systems    Have visualization. the user dons special clothing. simulation. depending on the application . headgear.

such as in VR games Therapeutic uses. photorealistic simulations of situations or objects The simulated environment can be similar to the real world²for example. training.KNOWLEDGE WORK SYSTEMS Virtual reality Systems     Provide architects. engineers. education. in simulations for pilot or combat training²or it can differ significantly from reality. engineering Eg: Siemens Medical Systems 3D Virtuoso System help doctors to fly through of the aorta . &medical workers with real.

S. Navy personnel using a VR parachute trainer .KNOWLEDGE WORK SYSTEMS Virtual reality Systems U.

KNOWLEDGE WORK SYSTEMS Investment Workstations    Financial industry use investment workstations to leverage the knowledge & time of its traders. & portfolio managers Investment workstations integrate a wide range of data from both internal & external sources Investment workstations streamline the entire investment process from stock selection to updating client records .

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