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Two Dimensional,

Steady state Conduction

Two dimensional, steady state conditions with no
heat generation and
constant thermal conduction

T 2
T 2
T q cp T
x2 y2 z2 k k t

2 2
2 2
x y
Methods for solving two dimensional and
steady state heat conduction equation

• Analytical approaches
• Graphical approaches
• Numerical approaches (finite difference,
finite element)
Finite Difference Equations
Consider the square of this figure. The left face is maintained at 100°C and the top
face at 500°C, while the other two faces are exposed to an environment at 100°C.
h= 10W/m2°C, k = 10 W/m °C
The block is 1 m square. Compute the temperature of the various nodes as indicated in
this figure and heat flows at the boundary condition