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Brighton-Grammar “Apple of Brighton’s Eye”

18th October, 2010 - An Apple for the teacher carries a cutting edge meaning for
students at Brighton Grammar School.
The private boys’ school has been ‘hand picked’ by computer giant Apple Australia to
adopt its IPad technology.
Brighton Grammar is now paving the way in researching how the interactive nature
of iPads and the diverse range of applications for the device, can improve the
quality of teaching and learning in the classroom.
A few key staff members could see the potential of the iPad after experimenting
with it prior to its Australian release earlier this year. A research project
was formed with the key task of validating the use of the device in the classroo
m. Apple was keen to get on board.
“With key staff at Apple Australia impressed with our research methodology, Apple
fast tracked a set of 20 iPads for our school allowing us to be early adopters o
f the device. Apple has also been incredibly helpful with advice at various st
ages of the research project and have also placed us in contact with other schoo
ls involved in similar projects,” explained John Phillips, driver of the project.
Already the project is attracting great curiosity with the independent centre re
search, the Crowther Centre, Apple Education, Pearsons, the worldwide leader in
educational publishing, and App-titude, one of Australian’s first commercial edu
cation app builders joining forces with Brighton Grammar, eager to learn the res
Students are getting ‘real world’ experience too, with hands-on experience working
alongside senior developers and executives.
“What has become clear through our iPad project is that schools can achieve so mu
ch more when working in partnership with industry. We can leverage their invest
ment in Research and Development to improve learning outcomes that will benefit
not only our students, but students globally.” explained John Phillips.
It is expected the research will validate the use of iPads in the classroom lead
ing to the widespread roll out of tablet devises at the school in the very near
Brighton Grammar is working towards eTexts and hopes heavy school bags will soon
be a thing of the past.
For further information please contact:
Natalie van Wetering, Director of Marketing and Communications
Brighton Grammar School
Ph; +61 3 8591 2270
Mobile +61 419 400 198