1900 - Walter Reed

1900 Walter Reed

Dejaño, Lorelie M. Mallari, Lianne

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Theory 1st Commission: of Fomites Yellow fever¶s causal 
Stanford Chaille agent was possibly a Infection from Carlos J.in Finlay George Miller Sternbergthe living entity contaminated Juan Guiteras atmosphere clothing and bedding



1. Who among them was a member of
the fourth yellow fever·s commission?
A. B. C. D.

Agramonte Chaille Sternberg Guiteras

2. Who first assumed that the mosquitoes were the causal agent of yellow fever?
A. B. C. D.

William J. Dean George Miller Sternberg Carlos J. Finlay Walter Reed

3. When did Lazear died of yellow fever?
A. B. C. D.

September 25, 1900 September 24, 1900 August 25, 1900 August 24, 1900

4. What theory was believed to cause yellow fever instead of the mosquito theory?
A. B. C. D.

Theory of B. Icteroides Theory of fomites Theory of sanitation Theory of living entity

5. Yellow fever is a ______ infection.
A. B. C. D.

Bacterial Viral Parasitic Fungi

6. Who was able to invalidate the long held belief of fomite?
A. B. C. D.

William J. Dean Carlos J. Finlay George Miller Sternberg Walter Reed

7. How many buildings did Walter Reed establish on his experiment?
A. B. C. D.

1 2 3 4

8. Which among them does not belong to the group?
A. B. C. D.

Walter Reed George Miller Sternberg Agramonte Lazear

9. What was the name of the soldier that had yellow fever together with Carroll and Lazear?
A. B. C. D.

Frederick Fernandez William Welch William J. Dean Jefferson Randolph

10. The first experimental building Reed establish in his experiment was called ____.
A. B. C. D.

Infected Mosquito Building Infected Bedding Building Infected House Building Infected Clothing Building


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