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Goffs Media BTEC Creative Media Production

Unit 1 Research for Creative Media Production

We will use a ready-made questionnaire and collating tool for your

first piece of Primary research in Task 1.
Assessment Activity – Task 1

Assessment – at the end of Task 1 you will need to make a post on your blog giving

•the answers to the 5 questions you have been thinking about

•an explanation of how you have collected data using a questionnaire

•an explanation of how you sorted (collated) the data to answer the questions.

In pairs, design a simple questionnaire for collecting the following information:

•the most popular games console in the class and the top five games played
•the radio station that people listen to and their favourite DJ
•the number of times people visit the cinema and what film they saw last
•how many people have satellite television and how many hours they watch in
an average week
•which social networking site people use and how many contacts they have on