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Month Activities / Programmes

25-Feb Planing meeting with BN
25-Feb Cash advance - Stakeholders meeting
1-Feb Planning Meeeting @ Navajeevana
22-Feb stakeholders meeting - Galle (Inviting)
26-Feb stakeholders meeting - Hambantota (inviting)

3-Jan Stakeholders meeting - Hambantota District
3-Oct Stakeholders meeting - Matara District
2-Mar Stakeholders meeting at Gayana hotel - Tangalla
6-Mar Trishaw Charges to Hotel Hemali - Matara to get quatations
10-Mar Children's awareness programme at Kahadawa
11-Mar Children's awareness programme - Kahadamodara
16-Mar Stakeholders meeting - Maura hotel Matara
23-Mar Training programme with BN staff - Bandaragama

5-Apr Monthly review & planning meeting at Navajeevana
20-Apr Children's awareness programme at Kahadawa
23-Apr Children's awareness programme at Kahadamodara

13-May Children's awareness programme - Beligalla
14-May Research programme at Hotel Mayura - Matara
19-May Visit to Remand homes at Galle
21-May Research programme at Gandara M.V.
26-May Research programme
Vehicle Hire at programmes
- Research Ma/Gangodagama MV. & Pananawela children's
26-May club
26-May Research programme at Pannawela children's club

1-Jun-10 Research program - Senehasa Children’s home in Galle.
3-Jun-10 Volunteer meeting conducted to prepare the monthly plan for June.
7-Jun-10 Establish the Hakmana Denagama children’s society
8-Jun-10 Research program conducted in detention camps in Galle.
9-Jun-10 Establishing the Pananwela children’s society
10-Jun-10 Establishing the Galagama children’s society
10-Jun-10 Refreshments - Establishing the Galagama children’s society
16-Jun-10 Establishing Dikwella children’s society & Dondra children's society
17-Jun-10 Establishing Dondra children’s society
17-Jun-10 Establishing Thalalla/North children’s society
22-Jun-10 Kahadawa Shakthi children’s society
Children's societies for identyfication programms conducted in Hambantota
30-Jun-10 & Matara Dis.

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13-Aug Establish Gonadeniya children’s society.
13-Aug Identification programme of Weeraketiya Gonadeniya children's club.
Project cycle management & monitoring using the logframe approch
30-Aug programme at Cinamon lakeside Hotel-colombo.

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