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Using Mind Power and Affirmations

By Ankit Kaul
Recently I've had a lot of questions about how the power of the mind works
and how to properly use affirmations to direct your mind and subconscious
mind in order to get the most power out of your mind while using positive
daily affirmations. I've studied and worked with affirmations for quite some
time and I continue to coach students who work with my Creating Power
system how to use affirmations while re-training their mind and
subconscious mind to create the life they want so that they achieve their
goals. For those of you not familiar with affirmations - think of them as
simple statements that you repeat to yourself to the point where they
penetrate your subconscious mind. Your subconscoius then acts on the
affirmations by creating situations, circumstances and events that mirror
those affirmations or the statements you've been saying. Your affirmations
should focus on what you want - not what you don't want. In short -
affirmations are thoughts that you repeat over and over again until they
become beliefs to the point where the subconscious acts on them. Later in
this article I'll talk about how your subconscoius mind reacts to affirmations
being played on tapes.

Affirmations are not new - in fact they have been around for centuries - and I
can't think of a single self improvement course or book that doesn't touch on
the subject in one form or another. Some people will refer to affirmations
and incantations, or a daily mantra, or verbal rituals - what ever they want to
call them - these statements are intended to have the same effect - they're
supposed to penetrate the subconscious mind and compel you to take action
so that you achieve your goals.

I'm going to talk about the power of the subconscious and how affirmations
are a great way to send your subconscious new directions. I'll also go over
why we need to incorporate affirmatons into our daily lives and why you
should recite them instead of playing them back in a tape recorder - it all
comes down to using the mind as a new tool to instruct the subconscious
mind to create the life you want.

Working with Affirmations is a great way to creating change and I can't

understand why so many people don't use them. Simply put - affirmations
are very effective - when used properly and when you say the correct
affirmations. The power of an affirmations is not only in their ability to
create situations and circumstances for you to achieve your goals - but they
also help you eliminate negative thinking - a process that once accomplished
will yield tremendous results. Essentially you can give your subconscious a
new blue print for success if you work with the right affirmations on a
regular basis.

Let's clear up some misconceptions about affirmations before we go any

further. You cannot use affirmations to affect somebody else's behavior - that
is you cannot use affirmations to get somebody else to do something. For
example: you cannot say an affirmation to make someone do something or
make them behave a certain way. You can't recite affirmations with the goal
of making someone love you. You cannot say an affirmation to get
somebody to do something that they do not want to do - because you cannot
control somebody else's subconscious mind. You cannot say affirmations to
control somebody else - otherwise ruthless leaders all over the world would
have their cronies reciting affirmations to get people to behave a certain way.
It's just not that simple. You cannot say affirmations to change something
that has already happened or fix something that is already broken - you
cannot create affirmations to change the past - but you can work with
affirmations to create a new future and when done correctly - you will be
able to do this at will.

How Affirmations Work

Affirmations work best when they are connected to you and your behavior
and your goals. The are most effective when you concetrate and direct your
affirmations so that you are the only one responsible for the actions taken
and the outcome projected. What do I mean? Well, let's say you want to
improve a relationship with somebody and you want them to understand you
better or listen to you when you speak. Based on what I said in the previous
paragraph - you can't say (person's name____) is now listening to me or
(Person's name____ understands me better). Remember you can't change the
way somebody behaves with an affirmation. If you've been doing this and
not getting results - now you know why. You can only use affirmations to
change yourself when it comes to relationships.

Instead of trying to get someone else to change - you should be focusing on

you and your actions. So in the above example you would say something
like I'm now finding ways to help __ understand me better. I'm now saying
the right things to help ___ listen to me. I'm finding ways to convince __ to
listen to me and I'm now convincing __ to listen to me. Two things have
happened here - one is you've taken the affirmation and sent the message to
your subconscious mind so that you do the right things to improve the
situation. Next - you've also instructed your subconscious mind to provide
you with the corresponding action to help you obtain the outcome you want.
What follows is that you start doing things to create the outcome you want.
This is very different than saying ___ is now listening to me. In that case
you are doing nothing and trying to get somebody else to do something
while you keep taking the same actions - you'll never get the results you
want. So - the affirmation should reflect what you can do and what actions
you can take to create the outcome you want. Some people - actually a lot of
people want to make more money. Simply saying I'm making more money is
a good start - but you can also create the affirmation that reflects action -
thus saying: I know what to do to make more money and I'm now doing the
right things to make more money.

Affirmations should be short and simple - and reflect what you want to
happen and what you can do to make that situation happen. They don't have
to be long and complicated because if they are - you'll never remember them
- and that's one of the main reasons why people forget to say them.

To create affirmations - focus on what you want - not on what you don't
want. You should only be focusing on the outcome that you want. You may
have to think about it a little bit - but you'll understand once you start the

Next - try to say your affirmations in your head to yourself. I know a lot of
people like to record affirmations and then play the tape when they're
driving or going to bed. This does help - but what happens when you stop
playing the tape? Chances are you'll go back to your old patterns of thinking
and erase all the positive work those tapes created. Why? Because you didn't
train your mind to focus on what you want and create corresponding
affirmations - you didn't train your mind to get used to saying affirmations.
When you recite the affirmation in your head - you train your mind to stay
positive, think positive and more importantly it stops being negative. You
also get used to saying them.

At times it may seem like the affirmations are boring or that you're just
saying them and they're not having any impact. This is a crossing point.
You're going from initial excitement that comes with saying the new
affirmations to having them penetrate your subconscious - this is when you
need to continue saying them the most - because your subconscious is ready
to act on them. Track your results - see if there have been improvements in
certain areas of your life for which you've been saying affirmations. Even
small improvements are positive signs.

Do you need to believe the affirmations? No you don't need to believe the
affirmations. In fact some would argue that it's probably better not to believe
the affirmations because when they manifest it's just further evidence to your
mind that they do work. Keep your affirmations fresh and have fun with

Affirmations are powerful tools that can help you create the life you want.
But you have to use them properly and you have to continue working with
them regularly - to the point where they become such a habit that you want
to say them all of the time. Hey - it's better than keeping all that junk inside
your head - you know the stuff you keep thinking about but doesn't really
help you accomplish anything - and in many cases may actually push you

Now over the years I've had a few people say to me: "Affirmations don't
work - they help for a little bit but after a while they just don't work." Funny
thing is that when I ask them why they don't work after a while they always
say they don't know. Then I ask them if they stopped saying them after a
while - and most of the time the answer is yes - they did stop saying them. In
other cases I try to take a look at the affirmations and see if they are correct -
or if they're not in line with what I've been talking about. Hey if you say the
wrong thing in the wrong way all of the time you're not going to get the
results you want. It's like working out the wrong way - it just doesn't help.

Also understand that some affirmations take longer to have an impact. It

really depends on where you are and what you want to accomplish. For
example: if you're unemployed and want to be a millionaire or be making a
large six figure income with your own office - it's going to take some time.
You have to get a job and get into the right place to start making the big
money and earn the millions you want. It's not going to happen overnight.
So the first step is to focus on getting work that will put you on a track to
make that kind of money. It will happen - but it really depends on where you
are and what you want to accomplish. Also remember nothing is going to
fall from the sky - you have to do the work, and be open to new possibilities.

Now affirmations are just one of many techniques you could use to create
the life you want. With the Creating Power System you'll learn how to use
all your inner powers to create the life you want. Not only will you learn
how to create affirmations properly and get help from me in creating them -
but you'll also learn how to use all your powers so that you get your
subconscious mind moving at a faster pace to create the life you want.

I've worked with affirmations for a long time - I know they work - but they
have to be worded correctly and they have to be in your own voice. Sure
affirmations from a book will help - but the most powerful affirmations are
those that you create because they are in your own voice and reflect what
you want. With Creating Power you'll learn how to create powerful
affirmations and work with a number of techniques. Each week you'll learn
new techniques to unleash the power of your subconscious mind - plus you'll
get the benefit of working with me personally. I encourage you to take give
Creating Power a try.

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Ankit kaul