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What is Delegation ?

it is a method to provide sufficient previllages to user,groups, domain controllers, trees

and forest.

how do we provide delegation

server side :
1. make sure it is domain controller
2. startmenu - run - dsa.msc
select domain controllers -rc- new organisation unit
provide OU name " BranchOne" - finish
3. select administrator ( user ) - rc - copy
provide new user name , with logon name and password
let us suppose harry is user name and password is abc123/?
4. select harry -rc - move
select domain controllers - select BranchOne
where it has to move.

5. select BranchOne again -rc - select delegation control.

select next
select add , provide user name harry
select next
put tick mark in each permission or tasks
select next
close all wizards

client side ( member server )

1. logon with user harry provide domain name and password

2. run - dsa.msc
try to create user account