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Generalized EIA Process Flowchart

Application/Environmental. Screening
Form Submittal by Applicant Standard
Town & Country Planning Department review of Procedure
application and screening form

Limited EIA
Project Not E IA Required No EIA
Feasible (Category A) (Category C)
(Category B)

*Public Involvement/Advertisement
Scoping and TOR preparation
Public Notice and Public Meeting
Approval of scoping study &TOR

*Public consultation Impact Analysis

should be undertaken
in the form of focus Mitigation & Impact
groups, questionnaire *Public Hearing typically occurs at these
surveys or newspaper
Management points. It may also occur at any other stage
ads of the EIA Process

EIA Report

*Resubmit *Public Involvement/Advertisement

Public Meeting

Finalize EIA or adjust


Decision Making

Not approved Approved with conditions

Certificate of
Environmental clearance

Information from this

process contributes to
Submission of design effective future EIA

Approve Plans


Environmental Monitoring
by Special Inspector or third
party monitoring team

Construction Post Audit