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In the name of ALLAH, the merciful, the compassionate

Understand Quran the Easy Way-Report.

1. Title : Understand Quran the Easy Way.

2. Location : University of Colombo-Faculty of Arts

3. Implemented by : AUMSA Ladies Wing-Sri Lanka

4. Held on : 9th of December 2009.

5. Beneficiaries : 60 Students

6. Budget : Rs 3428

7. Project Description : Quran is a guide to humanity. Since none of us

want to be misguided, it is paramount not only to read or recite
Quran, but to understand and implement it in our lives as well.
But Quran reveled in Arabic, in order to understand we should
know Arabic language. This course make the pupil understand
Quran step by step without studying whole Arabic language.

8. Cost :

Descriptions Cost
Transport& Communication Rs 450
Hall Rs 1000
Printing cost Rs 798
Refreshments Rs 1180
Total Rs 3428
9. Feedback from participant:
 Plus points-
 Interesting , worthful course ,it’s really amazing that can understand
Quran without knowing the Arabic
 Masha allah, motivation tips to learn & understand the Quran is so
 New way of thinking to teach the Quran, Amazing, magnificent.
 So useful, learned meaning of known Arabic words. new way to
understand the Quran.
 The way of teaching &TPI systems are suits for the modern world.
 Explanations and example are simply superb.

 Minus points-
 Continuous 3 hour is difficult to concentrate. It could better to have
 Little bit fast. Can do slow and more practice, by reducing the amount
of lessons.
 Arrange the program on weekends.

10. Suggestions :
 Do this program at least once a month.
 We encourage this type of programs.
 Please continue this type of classes in universities.

11. Our sincere thanks to :

 All mighty Allah
 Brother in faculty of Arts.
 Understand Quran Academy-Sri Lanka
 Aumsa ladies wing members
 Aumsa Executive board members.

May Allah Subahana watha’allah accept this small work from us ,bless us
with his mercy & guide us in right path.Ameen

Jazakallahu hairan.

Fathima Rushdha