Letter to Private School Community

Re: Textbook Funding
Dear Friend, According to the Frederick County Parent/Teacher Association, my opponentRon Young wants to strip all Catholic Schools in Maryland, and othernon-public schools, of state funding they currently receive to purchasetextbooks for the school children. I've included the link below for yourreference: http://frederickpta.org/node/60 It is question number 7, which states: "Do you support public dollarsbeing allocated to private or religious schools to purchase textbooks?" RonYoung Answered: NO Since Ron Young REFUSED to even fill out the Maryland Catholic ConferenceQuestionnaire, which asks this same question, this new information just cameto my attention. I have been and continue to be a strong supporter of all school children,including those whose parents choose private schools for their children. Infact, I have repeatedly cast one of the key votes on the senate floor toretain this funding in the state budget, and it is one of the battles onwhich I have constantly been on the winning side, although only by 4 to 6votes. The book purchases are a significant funding stream to Catholic, Jewishand other non-public schools in Maryland, and for Ron Young to vote to takeaway this important funding would create hardship for private schools at atime when all schools need support. My support of textbook funding forprivate schools is one of the reasons why the public school teachers unionhave endorsed my Democrat opponent, Ron Young, and have attacked me inmailings during this campaign. I write to you, even at this late date, to urge you not to reward RonYoung with your vote, and enable him to go to Annapolis to take away crucialfunding from our children who attend private schools. Please share thise-mail with any voter you know who may care about this important issuebefore they vote, including Democrats, Unaffiliated voters, and Republicanvoters who may yet be undecided. Sincerely, Alex Mooney Senator Alex X. Mooney Frederick and Washington Counties, Maryland P.O. Box 669, Frederick, Maryland 21705 301-620-0200 | 301-620-1973 (fax) www.alexmooney.com www.twitter.com/mooney4senate

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