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Depu~v Disciplinarv .ldm inislrators

701 Jackson St. Floor Topeka, Kansas 66603-3729 Telephone: (785) 296-2486 Fax: (785) 296-6049


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OFFICE OF THE DISCIPLINARY ADMINISTRATOR COMPLAINT FORM GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: Complete the following form in as much detail as possible" Provide the attorneys full name. If you wish to complain about more than one attorney, complete a separate complaint form for each attorney. If any of the questions do not apply to your case, write N/A in the spaces that are not applicable. FEE DISPUTES: Please be advised that we do not settle fee disputes. If you are disputing the fee paid to your attorney, please contact one of the following Fee Dispute Committees: Johnson County Bar Fee Dispute Committee (913) 780-5460; Sedgwick County Bar Fee Dispute Committee (316) 263-2251; Kansas Bar Association Fee Dispute Committee (785) 234-5696. PROCEDURE: After the materials are received by the Office of the Disciplinary Administrator, an attorney will be assigned to review the documents and supervise the investigation of the complaint. You will be kept informed when action occurs regarding your complaint.

Your Name: Your Address: City, State, Zip: Home Phone No.: Cell Phone No.: Work Phone No.: Fax Phone No.: E-Mail Address:

Claudine Dombrowski
P.O. Box 4974

Topeka, KS 66604

(785) 845-3417

(888) 330-2059
Ange IFul)'

Attorney's Name: Attorney's Address: City, State, Zip: Attorney's Phone No.:

M. Jill Dykes

1243 S.W. Topeka Blvd., Suite B Topeka. KS 66612 (785) 266-8664

Did you hire the attorney? Yes



I" I

If yes, when did you hire the attorney?

Court appointed as GAL, June 24th, 2004-Case No. 96-D-217

How much did you pay the attorney for attorney fees? Please attach a copy of any receipts, cancelled checks, contracts, fee agreements, and engagement letters.

What did you hire the attorney to do?

If no, what is your connection with the attorney? Please explain briefly.

[this is my factual statement] Graft, payola, churning, RICO, malpractice, incompetence, dereliction, anti-trust violation, fraud, misfeasance, malfeasance, bribery, price-fixing, unfair trade practices, maltreatment, negligence, abuse, therapeutic jurisprudence. Misrepresentations, deceit, sabotage of Court Orders, falsification of records, misleading the courts; in aU attempts to re establishes parenting time between a now 13 year old daughter and her mother. Since her appointment there has existed 'conflict of interest.' The following years 'well note' her bias, prejudice, and alignment with my daughters abuser, to keep mother and child separated, as she promised to do in a recorded conversation with her October 2005 indicates. Intentionally on her own and with assistance destroyed and maintains to this day a 'complete' separation other than the most restrictive and oppressive of conditions of my daughter and 1. Intentional and malicious- "parental alienation" - is an understatement. With NO 'finding of any fact' - hearsay,[hers and her hand picked MHP's and other FOC's] by and through her 'godly' powers as a GAL. She has and continues to interfere with parent/child access.

There exists- NO 'finding of fact' that mother is nor has EVER been alleged to be a threat to her child, not ever! Four years .. gone. A child's childhood stolen, exploited, by politicking,-'bed swapping,' bottom feeders for increased litigation and increased financial personal gain.

Is your complaint about a law suit or a criminal case? Yes

I )( INo D

If yes, what is the name of the court? For example, the Kansas Supreme Court, the District Court of Shawnee County, Kansas, the Municipal Court of Topeka, Kansas.

District Court of Shawnee County, Kansas
What is the title of the case? For example, Jane Smith v. John Doe or State v. Smith.

Richardson v. Dombrowski
What is the case number?

Approximately when was the case filed?

March 1996
If you are not a party to the law suit or the defendant in the criminal case, what is your connection with it? Please explain briefly.

[factual statement cont.] As a DIRECT result of the actions ofM. Jill Dykes; this case has received National attention and currently as 'lead plaintiff in a suit to the 'Inter-American Commission Human Rights'- [supported by leading National and State organizations], filed May 11, 2007. See complete petition with exhibits here: Kansas is hard copy signor to the complaint, press release here: http://www .html M. Jill Dykes is the absolute epitome of incompetent, evil- profiteering at the cost of the very children she is supposed to protect and continues to do- is beyond criminal and appalling, without any 'conscious' as to the 'irreversible' damage and extent of the trauma she was and still is causing, my child and 1. Claudine Dombrowski P.O. Box 4974, Topeka, KS 66604 SaH, ACP end.

Have you or has a member of your family complained about an attomey in the past?

c::J No CJ

If yes, what is the name of the attorney who was the subject of the previous complaint?

Approximately when was the previous complaint filed?

What was the disposition of the previous complaint filed?

FACTUAL STATEMENT: On a separate piece of paper, please prepare a detailed factual statement of your complaint. State the facts as you understand them. Do not include opinions or arguments. Include information about the type of case it was, i.e. divorce, criminal, etc. and when it started. If you employed the attorney also include how you chose the attorney, when you first met with the attomey, what the fee agreement was, whether the agreement was written or oral, what has happened so far in the case, and the last contact you had with the attomey. Sign and date your statement. Further information may be requested later. Attach copies of pertinent documents. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT WE CANNOT RETURN DOCUMENTS SUBMITTED TO THIS OFFICE. YOU SHOULD RETAIN A COPY OF ALL MATERIALS YOU SUBMIT. Please send the completed Complaint Form, your detailed statement of complaint, along with any pertinent documents to: Office of the Disciplinary Administrator, 701 Southwest Jackson, First Floor, Topeka, Kansas 66603.

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