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Appin Know.~edg~ Solu1rioui!ii, an affiliate of App:in. GFOlIp ofCom:1I.pan.iJ~5, is the premierprovider of HITechnology certification) courseware as we]] as onlme, computer based and. instructor led. trainingacross ili.e world. Appin is primarily an liT Alumni eompeny. ApP]]1 has come up 'With the way of innovative learning conceptusing Computer Based 'Training Software (CB'I'S) ina highlytrrteraetive enviromnent,

Appin Teehnclogy lib is an iJUu:}\1ative concept of imparting Hi4echn.okngy training to students and young professiona]s in niche areas including lofol'mation Security ,& Ethical. IIacki:ng~ Nall:otechno~ogy~ Embedded Systen1s,. Robotics, Application. Program.m]ng and other in-demandteehuologies. Appin 'st1agship job oriented Diploma course Appin Front~·RlUlJler Program and C-e.rtirfi.ca:tion 'Com'seshave received signfflcant recognition. from industry wodd"vide.,. Appinwas rated <IIDong, top 5 IT Training institutes in country by The WEEKlum.gazlne alongwith NUT & Aptech and also # t IU tllecategm"yo:nii.~Tech]M]].ogytl'<I]ni:n,g.


To be the #1 Information Security provider and Leader In H]gh~ Technology training.

Appin's Faculty

Appin's training programs are conducted by .internati.ona]]y certified trainers with intemational training experience, Om trainers hold lltTecht rut.CA, M.l'ecl1 and PhD degrees along 'lWiith relevant training and work experience in the industry; TIley have beeneertified byAppin Labs after repeated evaluation.

World, C~ass Content

This program has been created. by the Research GrOllJ.p of Appin Labs, eomprising of'leading Professors and PhDs from iustitutes like [ndiJa.ID. ][ustdi.iillie of "fecll.uology, nnive~siity of Texas, Anstim. (UTA) and. M&,;;sacllD:..!iileft..'ii, In;stirtute .of Technology, (MIT) along mth IT Professionals with work experience in companies like M.ii.cl·nsoit, IBM ,HS8C, Trilogy, eisen, TC'S~ Motorola .. Appine:mphasize.s active problem solving 1llJs]ng practical case studies andadvaneed learning tools such as streaming medi<l! lectnre modules" instmetive allllim<l.tions, laboratory tour "ideas .Internet-enabledlabotatories and interactive snnulators,

International Certification

Appin's Certificate: is rec-ognized by le:llJdJing companies worldwide in Hi- teehnology areas and signed. by

.' M.ll'., Mll0k. Sa.P'i·HWlw has worked. as the President and MD with AT&T South Asiaand <IS CEO, GE 'Communications •

• ' nil',. Dheeraj Bha[·a.waj featured as one of the top 510 you.th on fast track by India Today, worked as Professor at lIT De1hi and as Directorlo'li.th Sun Asia Pacific Science & Technology 'Cent:er, Sun Microl5ystenls Inc .

• , Mr •. A.8. Clhau.drasekhar worked as Direetcr with Bureau of .Indi.an Standards and Confed.erati.on. of Indian Industries .

. '

appln· Appin Technology Lab I www.appinonline.com ·khniJlog'l' lab

Wh- . Ap '-. in ? . ypJ..I.

Discover Technology; The Righi Way

II I ;10I.+.1I

lust 11'ailil i 1i'Ii€: Il!r'Ol!Jide~s_

BiI_ tmmm

Apipiin'is notju.stfraiil"lilng Inls,t~tUtte, rS'alsoa leaJdiing:

Ilnfmm~ti on Se;(~1;J rlty Service~,;p'rorVidel'.

f:b Applin stdlndsam<rmgfop 5frailrlilng Im;tirturte~as;awarded by ""The Week'" M <li€\azine.,

cKcept a re:w"otli'lers hall,ile noranlkilng.

ilm Appil'l pmvides !T Securi,ty alfld Iliiehetechlilology tmin~ nlg wi'tlhfti.cu!s 0 n, sped;alUzatiorn IIfIJ that field .

A!re foclJs,ed on gen,'e:ral tec!hlnolog:le:$ such.as Jarv,a and Networki'ng:.

am APPI N,. a CE Rlem panel.~ed compalily~ i.e ,. a utrhori2ed by GQ.vem me'nlUo p mvide info rimatl on s'e,c,u rity fra ~nilng & Services, ,Appi n a I so provlides, seoJlr~ty .senlli,c-es. 'to De:~h~. If-Iyd,e ra bad, & Barngalore Ail'po,rt,

They geMrallly do not. have a lillY go,vem ment: reaogn:iUorn ,

13. Appil'l pOOiiJidestlbJiEi Celf1:ifrL..a<t~0I11 sij€ned by" :

Asbok Sa pFa (11:)(.. MD~ G E Gommlmh:atio,r1.s a IiIld AT&'f I·n dial), Dheeraj Bhardwaj ~I:x. P~Clf" Compotl:!r Stl:e:nce,. II!T De!h~), Rajat Klhare [Author: ElflIt:erpJt'lise Security), A.s,l'Jn.afildraselk:ar.<lroJ (Former Pilesiderrt Eli'S},

P't"Q'Viide '~hie 'Lertificatiorl, arpIPro,l,!Ied by their Concerned Autih!Or~w.

m. We are gllohal1ly recogn~z:edtlraill"lililg company with more than "7 g Cenlttre.5 across the Wowld.

Fmmer President OJ. API .Abdul 1("lam with Mr:. Rajat Khare, Mr. IliJltn lfumar and Appin StuJdents~

taunch of' Philippines center willh

M r: Raja~ Khare, Mr. Alnkit Fadi,a" Ms. M~ ria Gumabai

The fermerPresident Dr, A. P ,J. Abdul Kalam showed Interest ill the work lileing done by Ap:pin Teehnologies in the field of IT Security and Nanoteclmology .. He has also advJisemappin 'Wiith respect to future of niche technologies in India. He said !~ou1tb.ts 1tlh.e most pow'e.lful reSO[ll'lcc. I~iited .minds of you tIl is, indeed fh.e bigg,est fUI'ee on. it:Re ea1r1l:h~ a'bove the earth. U1J.d.lleJ.o:wtlle ea.rib .,"

Arpin Technology Lab Iwww,<Ippinonline"com


Appin Security Group (ASG) ]S a leaD!]]]g Informetion Security servicesfirm with customers in. IT lITES, Fiuancfal Services, Aviation, Teleoom/ISP, UedJia, Government, Infrastructure and. Manufacturing, Appin Security Groupbfls an R&D center in lIT De]hi and. provides end to end Fn$m:nmtion Security services to corporations ~ Security Assessment. Security lmplementation mid. Security Management. Appin has provided Information Security services to leading Indian Corporate heuses and Government Organizations .. Appin]s CERT -In em panelled by Go\-1 oUndiato provide Information Security Services.


COlupeting with the global top, Indian airports are. s,et for moderniaation State-of-the-art I'I' systems and. data centers are implemented. tomanage their operations and. to deHver werld class performauee, Mrporil:.s also aetas network service pH}\.iders for th]:rmparties. sueh <IS <lirHnes .

llJ11these steps boost efficiency and qmaHty of service, but also increase the infonnatlon security risks ml!.dt]~fold,

For GMR Hyderahad Intematlonal Airport Ltd, AlPpiH Security Group took the challenge of complete <!Jlrpm:t security management, including security aJudmng~, Seeurity Operations Center (SOC) implementaticn and. management, security incident management and people training and awareness • to ensure that the airport follo'WS theroad map of greater security, The assignment included a detailed. security risk analysls with respect to people, process and. teehnology including vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, conflgurations audit. Backed by ri~omu.s security risk analysls po]icies., p~ocedmes and IT security systems. ilie whole infrastructnre is monitered from the central SOC inside the airport, Tille SOC monitors all TI devices, indud:i.ngrouters. critical servers, switches, fire walls, and IDBlIPS. It also does forensics and. handles all security incidents"

An team from Appin dedicated to security training and

awareness assures that the entire airport IT staff is aware OF <Ill security policies and. complies 'Witl:! them .. The SOC ensures that security threats are detected b efore they are exploited. and. th.e seeuriity .indde'l1ts are band]ed with aeceptahle recoeerytime lines. And tnat translates into safety. Safety fer the airport, and. IDor thetraveler.

.. , .. -, M,r. Sivaram.T~de~.arnrnrn

h'fAD, 'flirom1Otioo Tec!lJl0iogy"&'Coiilill·ui"tiCGtfofl GMR Hydembad tntemMiollal AilJlou Ltd.


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11":' DAIKIN ~. -c¥l
111\111"'11 Appin Technology Lab 1 www.appinonline.com


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Why Information Security is a must?

After the bcom in Networking and Software jobs, the past two years have seen a sharp rise in the-field of Information Security, Infcrmaticn Security and Ethieal Hacking is the latest buzzword in the industry and not without reason in the past five years the percentage of hacking crimes, data thefts, data losses" viruses and other eyher crimes have increased. exponentially,

"NASSCOM predicts.requirement ofl.88 ,0.00 IT S:8curiltypmfJ8ssionals by the year 20Hl. Currently thenumber of security pl"OfeISSiOIN31]S in India ]S around 22.000 ",

Need for Information Security in the Indian market

Seeurity Com plianee is a must for all companieswith IT backbone. The requirement is higbw:ith organizatkins in IT! ITE8 segment. Information workers laekthe basic security knowledge.

The Inforrnetion Securlty industry is going through <1.11 exponential growth rate. The current global growth rate is hilled art 2::1.% .• }]igher salaries are being offered to professionals in. IT security. The Informatlon Sreuritry industry is currentlyover $lOO B (.$ 60 B ]]lllJS, $ ",-oB UK, $4 .SB ,J apau, over $][.5 B India),

Why Embedded Technology is a must?

Millions OF products in our everyday life today have some form of ernhedded :sofuval'e in them . Home appliances, automobiles. Mreless d.evie:es and eonsumeeelectronics devices arejust a few examples,

1'I1.e embedded donuin involves software development, design and manufacture and. even tile re-engineering of new and existing reference designs, development of dev]cedrivers,wil'ed andwireless staeks as well <IS porting of network protocols. To design tomorrow's Embedded. System, the industry needs olVer a. miUion professionals in thisneld by 2;010.

Why Application Progranuning is a must?

All the top softwate development compenies require software programrrrlng experts In..NET, .J ava &: C . These includ.e IVlicmsafit. Trilogy, Infosys, Wipro,.1'CS,. HCL Techuclogles, Sa]l]~mt,P<ltn] Computers, SatrYRl"fl. and Co~i'lal11t Technology Solutlens along with m.any others, A:E most of the software development these d<I!.j1"S takes place in .NET ,Java &: C, a large number of SME's who carry out ou tsoareed pmiec1s require programmers in these fields, Applicatkm.j)flJlgraIDlners find jobs ill an the industry sectors,

Why Networking & Communication is amust?

N etworking is partieulaely henefic! al to managers, developers, IT staff and. help desk personnel. Anyone involved. in rles"ign]ng_, configuring;, installing oI"m.aintaining a network, Wi~ F:i wireless networks~worklng with 'rep IU' protocols, or involved. in deve:loping orn'lJig;ral:lng to 1'CP /lP networks or accessing Internet serviees would. need the knowledge of Networking. Those involved in projects requiring the: transmission ofvoiee, data and. video over WAN. interested in migrating voice and. video eoufereneing baffle to new or existing data networks would require N etworldngprofessionals.

Appm Technology Lab I www.appinonline.com


APPIN's .Romtecl1. eomse aimsto ensure that the certified incli]v:ic1iu<JJ] not only knows the covered prodnct or technology, but can aetuallydoa definedjob related to that produet. In a tightjob marketwhere candidates are seeking every advantage, a certlflcation can often make the difference between getting hired. and ~e:ttil1!g passed. (wel'. Those candidates who are not. prepared to demllivitb real teehnologiesmay be: at a dlsadvantage in therealworld, APPIN' 50 Homeeeh 'Course is valued tor its marketabiliry, ability to validate experieuee, and relevance to the teelmologyused,

Why Homteeh Program?

• A certifleation can JIH)Ve~O bean added. advantage on the candidate's.resume .

• 1 To get a better job, either within their current ;firm. or 'With a new firm .

• 1 To gain the: respect of iheire:nlploye:r and peers .

• 1 To obtain higher compensation .

• 1 To prepare For other globallyrecognfaed Certifieatiens.

What will you receive?

.1 6 weeks. certificate.

1.1 Iutemationallyrecogmeed certification aeeredited by 1Al) L, UK.

1.1 Avalue add to the resume,

1.IPrepa.raUml fur other globally recognized Certificafions,

Program Details

1.1 Duraticn: 0; weeks training. TOll3J] 36 Hours of Instruetor Led Training (4 weeks). 13 Homs of Practice Session.s.(2 weeks).

1.1 Student eligibility: lO4-.:l/Undellrgraduates/Graduates!MCAjIT studentsa Industry Professionals.



S.No Technology Topic Covered"


• Ethical Haeking.Desktop and Server Seourity, LAN Security lind TCP lIP Easi.c,[ntemet Set:..1Jrity _

• Embedded Syst:emsand 80';l Micl'OcontmUer Programmlnz, Robotics,



Embedded Systenrtts & Robotics

• .Ne!: Framework And C# ,ADO.Net.XlI!l:L, ASP.Net with Advance Features, Crystlll RepOiM:"

Microsoft .Net

• COF-e Java App]k:ation Development,

Web Application Developmeut, Business Tier Applicati.on De ... '€lo]l'n~e[lt

C/C++ Programming

• Introduction t() C!C++ Language, Queues, Linked Lists .• Searching Mgori.thrns and. Tree Analysis.



• Mllnufactu:ring Processes, MEMsano NEMs,.

Carbon N;J!l]otlill.be.s.

• Introduction to Netv.rorking ,1 P .Addressi:ng.. I P Routing, Switching & Bridgfng, Network Configuration. and. Troubleshooting, IPv6, Installation and Denlovment Windo\¥S server 2:00?;-


Ms Offit'le &: Internet Essentials

• WorD. Pmcessin,g;, Data Handling, Comparing PowerPoint 2007 and .2.003, Internet and Social NetwurklnJ!;"

Interview Skllls &:

Personaliity Development

• Communication Skii~.1 Enhancer, Time, Anger, Stress and People Management, .Joib , Telephone and. E-mail [rUqllette, FAQ : Interview Qllestions.


Nehwrking & Comrnunieation


..~De~ta:~I,ed ~LI!II: oftupil;$ 3vaibibl.eol1l.l:cquesl:. appln·· Appin Technology Lab I www.appinonline.com

Front-Runnel!' is a term used. to describe the leader in a race, whether professional or athletic. Thlsts a pregram designed by Appin to ensure that you stay ahead of the pack whencompany's hiring managers are makiug their decisions to recruitHi- Technology professionals,

Why Front-Runner Program?

Every year:.l:lwus<lnd:s of students. grad nate from universities and colleges, For a vast 11!lI.aj0I1!ty, the lure ofthe industry is too n'lJucb. to resist .. l\5C<I]1 be expected, only the top scorers from the best colleges (equipped with the latest teehnoiogy skills) walk away with the best jobs, T1'1e oth.ers often end. up being underemployed Of ,even worse, unemployed .. Reason being employers hire only those students who can t:ahe on responsibilities from the very first dary and am equipped. 'With the sktllsrequiredby the industry. nley need complete prcfessionals who ean perform. on the j 0 bwithout requiring extensive training. With the help of this 6~nlO]lths .Job OrientedP.l'Iogram. you too can become such a technology leader,

What will you receive?

• 6 menthsDlploma,

• Intern.ationa]]~v recognized. certiflcatlon accredited by lADL, UK.

• Placement Assistamoe.

S.No Technology Topic Covered"


Embedded Systems & Robotics

Application Programming

- Embedded Systems, RTOS & Em.bedded Limrx & Roll)atks


Ad.vam::ed IT Secudty & Ethical Hacking - (Coming Soon)·

Comput'€rFol'erm;~cs, Cryptography & Secured Programming,


IT Security & Et'biJcal HaclUng

- .Ethi.cal Hacldng, VAPT, IT Security AtldHing & Compliance,


Programming irl C, Data. Sn'IlC!~Ul'es , Microsoft .Nel~/ ;JaV8J.

Networking & Cnmmnnication


Concepts of Netwo.rking, Linux and WindOW'S Server Implementation, Maintemmce.

Program Details

• Duration: 6 In.om1th.~ b'ailung

• Covers: lIii.-technology areas

• Instructor led Training (1441us. ,4 months)

• .Projects/ SeUorganized internship (72 hrs, amonths).

• Stl!l:dent eligibility : Grad uates ,Final year students & 10+2.

• SpeciaUy reeommendedjcr E.mgineel>s/B.Se·fM·Sc./BIT/BA/8COiln/BCAfM CAjIT/m+ 2. students & IudustryPrefessionels.

~netali.1!ed list ofIBpiJe.~ .avai[aJlJle nn. r.eq1lles;t.

Appin Technolegy Lab [www.appinoelme.com

l . What do you mean by Job Assistance?

.1 NewJ ob openings shall be up dated on the Appi.u online site under the 'J ob Postings' .

• 1 New Jo'bopenings shall be sent 'by the placement coordinator which. will be displayed on the notice board. <It every centre bytbe Counselor .

• 1 Candidateswill be informed about J OD openings by phone! e-mail regularly .

• 1 The eandidateswill be given personality development classes and commnrriestlon classes <lit every centre to prepare them. for the intervi"ew .

• 1 C'Vs shall be shDr"IJ]sted after anlnterview ofthe (~anc1l]darte with the placement eoordmator.

• Shm11isted. CVswiU be fnrwarded lID consultants and companies, who. have a tie-up with Appin Knowledge Soh.lt]ons.

• The candidate shan. be informed shout the interview details by the placement ooordinator or by the concerned cnmpany HR.

2. There are institutes that claim to offer 100% Job Guarantee. How authentic are they?

Not authentic at all, We need. tn understand that there is no real guarantee for a job and. also there is no replacement for hard work, Guarantee is <Ii misnomer and m.el'e]y <I. sales technique.

We hove ,'8.4 % plae-elUent l'eeord. so far. Appin certified Jlrofe.ssiona.ls are working in top rom panies, We offer 100% assurance of om assistance in finding you the bestjob,

Students have come to our institute to take training after they were d.issatisfied from the so caned. [00% Job Guarantee institutes.

3. Does Appin have lie-ups with companies for placement?

Y'es, we havetie-ups .vifll onr client companies who are willing to consider em-students ferjoh openings in their companies. Some of our distinguished clients are GMR~ Jaypee, .Zee News, India Today, Cybermedia, Quatrro, Naukrl .. com, M<lkemy1trip.CQDl, BSNL, MTNL.

A1so, we have 1tJJe~ups 'W:l1i11 eonsultancies that \\IJ!11 help us inplaeing om students ..

4. Do we provide placements in any of our group' companies?

Ye.5. Placements will be prov:ided! .onr1y if there is <In openingwithin any ofthe group.companies 1I111.d it will depend 0]1 the candidate's overall. perforrnance ..

5. Mat is the process of getting Job Assistance?

I. The ,candidate needs to be Appin Certified i.s appear for the Online exam and qualifywrth at least. 5;0%. ,., The scores of the test must be forwarded to the HQ (Placement eoonilnator) hythe centre

head/ eounselor;

,., The candidate must ensure. that he/she attends anyinterview arranged. hyAppi]l Of the candidate likes the job p mfi le and company protile),

6. Do marks scored in the course affect the placements?

¥ es, Placement assistaeee 'W1iU be provided to all, but th.eH,! are certain companies whowill employ students with a good score only. Also, ma.ny eompamesmaydistinguish between ]l<lypackages based 011 your scnre,

Appun Technology Lab I www.appinonline.cem


7., Do communication skills affect the placement?

Y'8:S. Commllm:katk:m. is the most importsnt skHl required for getting placeil. with a reputedcompany, The ]ultia] screening of candidates is do])€! by assessing their eommunicatlon skills; only then the companies can the eandidatas for the technical round.

8., Are the details of students placed available?

We have the details of over [00 of our selected. students i3!.vall<l;b~e with us i]1 the form of Placement Records. These details are available at all om centres,

9., What is the maxirrrum eTC our students have got untilnow?

The maximum eTC offered to APPIN students tm now is 7,.oLpe:r annum by Manhattan.Associates.

10. What~s the average salary offered to APPIN Certified, Professionals?

Based on data eelleeted average sala.lY offered is

Qua I lflcation (F ina I y,ea r & Graduate:5~

Ave rage Sa la fit jPM (IPnf:!slent l

.Aven!lge Sail ary!1l> MI (A.fter ][ yiea r) *


BTecih, BlEillfld MICA

,. Ap'pJi~ablil!l only if eaudidate does n~t pf~~ ·ful!tll.eJ.' stlillldrues 3!nd ce~t'irIi'iC:!i.!i:i01:l8 .. 11:11e sa~aI'Y may""2!~ya:s pell"mJ:J!!I'ut ,conditions

"UlJe saJal'Y.liI!~ke on all avemg:e. is up~o m·!30% pe~yt·(GeJ!lernl. H'~ke,,01i.cyfQllf)",ed by.coulpall.ies).

1 t. What is the scope oftheprogram offered. at Appin?

A trerneudous scope is available. Infnrmation Security is one of the hoonning industries <lit the mement, Technologies offered at Appi]1 are in. higb demand like Information Security & Ethical Hacking, Enulliedded Systems, AlPplication Prograenming, N etworldng & Comrmmieaeion,

OmJ ob oriented. Diploma Programs increase one's eh ances in various domain speeifie areas,

12. What is the key advantage of doing the Niche Technology course? ~ j The entry Ievel salary is at least 20'% higher <1.$ eornpared to other areas and ~ ~ the growth within the industry ismueh faster, 'iE'ypically, the ss]a.ry wOlldd. get .n .g_ doublemw:i.1th]]) .2 years itself.

WDRK E::>:JPEI'lI!ENCE tlllyf!M~}

Appm Technology La b lwww.appinonline .. com

Appin Edge

- Rated as among the top Si rr~ Prefessienal Course o.ffer::ings in India- 'll1I.eWeek Magazine.

- Appreciated by th.e President of India Dr, AP .. J. Abdul Kalam at lRashtupati Bhawan for our

entrepreneurial spirits and our flagship products on Infnrmation Security and. Nanotechnology, - Synl!<Int:ee (Norton Antivlrus), IBM"Cisco~ Watchgu<lrd. reseller pi3Jrtl.ller.Mier·osof!: ISV'.

- First ene in the world to. launch CBTS certltication OOIU'&B in Nanoteclntology, Informatlon Security,

l~m.beddBd System & &oboHcs ..

-Pirst one in Ind.ia to alll!.thol" book on N anoteehnology ,Rohotics .• Information Security aloll,g'l-vith nPB


- Reaehed aver 8300 () customers via training programs andprod uets, • Trainingpmgrams/products sold in over 8.'3 countries,

- Approved. by the Jnternational Association ofmstance Learning (lADL), UK (http://WW''W.,,iad.Lm:g. ukjfearnred_men1bersj appiIlI._jnQi<l,.hhn.)..

- Corporate training partners of companies. :including Mic.msofi, Aeeerrture, American Express, Convergys, BSNLe~c,.

-[!d.ucati.on partners with Evemnn Sys:temB~ Hughes Communications, LP. lfJni!\re.rsity. Manipal Universal Pvt.Ltd, Gu:ndru:lon]jne P\'1: Ltd,

- N etwork of over 7'5 4' premium centers in South Asia.

Appin Recognition

Certifl (,ate

of Reg~ mat i CHl


of Regktration


Certificate-I S 0 2.70 or: 2:005

- ------ ---

~.~- .... .,. .......... , ·._1.

,._, .. _._ ... _-----


...... .,.__ .... +'IIIlJ

~--.......c-r-_.,.__--.., .


Certifica te-ClE.RT-l n

iI., .. ,wr"'"'"""'"':iII-:. ......... w,_

.' • ._ .... "FL


I ... ~.w.:.~~,......w

-- __ .... :..,..- .. ""*'.",..



All)pin Technology Lab I www.appinonline.com

5 Sta,rs Bw,a:rd


l'l'kl'l~ilIfh Ml.: IUi'll.'n.' wlII;fJ1A. J\:IJII'if1 Yrtr", ui!IStfll"ul'nlu.o"d,[~rfi" ~j:Ul; m~ lI!l.dni&l!,1 'di:l~llIH , llIuunut O'!i:nllll","un~ ~1~~~!1i~ '1.,~!lJli I m!f'ilU IIh~ j ~ .~,\',I m-!l'IT\! I~I !rWt;;l'L,'~n~~r c:di~,,·

1 m'oI5l4l1~.il:~jlm;'II!1!U m"ilro~!

pi ' ~_~lti'!b1IDli"11qfJmfill'




Ntll ~!!""~, lruU' 'I~ ~:'tI" "i:nJilr,dJ:.iIi.' J:u.!)I~~ ~Y!ljl, \'\, ~Ul1.II~O llW

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Anen,;! KIlHlIlBf Silnglh t.lanlh!8tlan Assodal:ll8 C1\C.?l

Alnlt DU18 COOlFlamrv M~e~. p~ .1LtdCT\C.UIL

Niklillil Maggl!l Mana...t limo aclrn,tlon C'I'l:M,BIL

Almufalll .!lharnib Gl'elHllfielllil OnLlneP...t LtIlI_ C1"(Mt2Sl

Aim8fp(4!&1: S~nQ'h 3,1 trnroil'eclil OTC- 2,4, L

Appin Placements

Placement Opportuni ties.




INi~hll RMSllm;diB IP...t LtIlI!

C'T()-~, IL

Am.sn.1JI1 Sihaml!B B<harat Healll)!' Eilectrkal8 !Ltd_ CiI'G-'6IL

MIlInee8h Bh2iInBgllr MI'1i C'TiO,3£1l

RanJe&t Kend'ari 'iI',es CTC-.2,5l.

Ajiay.Anllool R.oorruan ~Network Oil"C-2.IIiL

Ni8ilB~tWadnav,B S¥nte!1 CTC:~.2.A l

Price : Rs. 501 ~




> C[)'1s!der IT Daf'le'




Appin Technology L1.b I www.appinonline.com

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