Hester is isolated physically since she lives on the edge of town, morally since she has commited adultery

, and socially since she is considered an outcast...at least in the first part of the book. Later, she becomes considered a needed part of the community as she provides a necessary service and volunteers. The results of her isolation include a stronger bond with Pearl, and a stronger self esteem. She holds her head up high and does not cower. She does not hide behind her Scarlet "A". Because of this, members of the community come to admire her strength and her heart.
Her clothing and the way she wore her hair changed from being beautiful and revealing to plain and common. It seemed Hester tried to blend in as much as possible and to go unnoticed. She uses her sin to grow stronger and become a better person. She tells the magistrates, This badge has taught me- it daily teaches me (Hawthorne 102). With her sin being out in the open, it changes her for the better because she acknowledges her mistake, she learns from it, and she can move on. Many people from her town go to her for advice, and to talk of their problems with her. Such helpfulness was found in her- so much power to do and power to sympathize- that many people refused to interpret the scarlet A by it s original signification.

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She grows stronger Causes her to become more of a commoner Becomes a better person People see her as a good person need her

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