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 Joined the college on 5th April 2010.

 Taught the subject: - Operation Research for MBA-2nd Sem. And given the result of 70%.
Only 50 % of syllabus has been taught by me and rest 50% has been taught by Dr. Teg

 Organized PD classes for 2nd Sem. Students.

 Taken classes of HR, when Dr. Priyanka Rana was out of station for 1 month.

 Called 2 companies- ‘NITS’ and ‘Purocom’ for Summer Training. All students were
selected for summer training through this effort.

 Did campaigning of college for admission in M.B.A., B.Tech. , Aeronautical Eng. In the
following cities: - Rampur, Moradabad, Bareilly, Shahjahanpur, Bijnour, Amroha,
Chandausi, Dhampur.

 Got 5 admissions for the college in B.Tech. , Aeronautical Eng.

 Presently teaching the following subjects:-

 MBA (Ist Sem.):- Statistics.

 MBA (IIIrd Sem.):- Strategic Management

Consumer behavior

 An arrangement for the Guest Lecture taken by Mr. Vinod Arora (IIM, Lucknow) was
done by me.

 Collected CV’s of all students and made correction accordingly.

 Assisting Head in organizing an Industrial Tour for Mussorie for MBA students from 28th
Sept. to 3rd Oct 2010.

 Did arrangement for PD classes on daily basis.

 Organizing and taking PD classes of both MBA-Ist & IIIrd Semester.

 In PD classes the activities perform are:-

• GD
• Dos & Don’ts in GD

• Dos & Don’ts in Interview

• Dressing Sense

• Body language

• Selling of a Product

• Extempore

 Videos and movies in support of PD classes are shown and made available
to the students.

 Some movies, which will give them some management lesson, will be
shown from my side in coming weeks so that they will learn some managerial
skills from those movies.

 In coming weeks, Mock Interviews session, PowerPoint Presentations,

GDs, Extempore, One Minute-One Word, practical selling and marketing
techniques will be held with more efforts.

 Orientation program has been planned in the first week of October and I have
a talk with the people for this program:- Mr. Amit Joshi (Purocom), Mr.
Neeraj (Usha), Mr. Zaman Khan (Acro-Ubique).

 Assisting MBA students in the hostel in the evening and solving out their
problem from time to time.

Thank you

Danish Khan

Lecturer (MBA)
LIT, Lucknow