LSMW LSMW is a transaction, which will let you mass upload almost any other transaction (FB01, FD01, AS91, etc.). You do it in the following way: 1. Enter into transaction LSMW (no menu path), possibly in a development / test system 2. First, define a project, subproject and object (relatively formal task). 3. On the horizontal menu, go to Goto -> Recordings. Click on "Create recording". 4. Enter the name and description of recording (freely definable). 5. I cannot simulate this now in my system, but SAP will ask you about transaction code (AS02) and will take you into the AS02 transaction. In this step, do the change manually. Make sure you "touch" (change / write something) in all fields which you want to update. 6. Once you are done, save the recording and return on the start page of LSMW. Click "Execute". 7. You will see a list of tasks. Do them one by one. They should be relatively simple (and I cannot help you with them). Important is step 3 (maintain source fields) - here you define the columns of your excel (csv) file in the particular order. In step 5 (field mapping and conversion rule), you assign file columns to SAP fields (note that you will see only those fields which you "touched" during recording). You need to go through all the steps. In the end, you get (and run) a batch session. 8. If you did this in a development system, transport the LSMW object (menu Extras - Export project, Extras - Import project). You have to do it via file, not via standard transports of configuration (it is perhaps more simple).

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