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instructions for f04

instructions for f04


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Published by: sriramana on Jul 24, 2008
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Instructions for F-04 – Post with Clearing

F-04 is used for clearing open items between funds. The example here is for bank accounts (house banks): clearing a check from the outgoing account to the cleared cash account. This should be done only if the items did not clear on transaction FF67 (Process Manual Bank Statement) and they are genuinely not outstanding any longer. Agencies should NOT use this process with Treasury funds; they are cleared centrally.

Enter the Document date, Document type (ZR for bank clearing, AB for other clearing), Posting Date and Reference text. It is also a good idea to use the Document Header Text and Clearing text, particularly to explain why the item did not clear on the bank statement. Select Outgoing payment for checks or transfers out of the bank account. (Select Incoming payments for deposits or transfers into the bank account) Enter the posting key (50 for checks/transfers out, 40 for deposits/transfers in). Enter the General Ledger Account. This is the master, or cleared cash, account that ends in “0”. Click the “Choose open items” button. Page 1 of 8

Instructions for F-04 – Post with Clearing

Enter the amount, business area and fund for the item(s) to be cleared. The fund entered here MUST match the fund on the item(s) selected on the next screens or the system will generate a DT/DF posting. Click the “Process open items” button.

Enter the account number where the open item currently resides. In this example it would be the outgoing cash account because the open item is a check that did not clear when the bank statement was processed. Select the Document number option from the right-hand column and click the “Process open items” button again.

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Instructions for F-04 – Post with Clearing

Enter the document number of the open item. Users can enter 16 document numbers at a time. If there are more than 16 documents to clear, enter the first 16 (they can be copied and pasted from other screens) and press ENTER. The screen will clear and allow another 16 documents to be pasted. Continue until all document numbers have been entered. Click the “Process open items” button again.

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Instructions for F-04 – Post with Clearing



This screen shows all open items on the documents selected. If items in the USD Gross column are blue it means all items are already selected. That would not be a problem in this example, but for many items it could cause incorrect clearing. Begin by deselecting all items. Click the Select All icon (1) and then the Deactivate items icon (2). All items should now be black, and there may be a balance in the “Not assigned” field in the lower right corner. Double-click on each amount that should be cleared to select it.

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Instructions for F-04 – Post with Clearing

The selected items should be blue, and the “Not assigned” amount should be 0.00. Click the Save/Post icon ( ) to post the clearing document.

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Instructions for F-04 – Post with Clearing

The system goes back to the initial screen for F-04 and displays the clearing document number. Users should go to transaction FB03 to verify that the clearing document is correct.

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Instructions for F-04 – Post with Clearing

On transaction FB03, enter the document number and press ENTER or click the green check.

This clearing document has General Ledger line items because there were two General Ledger accounts involved. Display the Special Purpose Ledger document to verify that the posting is correct.

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Instructions for F-04 – Post with Clearing

Go to Environment > Document environment > Accounting documents

There were no FM or CO documents created, so the SPL document is automatically displayed. The fund is correct on both lines and there is no DT/DF. The SPL document is otherwise the same as the GL document, so the clearing posted correctly.

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