Artists and scientists who have contributed to the universal values of humankind with their works and inventions constitute great importance in the history of the World. Renowned persona of World travels literature Evliya Çelebi’s 10 volumes of Seyahatname/ Book of Travels in which he wrote his travels and observations is considered as a unique heritage that enlightens people about literature, geography, culture, agriculture and urbanization. Evliya Çelebi was a world traveler. His travels that began from Istanbul in 1930 include Europe, Asia, Africa as well as countries located in the Anatolia and Mediterranean. This important traveler of the 17th Century travelled hundreds of cities and locations in more than 50 years and the importance of the data he recorded was understood better in time. UNESCO DECLARES 2011 AS THE YEAR OF EVLİYA ÇELEBİ Due to these reasons, UNESCO has declared 2011 as the Year of Evliya Çelebi and granted the whole year to his persona for his contribution to the history of humanity through his Seyahatname/Book of Travels. This calendar prepared by KOBA Engineering and Consultancy Company is aiming at underlining the fact that the real richness of Turkey is its cultural, historical, natural and archeological values and presenting some examples from the Evliya Çelebi and Seyahatname/Book of Travels that also carry universal cultural value. We esteemed a duty of making a small contribution of preserving the natural and cultural values of our country through his calendar. As KOBA Engineering, we would like to thank to people as well as artists, scientists and business partners who have been working with selfsacrifice for the protection of cultural, historical, archeological and natural diversity with all our hearts. With all respect to humanity, culture, nature and wild life…

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