Letter to Kinfolks When we see the light of day, It s yet another way to show men The Way.

Oh people of all nations; in your transgressions, Will you turn deaf ears to the cry of your Creator? How will you reconcile with the truth that bears Your heart in false delusion? You consent to homosexuality, condone to Abortion and genocide. You have rehabilitated the The sequence of events into shrouded moment of Superfluous cohesion, where ere before your wicked Ways, you held in high regard, the statutes of your Maker. You ve nailed your children to the cultures of your shameful Deeds, and have licensed them to the pinions of earthly fame. But your time draws near, the heart of your God can Retrieve no more the outburst of your prejudice. When at last, You ve retired to the womb of eternity, will you be justified By your efforts?