When you look at this one, it looks like a man’s face.

You can clearly see the eyes, nose and mouth with the …beard

Does this one want to make you believe in pre???historic giants

Ice berg looks like a horse trying to get out of !?!?the water… Pretty impressive

Rivers can have pretty amazing shapes as well… ?Could it be a gun, or a petrol pump

If this is a hand made carving – it is Amazingly well done…(who would have the time to do it (?though

…Now this is what I call ART


??Still don’t believe in pre-historic giants

Astronomical… The face is so clearly visible, it …makes a person think

This must have taken YEARS! – Landscape !photo taken from air… AMAZING

Looks like a woman lying on her back with one ?leg up… who would think to look at it that way

?Would you have spotted part of the body

CREEPY! – Could there really be Aliens out ?there

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