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VITAMINS by Harriette Augusta Curtiss and F Homer Curtis

VITAMINS by Harriette Augusta Curtiss and F Homer Curtis

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Published by: Jean Marc on Nov 02, 2010
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A Supplement to his well-known book

"Health Hints"


The specific effect of each vitamin is fully described in non-technical language, and the sources from which it
can easily and inexpensively be obtained are listed.

An invaluable aid for all who are sufmental ailment.

fering from any bodily, nervous or

TilE CIJRTISS PHILOSOPHIC BOOK Co. 818 QUEDEC {T-!cW. W8li!NOTON, DeBeing the 20th volume of "The Curtiss Books"



INC. All rights reserved LONDON AGENTS L N. LoNDON. by Tu UNIvsAL RELIGIOUS FOUNDATION. 7 Imperial Arcade. E. Printed in the United Stoics of America . C.Copyright 1937. 4. FOWLER & Co. Ludgate Circus.

will ordinarily supply all the vitamins and cell-salts needed. vigor and continued health of the body. will help you so to arrange your diet as to obtain the extra amounts needed to supply the evident deficiencies. especially the use of all the raw and live foods possible. Nevertheless. GENERAL CoNsIDTIoNs In the first edition of our recent volume. Health Hints. many disorders are specifically due to a deficiency in certain vitamins and mineral salts.VITAMINS PART I. Vitamins are important food substances which are not only essential for the growth. but also for protection of the body from disease. For certain 1 . we stated that all diseases have acidosis and toxemia as a basic condition. While the wide range of diet recommended in our book. nevertheless a general knowledge of the specific effects of the vitamins and the sources from which they can easily be obtained. Hence we will give a brief and simplified resumé of this complicated subject. and the normal regula- tion of its glands and other functions. and thus more quickly overcome their unhappy results. due largely to wrong combinations of food and faulty elimination.

such as the antiscurvy. to provide safeguards to the health not found in sufficient quantities in other foods. Since vitamins are formed by the vital life-processes of Nature. eggyolks. are primarily due to vitamin and mineral-salt starvation. For while they may contain the same percentages of chemical constituents they . milk etc. they do furnish the material from which the endocrine glands produce their specific secretions. artificial or synthetic vitamins are not advocated. anti-rachitic and anti-infective vitamins etc. While the vitamins are not the materials used in building tissues and producing energy. upon which all the physiological functions of the body depend. as well as to the improper functioning of the endocrine glands. With- out them the food is not properly elaborated or assimilated. Many research authorities now believe that most maladies formerly attributed to toxines.2 HEALTH HINTS vitamins give specific protection. as contrasted with the building materials. Therefore the diet should always contain such pro- tective foods as raw vegetables and fruits. Vitamins may be considered as the vital essence or soul of the food. and hence toxic waste is produced which must be eliminated with a great drain on the vitality. The lowered organic functioning thus induced permits the accumulation of toxines and acids and lowers the body's normal resistance to bacterial infections.



do not contain the "vita" element which is imparted only by the life-currents of Nature. Radionic examination of the wave-length and effects of certain synthetic vitamins shows them to be distinctly depressing to the vitality-index and heart action, and in some cases to be actually poisonous.

Single vitamins can now be obtained at drug
and food stores, but some of these concentrations are so powerful that their indiscriminate use may cause grave endocrine unbalance. For instance, excessive use of vitamin D, now so much exploited in the advertisements of irradiated foods, can cause grave kidney disorders. Severe and persisting damage can be done to the lungs, kidneys and large blood vessels by repeated large doses of viosterol. To give concentrated doses of such potent materials without expert advice is nothing less than reckless experimentation. On the other hand, a vitamin A deficiency can induce susceptibility to infection of the heart valves; deficiency of B can weaken its
nervous control and cause muscular weakness, while

deficiency in vitamin C can cause shortness of
breath, palpitation and rapid respiration. Therefore, unless you can have expert advice, it is far safer to supply the needed vitamins through regulation of the foods naturally containing them in abundance, as listed herein. The need for different vitamins varies with each



individual Since the vitamins act co-operatively,
deficiency diseases are usually due to a lack of several.

Therefore it is best to supply an abundance of all
and let Nature make her own selection. The hormones elaborated by the endocrine glands

are now believed to be formed by the splitting of the vitamin molecule. And it is far more difficult to supply the many hormones formed by the different glands than to supply the few vitamins from which they are made. As one authority says: "Supply the vitamins and Nature will supply the
hormones." So far seven vitamins have been isolated.1 They

are named A, B, C, D, E, F and G. Those soluble in fat are A, D, E and F. They are found chiefly in the protective foods such as vegetables, fruits, milk, fish-oil and nuts rich in fat. Vitamins B, C and G are soluble in water and are found largely
in foods rich in water, especially in fruits. Most meats contain relatively small amounts of

vitalni7ls, and those are largely destroyed by the high temperature (35O°. to 4500) necessary for cooldng. In general, steaming is less apt to destroy
the vitamins than other forms of cooking, as most of

them survive temperatures up to 194°, but the shorter the cooking and the less water used the better. Vitamins D, E and G are not destroyed
1Several of these have been split up and others are being discovered, but these are the cues anJ meet the general needs.



at ordinary cooking temperatures. Pasteurization of milk destroys vitamin C, while irradiation with ultra-violet light to increase the amount of vitamin D kills vitamin C, so vitamin D is the only one left in pasturized milk. As a rule there is less destruction of vitamins in

foods cooked at high temperatures for a short
time than cooked at low temperatures for a long
time. Also the less water used the less vitamins are

dissolved out and lost if the water is thrown out. If much water is used it should be saved and used in gravies, sauces or as a vegetable drink. A number of attractive different colored drinks can thus
be made from spinach, carrots, beets, peas etc. Altho most foods contain more than one vitamin, the foods listed herein are chosen because they contain the largest amount of the vitamins under which they are listed. Thus, while nearly all salad greens

are especially rich in vitamin A, they also contain fair to good amounts of B, C and G.

Food stuffs that do not contain vitamins may
be regarded as dead foods, as they contain no build-

ing materials such as mineral salts, proteins, etc.
Such foods supply fuel and temporary energy only. They indude all white flour and all the many products made from it. It is not only de-vitaminized and dc-mineralized but it is also bleached. And the bleaching necessary to keep white flour from spoil-

Test animals die from mineral and vitamin starvation in 3 or 4 weeks when fed on white flour products alone. dates. In arterio-sclerosis whole wheat and brown rice are of decided value. The natural craving for sweets can easily and safely be satisfied by such live and natural sweets as raisins. pearl barley etc. owing to their large phosphate or phytin content. highly refined cereals. honey.6 HEALTH HINTS ing leaves certain nitrates in it whose cumulative effects are poisonous. candy. Their use causes the user to refuse the body-building foods vitally needed." All cereals products and breadstuffs should be made from the whole grain only. They do not furnish proper food even for insects or germs. Children fed on such foods are usually disobedient and unruly. corn syrup and all their products. Most manufactured starches. hence they can be handled commercially when stale without loss from "spoiling. figs. sugar-cane. Raisins are . unrefined brown sugar and their products. polished rice. farina. Instead of being punished. while maintaining their health indefinitely on whole wheat products. maple sugar or syrup or raw. belong to this dead food class. The dead foods also include refined or white sugar. such children should be put on a diet containing the correct vitamins.. Their use temporarily satisfies hunger without supplying the necessary nutriment for growth.

Hence they should be used daily. celery etc. fowl and fish are good sources of the growth-promoting vitamins A and G. All edible green leaveslettuce. are more valuable than fruit juices as sources of both minerals and vitamins. S. their use clone cannot be expected to restore one to perfect health unless the proper combinations of foods are observed. Bureau of Agriculture Bulletins. obtained by using an extractor or mine.are the only foods that contain an excess of mineral salts and vitamins A and C. . Warning! While the proper use of vitamins as described herein will supply the deficiencies indicated. Fresh meats. although their mineral content depends upon the amount of minerals in the soil in which they are grown. hence varies greatly. according to the U. and unless acidosis and toxemia are avoided and eliminated. Vegetable juices. turnip and beet tops. but cold storage meats. are valueless for this purpose. Directions for the many other physical and mental conditions necessary for the maintenance of perfect health are fully described in our Health Hints. although citrus fruit juice is a good source of vitamin C. Reach for a raisin instead of for a cigarette.VITAMINS 7 also said to satisfy the craving for cigarettes and liquor. spinach.


retarded growth. and favors dropsy from kidney trouble. are successfully treated by its administration. The Anti-infective Vitamin Vitamin A stimulates growth. Its deficiency results in loss of appetite. nose. such as in the eyes. but is necessary at all ages. the administration of vitamin A promptly allays the irritation. weakness. VITAMIN SouRcEs AND EFFEcTS Vitamin A. Although the dissolving of kidney stones is a slow process. psoriasis. glands of the mouth and throat. as well as cystitis and albuminuria in the urine without adequate cause in children. and sometimes the kidney (nephritis) and bladder (cystitis). ruddy complexion. sinuses. Mottled. Such cases. vitamin C to promote 9 . and' especially favors lowered resistance to infections or "colds" of the mucous membranes. Its use alone in an infectious attack is not sufficient to check it because vitamin B is also needed to promote toxic elimination. Its deficiency also causes gall-stones and gravel or sand in the kidney and bladder. ears. also "whiskey nose" dear up in a few days by the use of vitamin A.PART II. secondary anemia. the gastrointestinal tract.

The earliest symptoms of its deficiency are in the intestinal tract. yellow or green squash. cream. green beans and peas. . but only slightly soluble in water. The other salad greens are rich in A. avacadoes. cantaloupes. cherries. peaches. but is destroyed by frying. - It is found in most concentrated amounts in all green leaves commonly used for salads. olives and dates. carrots. nearly all fats. fish-oils. sweet potatoes. It is the distributor of potassium to the nervous tissues. butter. prunes. B and C. Its absence results in sterility. mangoes. Vitamin A helps constipation by its stimulating action on the liver. all green and yellow vegetables. asparagus. eggyolks. bananas. cheese. yellow corn. okra. red salmon and oysters are also important sources of Vitamin A. It is little affected by ordinary boiling or baking. tomatoes. It is soluble in fat. and vitamin D to maintain the blood-calcium balance.10 HEALTH HINTS white-cell activity. Whole raw milk. Spinach contains all the vitamins save F. apricots. such as broccoli. liver and roe.

Vitamin B is a natural physiological stimulant and is necessary for the absorption of starches and sweets. and for the nourishment and normal activity of the nervous system.Vitamin B. flabby colon. Hence its deficiency causes loss of appetite. Hence it protects the body from certain nerve and brain diseases. enlarged. and the nerve degeneration of Beriberi. The albuminuria of pregnancy is due to the deficiency of A and C in the kidneys. and supplies the baby with its needed amount of this vitamin. venous dilation causing vericose veins. neurasthenia. The Ani-neuritic and Heart Vitamin Vitamin B is necessary for the normal tone of the unstriped muscles of the digestive tract and the blood vessels. Its absolute lack causes nervous irritibility. toxic goiter. constipation. It is also necessary for the formation of insulin in diabetes. 11 . It is therefore indicated in Beriberi. neuritis. also weak stomach and bowel action by stimulating peristalsis. It is important during pregnancy and improves the quantity and quality of the milk in nursing mothers. hyper-thyroidism. hemorrhoids and flabby heart action.

hence soda should not be used in cooking.12 HEALTH HINTS Owing to its tonic effect on the blood vessels. fruits and meats contain some. as most vegetables. Its deficiency causes pathological enlargement and dysfunction of the whole system of endocrine glands. Investigators have caused and cured heart enlargement in test animals by withdrawing and later replacing vitamin B in the diet. It also prevents nervous and muscular weakness of the heart. It is more readily destroyed by heat than vitamin A. It is now believed that the increasing death rate from heart disease is largely due to the increasing use of devitalized foods deficient in vitamins and mineral salts. Since it is readily soluble in water its foods should be cooked in patapar paper so it will not be lost. But hyperthyroid conditions require an excess in humans. The list of foods containing vitamin B is long. An excess causes sterility in rats. vitamin B is especially helpful in heart conditions and in preventing and reducing edema. but the less cooking the better. It is destroyed by alkalies. but little is destroyed if not boiled over an hour. in treating pernicious anemia and in diabetes where it gradually replaces insulin. . Vitamin B is an important factor.

kidneys. peas. parsnips. buttermilk. sweet potatoes. and most nuts. . meats. Other good sources are fish-roe. heart. (brown rice. cabbage. wheat). whole milk. whole grain cereals. fruits. oats. Its best sources are salad greens. barley. liver. carrots. asparagus. rye. and honey. oysters. brains. eggyolks.VITAMINS 13 Nail-biting and thumb-sucldng are said to be cured in 10 days by adding liberal amounts of this vitamin and also vitamin D to the diet.


rheumatism and easily broken bones Tooth trouble rapidly disappears when a liberal amount of Vitamin C is added to the diet. Supplying vitamin D alone is not enough. On this account its lack is a factor in producing stomach and intestinal ulcers. weakness. tendency to bruise easily. and also low blood pressure when due to impaired adrenal function. and Tooth Vitamin Vitamin C is essential for the growth and health of the teeth and bones. rapid respiration and heart action./ Vitamin C. Owing to its tonic effect on the blood vessels and capillaries. 15 . sore joints. especially palpitation. and black-and-blue spots. Its deficiency results in loss of appetite and weight. also scurvy. loose teeth. vitamin C is especially valuable in nervous heart conditions of youth and middle age. its lack causes dilated blood vessels with capillary hemorrhages. shortness of breath. Its deficiency results in bleeding gums. pyorrhoea. The Anti-scurvy. Although both vitamins C and B are essential for maintaining the normal tone of the bIood vessels. high blood pressure.

With the exception of tomatoes (whose acid preserves it) cooked foods cannot be depended upon for this vitamin. and co-operates with D in regulating calcium absorption.16 HEALTH HINTS Its lack is also a factor in thyroid and goiter disorders. as it allows dilation and congestion of the capillaries. With B it also promotes the activity of the white blood cells. It is easily destroyed by heat. being more effectual than iodine. even at low tempera- hires. salad . Its most valuable sources are citrus fruits. Anemia which resisted treatment by iron has been cured by lemon juice. Combined with vitamin E it is effective in vericose veins. hence raw fruits and vegetables containing it should be eaten every day. also by alkalies. diffusing it to the tissues from the blood. anemia in children due to impaired iron absorption. as it is essential to the absorption of oxygen. its lack favors stomach and intestinal ulcers. Together with vitamin B it is essential for the normal function of the thyroid and adrenal glands. such as soda etc. Being essential for the production of mucin which protects the digestive tract from self-digestion. although the skin and outer layers of baked potatoes is a good source of it. It is not stored up in the body. It is also valuable in tuberculosis.

bean sprouts. tomatoes. sprouted grains. cabbage.VITAMINS 17 greens. kidneys and liver. radishes. asparagus. most raw fruits. . rutabagas. berries. canteloups. also raw milk brains. turnips. cauliflower.


and only in small quantities. for D is required to enable C to store up the calcium. Without it the minerals needed for building teeth and bones cannot be absorbed. It should always be especially finely ground. and 19 . Without D the calcium phosphate will even be taken from the bones to supply the calcium needed by the blood. a lack of D results in a marked increase in nervousness. hence should not be eaten alone. Since both calcium and phosphorous are essential to the nerves. Vitamin D enables the blood to both absorb and diffuse the calcium to the tissues. quarrelsomeness. especially calcium and phosphorus. low resistance to infections. These alkaline phosphates are found in abundance only in wheat bran. without a good supply of vitamin D they cannot be absorbed. But wheat bran is very irritating to the intestines.Vitamin D. thus weakening the bones. irritability and insomnia. The Rickets Vitamin Vitamin D controls the absorption of mineral salts. Even if there are ample amounts of minerals and vitaminic C in the diet. hence stunted growth and deformed bones (rickets) result. Its lack in children especially results in restlessness.

Babiqs have died from kidney trouble from being given too much cod-liver oil. for it causes arterlo-sclerosis and symptoms of premature senility. Continued overdoses of vitamin D. tuberculosis and stomach ulcers. Persons exposed to excessive sunlight should therefore drink freely of oatmeal water or eat oatmeal because its vitamin F counteracts vitamin D. 40 to 120 thnes as much being required as of cod-liver oil. are dangerous. hence the efficiency of sun-baths for rickets. Sunstroke is largely due to a vitamin D toxicosis due to too high a percentage of blood calcium. Nature expects the animal to get vitamin D largely from the Sun. Synthetic vitamin D (irradiated ergosterol) is greatly inferior to that found in natural sources. Because of this fact people in very sunny parts of the southwestern states are apt to have many wrinides and a weather-beaten appearance because of an excess of vitamin D formation in the skin by the excessive sunlight. for the skin contains a small amount of ergosterol which is changed into vitamin D by the ultra-violet rays of sunlight. But an excessive diet of oatmeal may induce rickets because it prevents the absorption of calcium by vitamin D. . as in cod-liver oil.20 HEALTH HINTS predisposes to pneumonia.

. Hence foods containing D have it greatly enriched by irradiation with ultra-violet light. Smaller amounts are found in milk. oysters and spinach. but ergosterol is changed into it by ultra-violet light. cream. 21 Persons using gland extracts without vitamin D There are comparatively few foods which contain enough D to be considered good sources. butter and red salmon. liver.VITAMINS get poor results. egg-yolks. fishliver oil. The best sources of vitamin D are sun-baths.


It is needed to prevent atrophy of the sex glands. although if taken in excess (such as too much spinach extract) it favors anemia. hives and dermatitis. Combined with A it is helpful in dropsy. nervous impairment and inco-ordination. impotence. 23 . Its deficiency causes loss of accommodation in both the lens and the iris of the eye.Vitamin E. Its absence causes abortions. and with vitamin B it is important during pregnancy and lactation. muscular debility. Its deficiency brings on frigidity. The Anti-sterility Vitamin Vitamin E is essential to reproduction. but is not a sex stimulant. and com- bined with C it is useful in angina pectoris and cerebral hemorrhage. In combination with F it is helpful in neuritic and arthritic pains. In anemic conditions it improves the skin color and tones up deflated tissues. In combination with A it is useful in eczema. and enlarged prostate. It promotes the supply of calcium and magnesium to the tissues and prevents deposits of calcium around the joints and elsewhere. sterility.

Cancer in rats induced by the use of tar. espedaily wheat and corn.24 HEALTH HINTS It is not easily destroyed by heat. lettuce. . watercress and fruits also contain fair amounts. and in vegetable oils. but most abundantly in the germ cells of cereals. Spinach. It occurs in small quantities in many foods. has been reported by experimenters as cured by the use of vitamin E.

The Nutritional Vitamin This is a fat-soluble vitamin indispensable to normal nutrition and healthy epithelial tissues. It co-operates with D in calcium control. sores and ultimate eczema. As a stimulant to the liver and bowels it is valuable in constipation. It is especially valuable in prostatic conditions. also susceptibility to vitamin D poisoning. dandruff. but aggrevates rickets if D is deficient. 25 . Its deficiency tends to rough or peeling skin. albuminuria.Vitamin F (Old B). frail bones in the aged. Vitamin F alone has so improved the accommoda- tion of the eyes as to require a refitting of glasses. while in combination with A and C it makes the clearing up of cataracts much more rapid. distress in hot weather. Stubborn cases of high blood pressure have yielded to its use. brittle and falling hair. hematuria. and the skin color in anemia. It improves the circulation. brittle and ridged or fluted finger nails. glycosuria and susceptibility to colds. giant hives. kidney irritation. as it neutralizes the excess of D.

Its most reliable sources are linseed oil.26 HEALTH HINTS It is worth a trial in all cases of feebleness in old age. flaxseed. as well as in arthritis and neuritis. asthma and skin diseases. bladder and gall stones. oatmeal. Small amounts are also found in milk and fish-liver oiL . It is also indicated in hay-fever. and especially rye. it is therefore indicated in kidney. for vitamin D loads the blood with calcium but F diffuses it to the tissues.

In test animals a deficiency of G almost invariably causes cataract (in 70 out of 72 rats tested). but in treating humans. 27 . and especially for the prevention of pellagra and cataract It is necessary to normal calcium absorption and red blood cell fonnation. and is therefore beneficial in anemia. C and F. but withstands considerable cooldng. Combined with C vitamin G is helpful for yencose veins. Age changes in the eyes are due to disordered calcium and vitamin functions. The Pellagra and Cataract Vitamin Vitamin G is essential to growth and well-being. The time required for successful results with cataracts is from 4 to 14 months. G alone is not as useful as when combined with A. According to Hene there is a 500% increase in the calcium content of the eye lens between the ages of 34 and 56.Vitamin G (Old Ba). It is very soluble in water. although it is destroyed by alkalies. Its best source is the germ portioti of cereals.

cauliflower.28 HEALTH HINTS green leaves. and lean meats. Other fair sources are broccoli. peanuts and soy beans. beets. avacadoes. peas. . cheese. milk. yeast. carrots. cabbage. eggs.

Very soluble in water. egg-yolks. milk. Not stored. rheumatism. for peristalsis and endocrine functioning. meats. Necessary for absorption of starches and sweets. butternillk egg-yolks. nuts. fruits. fruits. Prevents Beriberi. Vitamin C. greens. whole grains. Protects against gall-stones. weak bones. also to the teeth. sweet potatoes. fish. organs. Vitamin B. fish. heart conditions. Protects from pyorrhoea. bruises.. Anti-infective Essential to growth. liver. oysters. Protects all mucous meinbranes. cab29 . Anti-neuritic Protects nerves and brain. Sources: Green and yellow leaves and vegetables. asparagus. ulcers. high blood pressure. milk and its products. rickets. Sources: Green and yellow vegetables. Anti-scurvy Essential to growth. goiter. Easily killed. Sources: Citrus fruits.SUMMARY Vitamin A.

carrots. Vitamin G. milk. Very soluble. Anti-cataract Essential to growth. hay-fever. oysters. Vitamin E. oatmeal. flax seed. milk. spinach. lettuce. watercress. wrinkles. cream. greens. eggs. Sources: Cereals. ulcers. milk. cauliflower. liver. sunstroke. cells. Vitamin D. Sources: Linseed. calcium absorption. meats. fruits. Vitamin F. Anti-Pellagra. high blood pressure. Protects from pneumonia. peas. tomatoes. fish oils. broccoli. peanuts. fruits. radishes. butter. rye. calcium deposits. asthma. vegetable oils. Sources: Sunbaths. loss of accommodation. Anti-sterility Protects from sterility. tuberculosis. eczema. Nutritional and Skin Protects from skin disease. beets. fish oils. soy beans. milk.30 organs. brittle nails and bones. spinach. . falling hair. cauliflower. cabbage. Anti-rickitic Essential to growth of bones. HEALTH HINTS bage. Sources: Cereal germs. red salmon. cheese.

whole Kale Kohlrabbi Leeks Lentils m0 xxx 0 x x 0 0 0 x xx xx x 0 xxx xx xx 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 xx 0 0 0 xx xxx xx xx 0 mm 0 0 xx xxx xx xx xx 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 xxx Lettuce Linseed Oats Okra Olives Onions Parsley Parsnips Peas. and xxx the mimum amount of the vitamin indicated.SUMMARY 31 TABLE OF FOODS ESPECIALLY RICR IN VITAMINS The letter x indicates a fair amount. xx a good amount. CD E Vegdables Vitamins F 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 G Artichokes Asparagus Beans. green Peppers. string Beets Beet tops Broccoli BrusselsSprouts Cabbage Cantaloupes x x xxx xxx xx xxx 0 0 x xxx xx xxx 0 mxx xx xx 0 xxx xx xxx xx xxxmxx x xx xxx xxx xxx xxx 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Carrots Cauliflower Celery xxmm 0 0 0 x xx 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 xx 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 xx xx xxx xx 0 0 0 0 0 xx xx Chard Collards Corn. yellow Cucumbers Dandelions 0 0 0 xxx xx Dock Endive Flaxseed Grains. green 0 xx xx 0 0 xx 0 m0 0 m0 0 0 xxm xxx 0 0 xxx xxx xxx 0 xx xx xx xx 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 xxx xxx 0 0 0 xxx 0 0 0 0 xxx xxx xx xx xxx xx xxx 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 xx 0 0 x 0 . green Cornmeal.

32 HEALTH HINTS Vitamins A Vegekthics B C xx xx x xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx D 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 xxx E 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 G Potatoes. brown Rutabagas Soybeans Spinach xxx 0 x 0 0 0 0 xx xx 0 xxx x 0 xx 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Tomatoes xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx 0 0 Thm 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 xx xx xxx 0 0 0 0 0 lxx xxx xxx 0 0 0 0 0 0 Turnip tops Vegetable oils Wheat germs xxx Hmoy xx xxx 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 xx xx xx xx xx xx xxx 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 xxx 0 xxx Proldns Bee4 lean Brains. xx xx Butter Buttermilk xxx 0 xxx 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 xxx xx xx xxx xxx 0 c& raam xx xx xxx I x 0 xx xxx xxx chicken Egg-yolks xxx Fish Fish oils Fish roe xxx xxx xx xxx xx 0 xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx 0 0 0 0 xx xx xxx xx Heaft Kidney Liver 0 0 0 xxx xx 0 0 0 Milk Oysters Salmon. white Pumpkin Radishes Rice. sweet Potatoes. red Sardines U xx 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 xx 0 0 0 0m 0 0 xxx xxx Pndis xxx 0 xx 0 0 0 0 .

SUMMARY Vilamfr.s 33 A Fruils Avacadoes B C D 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 E 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 xxx 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 G Bnn Berries Cherries xx xx xx xx xx 0 0 Currants Dates Figs Grapes Grapefruit Guavas Goembethea Lemons Limes Mangoes Olives Oranges Pears 0 0 0 0 0 0 xxx 0 xx 0 xxx 0 0 xxx 0 0 0 xx 0 0 0 xx xx xx xx 0 0 xx 0 xx xx xx xxx 0 0 0 0m xx 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Pineapples Prunes Res Nuts xx xx 0 xx xx xx xx 0 0 xxx xxx xx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xx xx 0 xx 0 0 0 0 0 0 xx 0 xx 0 0 0 0 Strawberries Tangerines Watermelons 0m0 0m0 xx U 0 xxx 0 0 xx xx 0 0 xxx 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Mi contain moderate amounts of B. . but peanuts add G.


W.cry for love. C.. vital and complex problems of modern life and all after-death eon- There are perhaps no books on the market to-day which so ful. F. While philosophical and comprehensive in their scope. Washington. N. fill the needs of the awakened Soul who is seeking to know and understand bow to apply the universal laws of the spiritual life under present and cumin. Christian in their ethics. .The Fellowship of the Order of Christian Mystics A non-sectarian spiritual movement for the promulgation of a Cosmic and all-inclusive spirituil philosophy which gives a satisfactory and scientific explanation of every phase and condition of life both here and hereafter. yet non-sectarian and universaL Monthly lessons and personal correspondence on all vital problems sent on the free-will offering basis. Sec'y. THE CURTISS PHILOSOPHIC BOOK Co. light and life. but a definite and comprehensible philosophy of life and Soul. yet non-sectarian. Just the books to place In the bands of a friend who is cut. which includes a rational explanation of all forms of mysticism and Biblical Occultism. send for Descriptive Pamphlet. Ss well as the d*tions. Christian in ethics. M.. W. 3510 Quebec St. D. D. cosmic and universal. "THE CURTLSS BOOKS" These books present the philosophy of Christian Psychology and Mysticism in plain. comprehensible terms and applied to the daily life. 351 Quebec Street. B. Not mere theory and metaphysical speculation. growing former limitations of thought and old conceptions.S.D. they also answer the beart. C..growth. HOMER CURTISS. If the teachings of the Order presented in this volume have interested and helped you. world conditions. Send for Descriptive Catalog.. N. tested through ycars of experience.. Wasbington.

and the problem of sexThe Origin of Man. explaining the reasons therefor and how to master them. Takes fear out of the Bible. Number."The Curtiss Books" Dispel the Mists From Mysticism The VOICE OF ISIS A TEXT BOOK OF THE SPIRITUAL LIFE A Veritable Compendium of Christian Psychology. A Clear Explanation of the Laws Under Which the Christ May Be Expected to Manifest on Earth in This Age. CONDENSED TABLE OP CONTENTS Life's Duties and How to Recognize and Accomplish ThemThe Cycle of Fulfillment. Alcohol and PsychismA Study of KarmaThe SelfThe Doctrine of Avatara. and the Celestial HierarchiesThe Wisdom ReligionConcerning the Doctrine of Hell Fire. and how to use itHow to Enter the SilenceNature's Mystic Alphabet. DeificationThe Memory of Past Lives. or Woman's True Place and Mission in LifeThe Thiling Prayer. Covering the Whole Problem of Meat Pring The Prayer of ConsecrationThe Meaning of the Symbol of the Order. understanding and comfort for those facing life's trials and problems. A Study of the Relation of Sound. Takes Fear Out of the BibleThe Eleventh Command- mentNarcotics. exposes the mistake of the many daim2ntsA Study of ReincarnationThe Seven Powers of ManA Brief Outline of Eve- lution. Spiritual Philosophy and Esoteric Biblical Interpretation Not cold. but vibrant with sympathy. The European War Foreshadowed and Causes Given Two Years Before It BeganDegrees and Orders.. a clear explanation which reconciles Fundamentalists and Liberals The Symbol of the SerpentPurification vs. intellectual essays. both Man and NatureThe Sevenfold LawThe Formation of World ChainsPurity. Radiant with practical help. . Color and FormThe Word Made FleshIlluminationThe Symbol of the Salt Thou Shalt Not Kill. explains why so many think they have been great personages in the pastThe Cycle of NecessityThe Path of AfisinmentEarth's Finer ForcesThe Descent of the LightThe Two Tables of Stone.

London."Newport Plain Talk. that constitute Its use and commend It to every earnest student. 'n'' City. . permeated with a large tolerance and loving service towards advancing hunianity. . theory at every turn.".00 . . Chfrgo. "The greatest book since The Secret Doctrine."The Occult Review. Practical instruction accompanies well reasoned "It Is Indeed an epoch-maldng volume and almost every subject of importance is treated . and the book Is "It Is the practical problems of life."J."Joliet News. B. popular.. . C. yes. $3O cycs."Azoth Magazine. W. and elucidated beautifully. "Altogether."Editor The 0. this Is a book rich in thought and suggestlon. but I have almost Invariably heard the same expression of opinion from others who have read it. will be students of Universal Rellglon. the most practical of any that has come under the observation of the reviewer. . Washington. 433 Pages."Tke Public."Mrs. sympathy and love. Your spiritual psychology is unique I It has opened my German edition. $L50 German Edition. comprehensive. Elaborate Index."Tke . "Is the most valuable. Library Critic. "It contains truth of the highest spiritual order which the student of Truth may readily lay hold upon. S. S. "Not only has the book very favorably Impressed me through its common seine way of treating subjects on which occultists sometimes go wild. "High Ideals are given upon sex and generation. B.!'Portland Oregoniws. "Reveals with wonderful simplicity. India. sane and balanced."Unity. which makes your book a living friend. "Undoubtedly the best that has appeared for some time. Thirteenth Edition."The Master Mind. directness and convincing force. Christianity as perceived by the light of the Secret Wisdom."Ka4aka Magazine."The Curtiss Books" Help You to Help Yourself The VOICE OF ISIS APPRECIATIONS "Here we have a wise book. R. "For me. "I keep it close and read it as some do their Bibl&'Mrs.lmerrcan Tiseosopisist. .P. Price. $3. written in a style both simple and scholarly. your book is the most Inclusive. and saturated with that wonderful and helpful _____ of understanding. Los Angeles. B. Verily those who accept the authorsr Interpretations. New York. "The first and only book that gives me a feeling of complete satisfaction as I read. . "A marvel of erudition.

The only satisfactory exposition of this subject.The Thasnout! Hea.Message of the Sphinxmeaning of the scaraborigin of the Order of Christian Mysticscrypt beneath the SphinxThe Second Woelength of the four periods of the woe false prophets. Are These the Last Dayscycles of Races and sub-racesmeaning of "the end of the world.Birth of the New Agethe Water Bearerembodiment of the ChristHis teachings.The Three JohnsJohn the Baptist. and their solution.nats and Eclipseshow cosmic changes affect the Earththe Sun-spot cycle and its effectHalley's comet ushered in Aquarian AgeThe Law of Growthbow the ideal manifests through the Law of Growththe dynaspheric force. CONDENSED TABLE OF CONTENTS Not a sequel to The Voice of Isis.Children of the Houseon the solar plexustraining the subconscious mindthe superconsdous holdthe Prayer for Demonstrationprotection from astral forcesastral chillastral diseaseschild trainingattaining material supply. prophetMeichisedec and Jesushow an Avatar manifestsHis near advent partial Avatars or Avesha&Å New Testame. so in manbow to react to stimuli from the inner world as we now react to the outer.The Day of Judgmentsigns of His coming.Lifa Waveslaw of wave-motion - rhythm of the breathtidal wavesstorms of emotionmagnetic variations of the Earth.Law of Sacrificesacrifice of the Sun in Naturevalue of talismansvalue of sacriflce.UJesus' new testament ."The Curtiss Books" Explain the Second Coming The MESSAGE OF AQUARIA urgent call for further and more advanced instruction concerning the great unrest in world conditions."The Mystic Oakorigin and function of the dancerhythmic motion in religions servicessymbology of Circle and Sun dances origin of bonfires and the MaypoleDryads and Naiads. hierophant. Also contains a reasonable and scientific explanation of how and when and to whom the Son of Man will appear at the Second Coming.'tformation of a diamondforces obtained from a diainond. but rather a response to the The Mystic Lifein nature.Jacob and Eraumeaning of the trickeryof Jacob's twelve sonssymbology of the Stars and Stripesis America the seat of the new race?Mastery and the Mastersmeaning of mastery and how attainedfeminine Mastersthe Great White LodgeMother Earthher alchemyher seven layersorigin of insect pests and plant blightseffect of blood shed on battlefleldsThe Four Windsuse of 4 in the Biblecoming cataclysms. John the Revelator.The Sheep and the Goatstheir symbologythe "other sbeep. Know Thyselfdivisions of manlaws of mindconcentration symbol of the carpenterof Herodthe crudfixion. John the Beloved."Co.The Sign Aquarius doctrine of cycles and agesthe Sign of the Son of Man in heaven. Man.The True Priesthoodmeaning of priest.Orderly Sequence effect of order and disorderThe Spiral of Lifereason for changes in lifeuse of the Masters' names.

"Quite apart from their great Tn. diet.ord from heaven. H. "These books are not claptrap utterances of shallow minds.' but the book is so good that I want to put one in each of our public llbraries.San Francisco Journal. "Rave only got about one-fourth through with 'The Message of Aquaria."Oakland Tribune. snake this side of these works (the Curtiss books) without a jarring note. Complete Index. The MESSAGE OF AQUARIA symbology of "the upper cbamber'of bloodof the bread and wine. These two authors are apparently authorities.The Curtlu Books" Give a New Outlook on LII."A. They are Soul-uplifting to an incredible degree I Row blessed you are to receive these splendors from the Infinite Consciousness direct! You are two Souls specially favored by Heaven! With the greatest esteem and admiration. observances...2ge to the world.50 . Baron Albert Van der Naillen.. Price. I am amazed at the immense spiritual value I have discovered and am daily discovering in them. etc. the amount of actual knowledge they contain and the extraordinary high standard of literary finish. they are deep and sincere. London. London. Luciferian SchoolFaith and WorksSun Initiatiod. Fifth &dition. "What a tremendous work you have accomplished! How immensely important! Your works must certainly become more widely known all over the world! The highest spirituality breathes through every sentence. author of In the Sanctuary. W. etcthe I.". A."R. $2. together with perfect simplicity of language and style.". which should do much to Increase still further the wide circle of students to whom the Christo-Theosophy of The Order of Christian Mystics makes so strong an appeaL"The Occult Review. APPRECIATIONS "An admirably conceived and well produced volume. your friend. "The book makes Interesting reading. B.Marswhy The Sj*itual Birthplace of the spiritual birththe spiritual or Nirrnnya bodyThe Mighty Angel"this same Jesus shall so come in like rni&nrwr"His method of appearanceconditions necessaryhow to recognize ElmThe Soul's Guerdo*lesson of each Earth-lifeobject of Incarnationvalue of ceremonies.. Crossing Jordanwandering In the wildernessdividing the waters crossing dry-shod--Taking Jerichosymbology of the ram's horns why the walls felLThe Vain ShowLuciferdistinction between Ludfer Satan and the devilUniversal Center of the Solar Schoolthe Mars is redrelation of Mars and Venuswhy the Bible is allegorical.

the same order of events that is followed in the Cosmos. mythology. the circle." CONDENSED TABLE OP CONTENTS Not a dry mathematical treatise. Seal of Solomon. but its 40 chapters contain more new. cycles.relThe EmpressOrigin of the Square. demonstrating that the unfoldment of the godlike possibilities inherent in each Soul follows.* NJThe PopeOffering Up Isaac-6 Days of Creatlon-6 Days of LaborNumber 6 and the Elementalsthe Letter VauThe Mystery of Creationthe 7 ElobimMusic of the SpheresColors of the Musical ScaleApollo's Lyrethe Pipes of Panthe number of Gestation the 7-fold Earth Chainthe 7 Races and Sub-races--the 7-fold Construction of Manthe 7 Cycles of Lifethe 7-fold Basis of Masonry Mme. The Origin of Numerical Systemsthe Symbol of the Circle. Serpent. triangle. and Cross. evolution.s of numbers arid symbols.. pentacle. the Trinity."Baltimore American. step by step. etc. Kirk and Churchthe Druids and HyperboseansRound Towers of IrelandIndians' Use of Feathersthe Circle as the Egg and the CatOrigin of the Decimal SystemOrigin of the Druid Bonfires and MaypoleWhy 1 Comes Firstthe Letter AlephThe Juggler Origin of Constantine's Symbolthe Magic Wand and CronesSoulmarriageKey to the Universal Law of Sexthe Letter Beththe High PriestessJ akin and BoasSolar CrossVellof Isisthe 3 Great Star StreamsOrigin of the Triangle and the TrinityDiagram of Law of Marriage and DivorceTripod of Pythian PriestessNoah and ills SonsProphets in the Fiery FurnacePower of the Spoken Word "Army of the Voice"The Letter Gi. Including the esoteric interpretation of many Bible and classic myths heretofore little understood.wrhe Curtias Booha" Explain the Mysteries ci Life The KEY TO THE UNIVERSE "This work is not only the most comprehensive and authoritative book on the significance and spiritual iaterpretatio. the Vinhhn. also Masonic symbols. initiations. the last of which we are now enteringthe DoJ. the Tarot cards. than many separate books on those subjects. Shows "That all personal experiences are expressions of the one Great Law manifesting according to mathematical principles. Blavatsky and Number 7the 7 Churches in AsiaNumber 7 In Revelationthe 7-Pointed StarSeal of SolomonLegend of the Minetourof Phaetonthe 7 Principles of Man clearly expoundedthe 7 . Swastikathe 4 Beaststhe 4 Windsthe 4 The EmperorDifference between Sabbath and SundayRole of SaturnS Pointed StaBe1h. letters. Illustrations and confirmations frour natwe at every turn. nor mere speculative theories.iir's VisionClairvoyance Not a 6th SenseSymbol of the Crocodilethe S T2lkmnt of the S asAntigonus' Vision of the PentadeEffect of a Reversed Symbolthe Letter Gospelsthe 4 RIvers of Eden-40 Years in the Wilderness-40 Days' Fastthe 4 Castes of Mankind-4 Stages of Civilization-4 Forms of Government. the Coinmandni'ts. angels. reliable and spiritually helpful information on numbers. square.

gi.000the Letter TetkTlse Hermit the Number 10the Number of Completionthe Decadthe Sun Abram and SandZodiac Formerly had Only 10 SignsDiagram of the Group-SoulMeaning of the 10 Lepersthe Letter YodThe logic ErasNumber of Completed Earth. . "An elaborate spiritual Interpretation of numbers and symbols which supplements Middle Age deliverances In this field with illustrations from modern science. Iosopliy cue becwn."The San Francisco Chronicle. The Chariotthe Number of Evolutionlhe Octavethe 8th Sphere the Dweller on the ThresholdValley of the Shadow of Deaththe Letter HetkJusticethe Number of InitiationApollonius of Tyana MeditationGenii of the HoursHigher InitiationsPlato and Num- ber 9the 9th Hourthe 9 Musesthe Mystery of Number 9 Symbology of a Ropethe 144. Not a mathematical dissertation. . and even awecL"l5ortlond Oregonian. and comes near to relegating Pythagoras to the shelf as a back number. As one goes Into this m. tables. Man and Super-man.«The Curtiss Books" Renew Faith through Knowiedge The KEY TO THE UNIVERSE Phiades and the 7 RisbisMyth of Orionof Niobethe Letter Zal. The treatise presents an amount of well collected Information which no student of numbers and their form symbols can afford to neglect. and one well supported by mathematics and music. The general aim Is both ethical and relig1oua"Boston Herald. "Goes deeply into the philosophy of numbers and should be of interest to all students of symbolism and Freemasonry. APPRECIATIONS Wheel of Life--the Joy of CompletionKey-note of CreationGeo- 'In this book all the lore of centuries that baa gathered about the number from 1 through 10 is set forth with a perfect wealth of detail. . "Easily the most complete and satisfactory bringing together of . "It Is deep and profound."Springfield Republican. .. vitally Interested. Profusely illustrated with ten full-page plates. but replete with occult information. etc.. many diagrams. . Complete index. "De Casseres.. It con- tains much besides the Ingenious showing of the curious correspondence of numberr. . Sleth and Revised Editio*.. New "It is the most faa-ln2ting book I ever York Sun. ..50 .. This book is easily the most complete and satisfactory bringing together of Information that Is scattered In hundreds of vol%imes not readily acasslble"The Boston Post." Masonic New Age Magazine. of phi- "The person who has only an amused contempt for this sort of thing will yet find a gripping interest in contemplating what it has produced. "It certainly makes out a good brief for the sipIflrw of numbers."Boskn Post. Price $2.. portrait of Mrs. Curtiss.all the lore of centuries that has gathered about numbers set forth with a perfect wealth of detail.

Of great importance to all students of com- Sun Spot CycleGems and the ZodiacUse of a person's NameNumberReincarnation and Transmutationthe Permanent Atom Physical ImmortalityAttitude for HealingCause of Cancerthe Hebrew Lettersthe 144. These chapters are a direct challenge to the so-called "higher critica" of the Bible and a complete refutation of their chief claims against the Bible story. Number 12. air. and the relation of the Sun Myth to the Christian religion. These are only a few of the many revelations of this truly wonderful volume. are all based upon the 12-fold division of the Zodiac. also the 12 Disciples of Jesus. The universal Sun Myth has been the basis of the life-narrative of every Sun God or spiritual Light Bearer sent to humanity. and the 12 months of the year. the cycle of the advanced Disciple-. to ministers and to Bible students generally. Kaphdiagrams of the Cycle of Manifestation. In this volume the authors not only give the interpretation. a New Beginning. the Labors of Hercules. This volume presents three revelations of supreme importance. This one feature might well form a valuable book in itself. Vitally necessary for all students of astrology. Why should the peculiar animals used be applied to the Zodiac when Why is the Zodiac divided into 12 signs and not some other number? Why should there be only four elements. But nowhere in print have we found any philosophical and scientific reason why the division into 12 was chosen. the Manifested UniverseGeometrical Law why the Zodiac is 12 foldDiagram of Zodiacthe Aquarian AgeWhy were the disciples called "Fishers of Men"?Origin of the 12 Tribes12 Stones from Jordanthe 12 Disdples-12 Knights of King Arthur the Last Supperthe 12 Baskets of BreadJesus at 12 yearsWhen is Incarnation Complete?Incarnation in Various SignsMystery of the Gobi Desert-12 Hebrew Simple Letten-12 Body Saltsjesus. earth. fire..000the 11th letter. . etc. Nowhere in all lilerature can the interpretation of the 12 Labors of Hercules be found. the Piscean Avatar. water? Why should each have three manifestations in the Zodiac? All the myths and allegories involving 12. the Legend of Parsifalthe 11 year Astronomical Cyclethe 11 year CONDENSED TABLE OP CONTENTS Number 11. such as Jacob and his 12 sons. but connect each labor with its proper zodiacal sign. Truly parative religion. the forms of the constellations they embrace in no way resemble or even suggest such animals? The reason is found only in this volume. This volume shows that this is more than a myth and why it is a spiritual reality. con- a momentous discovery.0The Curtiss Boob" Have Remodeled Men's Lives The KEY OF DESTINY A Sequel to The Key to the Universe cerning the origin of the Zodiac.. save in this volume.

"The Curtias Booke' Satiafy Both Head and Heart The KEY OF DESTINY The 12 Labors of HerculesRelation of Hercules and JacobKilling the Nemean LionKilling the HydraCapturing the Kezynelan DoeCapturing the Erymanthian BoarCleaning the Augean Stables Killing the Man-eating Birds of StymphalosCapturing the Cretan BullCapturing the Man-eating Mares of DiomedesSeizing the Girdle of HippolyteCapturing the Oxen of Geryoneusthe Threeheaded Hell HoundObtaining the Golden Apples of HesperidesChange from 10 signs to 12Wrestling with AntaiosMysteries of Eleusis. Philosopher's StoneCenter in the Spleenthe SwastikaEquilibrium Spiritual Development in Deformed BodiesDescription of the Pineal Number 20Celestial InitiatorPower of the ChristReason for Gland and the Pituitary Bodythe Feminine Ray. SignificanceThe Savior GodMystical Meaning of the BibleHigher SilverMeaning of Playing Cards-13 Apparitions of Jesus. Number 18The Second InitiationBlack Magiciansthe $ Sign Symbol of the Swan or PelicanNumber 666 and the Beast. Number 22The New JerusalemSquaring the CircleLaw of CsoperationAquarian AgeProphecies of DiastersEstablirhing New Conditionsthe Woman's AgeTaking Vows. You will find here a positive treasury of information about how to climb to the ultimate attininent. Value of HoroscopesDiagram of the Hierarchies. Number 14Phantoms of the MindHawaiian Sacrec SharkLevia- Number 13Why Considered Unlucky-13 at a dinnerIts Real Critics refutedthe Life of JesusNumber of Judas-30 pieces of thanJonahUse of Perfumes..000 yearsthe Hyperborean Land-Druid CollegesSun Initiationthe of the Sexes. Number 16VictoryNature SpiritsEnchantments. - APPRECIATIONS "They have collected a positive wealth of material about the symbolism of numbers. . Ten full-page plates. Curtiss. Price $2. How CreatedOrigin of DiseasesRace KarmaPower of ThoughtDweller on the Threshold Hour of Initiationthe Order of the 15Why EstablishedContacting the Mastersthe Holy GrailMessage of the Sphinx. Number 21Incarnations of the Higher SelfMme..O . Number 15Blood of the Lambthe Devil. Blavatsky's last IncarnationSpiritual Majoritythe Crocodile. Fourth Edition. 322 Pages. Complete Index. many dkgvm etc. portrait of Dr. Number 1QNumber of the SunTwice-born--Sun Eclipse every 19 Number 17Disposing Intelligencethe Celestial Hlerarchies-144."The Boston Post. .

sdentific. Examples of Its Deceptions and . "Letters from a living Dead for those who already know It to be a fact and desire authoritative Instruction as to the details. Four added chapters on Protecting PowersIndependent Communications. Paul's Injunction to "Try the Spiri&'So-called "Lost Souls"the Dweller on the Threshold Sad Fate of the SuicideElementalsthe Fairies. SoundsHow the Flowers Are ColoredThoughtforms and Inventionsthe Pattern MuseumAeroplane Models and tions Around the Prospective Motherthe Hall of LetheWhy We Forget the Higher Realms at BirthLaw of Manifestationthe Outer 1)arkness"Weeping and Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth"Masses Other Inventions to ComeObsessing EntitiesPsychic Cause of DrunkennessExamples and the CureCrimes of "Irresistible Impulse" Lustful TemptationsControl of Sex DesiresDual and Multiple PersonalitiesLoving Friends and HelpersSt. Written of all after-death conditions. Clalraudien. Inspiration. After BattleAstral HelpersIndians as GuidesEarth-bound Spiritsthe Law of Thought and DesireDiseases Due to Reflex Psychic ConditionsClothing. examplesThe Aviator's Great Adventure."The Curtiss Books" Solve the Riddle of Deathand After REALMS of the LIVING DEAD DOES THE PERSONALITY SURVIVE DEATH? Is communication possible? Is there a safe and legitimate method? This book gives a clear. Intuition. Houses. Perfumes. Wastes no time with elaborate proofs of life after death. CONDENSED TABLE OP CONTENTS Scientific proofsRivers of Life and Deaththe Seven Realms Realm of Reflectionthe Astral Doublethe After-Death Sleepthe Awakening of the Aged. not a mere mediumistic report. Clairvoyance. Explains all methods of communication with the invisible. You will find all your questions answered In this volume. Clairsentience. scientific. Ecstatic TranceMaterializationTrumpet Speakingthe Ouija Board. Amusements the Method of MaterializationSouls Seeking IncarnationCondiof Color. A rational." etc. satisfying and comforting explanation Man". a Message from Quentin RooseveltThe AnnunciationA Message from LincolnA Prophecy of the Aquarian AgeA Message from SaturnThe Garden of PrayersThe Message of the SphinxThe CurtainAviator returns. Blavatsky ContinuesIndependent Methods of CommunionTelepathy. AveshaDifference Between Independent and Subjective Methods "Spirit Control"Subjective vs. Theophany. all-inclusive philosophy. "Patience Worth. including a dear explanation of the problems unsoh'eA by "Raymond". Nature Sprites- Their Messages and PropheciesHow Gold Is FormedPsychic Realms Diagrams of the Astral WorldDeath of the Astral BodySpirits who "Progress to Higher Spheres"the "Hall of Learning" and the Great Schoolsthe Great White LodgeWork of Mme.

.. Paul's Directions to All Christiansthe Astral Chill vs. Albany. such as regards Suicides and the dangers of (subjective) mediumship.. Toronto Sunday World "A saner treatise on the After-Death life would be difficult to Can You Afford to Remain Ignorant on This Vitally Important Subject? Sixth Edition." The Occult Review (London). and altogether our friends the Curtisses have given us a very valuable contribu- tion for occult study. and a really notable contribution to tile subject. The chapters on elementals and fairies are extremely Interesting. "It is the Christian hereafter that is described with the classification of the Astral World on a scientific baszs."Editor of Azoth Magazine. a Message from DangersSir Oliver Lodge's Warning as to Automatic WritingThe Quentin RooseveltThe Annuncia&nA Message from LincolnA Prophecy of the Aquarian AgeA Message from Saturnthe Garden of PrayersThe Message of the SphinxThe Curtain. N. . APPRECIATIONS advanced book on the subject. Wit!. It is particularly desirable that in these times of death and sorrow people should find. New Appendir on Narcotics and Prayers of The 0. and this work should enhance their already great reputation. Springfield Republican. C."The Curtiss Books" Explain All Psychic Experiences REALMS of the LIVING DEAD Telepathic Method.50 . ." "One of the most valuable passages of the book. "A great deal of exceedingly useful advice is given to people regarding their relation to their friends who have passed over.. Over 300 pages of sound knowledge and advice."New York lYmes. Positive StatesEnoch and the Doctrine of TranslationAlcashic Recordsfour added chapters of Independent CommunicationsThe Aviator's Great Adventure. the Spiritual Fire.. Bible ExamplesSt. be familiar with conditions of life on the other side of the veil. The Authors are perhaps world-famous for their teachings. You will find your questions answered In this voiwne.Knkkerbocker Press. There is much other useful advice and knowledge given. Is on the treatment of drunkards and the nature of alcohoL"Toronto Sunday World. and those who would delve deeper into this subject should not fail to read this book. Chill or ThrillProtecting PowersNegative vs. $2. "We can very warmly recommend this volumeBy far tile most "Distinctively allied with the Bible. really of essential value.. M. "We heartily recommend the chapter on The Desire Realm. Y. The space at one's disposal cannot possibly do justice to a work of this caliber.

True marriage made In heaven.n. Expands the mental horizon. In which man shares on all planes It Is a source of light. In all religions. Answers all questions. Manifestation.. "Written in simple. Why used as a symbol? Sex not impure. clear language the book gives a striking Impresalan of theprocess of evolution . both biblical azeI scIentiIc. yet thrills the heart. Spiritual radio-activity. Object of marriage. Necessity of a pattern and bow materialized." Oakland Tribune. Sex appeal. Examples. Garden of Eden. Contains a profound discussion of the conflict between science and religion and offers an Interesting explanation. Revolutionary yet inspiring views of the whole Garden of Eden company. SuppbmiiIvy chapters on God. The Kundalini-force. "Written In a way to hold the interest. The Image of God. Meaning. Adam and Eve. what it has proved as to the evolution of forms. "The story of Eden and the modern social problems Involved are discussed at length and with much interesting commnf. Creation. Trial and companionate marriages. Chapters on Science. APPRECLI TIONS "A new conception of evolution. Not a sound philosophy." Spokane Chronicle. Not parents of all. "The findings of science are well stated" Richmond Times-Dispatch. Covers all phases. Satisfies the head. Profound. Trees in the Garden. but not its conclusions. A grasp of this book will enable one to . Accept Its facts. am) they wish to reinforce the drift to spirituality" Boston Transcript. "The place of woman as the complement of man is demonstrated.inth." Detroit Free Press. Not the descendants of apes and why." Columbus Dispatch. story. Urity in Duality. of the Fundamentalists and the Liberals. "A new and eniightenIng contribution. and Emmanuel. effect on spinal cord and brain. yet clear and simply expressed. Woman's place and duty."The Curtiss Books" solve evolutionary problems THE TRUTH ABOUT EVOLUTION and the BIBLE A new and Illuminating concept of evolution. Meaning of their fruit. Evolution not a mechanical process. Why banished? The Serpent Power. . "The writers unquestionably deplore the drift toward a.. "A new interpretation of the factors claimed by both sides In the controversy over evolution and the Bible. his stand In any Materialism.m1frmn.. The first Adam created. a revelation to be welcomed by all such as long and thirst for an underst2rvling of the unity of all life and to whom . the second Jormed. A new interpretation of the factors claimed by both sides of the controversy and a rational basis for the reconciliation of religion and science. flow and why the separation of the sexes took place." New Yorh Times.. Scientifically accurate. No such place even found. yet not tiresomely statistical or unduly terhnfrI Vibrant with deep spiritual understanding and penetrating insight into ultimate re2lifirL nf fundamentals of both causation and manifestation. The Twain one Flesh." Buffalo CourierExpress.

We have profited by it." Marc Edmund Jones. Much of the symbolism of the Bibleand particularly of the creation story in Genesisis explained In an Illumi- nating style. F. Comprehensive index br students. and the psychology of the Spirit. Homer Curtiss. "The latest work from the inspiring pen of these two highly specialized students of the Scriptures. 259 . bringing light to many things heretofore hidden. will inspire and uplift all who are able to apprehend it. The book is splendidly written.. will no doubt prove helpful to many people who are groping for truth amid all the conflicting theories preached today . Mercury. Second Edition.. The partjcuhr value of this volume . The Aquarian Age. Occult Digest.. Knowing People. with. "It Is always a pleasure to receive a new book for review from Dr. Instead of the letter which killeth... and Mrs. "The old knowledge is transfigured by the new and Inspired conception. . India "An addition to the well-known 'Curtiss Books' is sure of a welcome from many readers.. This book Is commended to all who are interested in things of the Spirit and who are striving to widen and deepen their understanding of symbology. "We are always glad to see a new book by the Curtisses appear at our desk.. We affirm that it is distinctly good stuff... wholesome.. Coude a Coude. Paris.. The Sabian Philosophy. The clean...." Editor.. . for the several books Issued by these gifted authors thus far have always been not only helpful but of unusual merit." Bal. and we advise each one of our readers to obtain this valuable and much-needed treasure volume.. is the consistent and Intelligent reference to scientific authorities and modern points of view... . all its symbolism brought down to earth. logical philosophy em- bodied cannot fall to Impress constructively... we are given food for the growth of the souL Editor. National League of American Pen Women. We stop work at once and read it.. a rich mine of information. "The Curtisses in this volume have cast upon this subject a search- light of profound spiritual perception. . "The study of the Bible in the light of the above views ought to encourage every thinHng Christian to a more rational and scientific view of religion and must satisfy both his Intellect and his heart. andwhat is of the greatest usefulness In this rather Inchoate fieldsimple and very readable.. We look to this book therefore as of profound use and Interest to all truly religious)' Editor." Editor. The Kalpaka. Price. for the reason that their writings are always direct and to the point." Editor." Editor. "You may take your Bible literally or otherwise.. Editor. The sort of book that can be picked up and 'dipped into' anywhereintensely readable from the first page to the last. 'Written with simple clarity and directness and reveals the profound thought as well as the constructive religion of the co-authors..'Ihe Curdas Books" illumine biblical allegories the Bible so far had remained obscure. The chapters dealing wIth the sex problem and the true meaning of marriage . sane.. London. . but you are bound to find The Truth About Evolution and the Bible a stimulating and thought-provoking book." The Occult Review. Psychic Science. Curtiss greatly excel In the symbolical or allegorical school of Bible Interpretation. London. We have enjoyed It.. letin. and presented In language both simple and impressive. Dr. and Mrs." Editor.

. lends special value to their dream of the approaching new era. Based on icientific psycho. . but presenting the underlying principles of the changes. . etc. Third EdIHo*. IVThe King of the World and the predicted Asiatic invasion of Europe. COMING WORLD CHANGES A rational swnrnary of the many recent prophecies as to world cataclysms. Chap. and Mrs.have occurred since its first edition. and the scientific and philosophic principles underlying such cyclic changes in the earth's surface. floods. The relation of Arthur Conan Doyle and many others. IProphecies of Sir Chap. in a volume published two years before the assassination at Serajevo. and a definite remedy for shortening "the days of tribulation." chap. hopeless and fear-producing volume.. Not a pessimistic. the value of such prophecies. America to world conditions. VLThe Battle of Arinageddon. logical principles.. Psychic fac- tors in the World War Chap. IL. The fact that they predicted the World War. Curtiss are noted internationally for the lems of ancient and modern mysticism.10 poit pauL .. Chap. Piici $1."The Curtiu Books" expotmd a Cosmic philosophy. Countless fulfillments of its propheciesexceptional earthquakes. etc. profound scholarship with which they have studied the prob- "Dr. IlLThe Philosophy of Planetary Changes such as sank Atlantis.Geologlcal Considerations the scientific aspect. chap. VThe Heart of the World. . V!LThe Remedy. droughts. New York. If you wish to understand the finer forces operating back of present-day conditions you need this remarkable volume." National Pictorial Monthly. famines. Art Boardr. chap.

and we hope that each of our readers will secure a copy.. . is impending. . as set forth in this little book deserves recognition from all fellow-workers. .C.ded. joint authors of a number of famous books on philosophy. on these great changes . and to be assured of the earnest and sincere motives back of the "The book is well written and dear.nlation." Hall Evening News (England). "Full of deep spirituality. . Homer Curtiss and his brilliant wife. Dr. The book handles the spiritual side of coming world changes as saliently as it does the physical..." Ghost Stories "Dr. Curtiss are exceptionally gifted writers in their (New York).. "Like all the other 'Curtiss Books5' this is a deep and scholarly consideration of the subject." Theosopisical Messenger (Chicago). An . and Mrs." Mercury (New York). ." Washington Post (D. . 'With the advent of each new 'Curtiss Book! we reasonably cxpect further researches into truth.. Curtiss.).mjortant book .rappoi. . Monthly (New York). "In view of present tendencies it strikes a startlingly confirmatory note. "Any addition to 'The Curtiss Books' is very welcome in the library of the occultist because of the unusually sincere and constructive us- tureoftheworkcarriedonbythedoctorandhiswife!' TheMessage (Los Angeles). . and that me can heartily recommend it" From a four-page editorial review in The OccvJS Review (London). writing. and much credibility is lent to the prophecies by statements of geological changes already in progress.National Pictorial . but few arc of equal value to this one" The Rally (London). peculiar fielda field of Oriental mysticism lighted by a Western aim. one cannot but grasp the deep spirituality of the messages. with a beautiful short chapter at the end called 'The Remedy. and Mrs.i Age (Santa Barbara). . .. . Is it merely a coincidence that seismic and meteorological disturbances of all kinds are now becoming so frequent and severe? Needless to say that we consider the course indicated is one which is worthy of every cnnm. "The work done by Dr. There are many books written ."The Curtiss Books" expound the laws of future events COMING WORLD CHANGES APPRECIATIONS "For many years now 'The Curtiss Books' have been welcomed by all earnest and devout seekers of wisdom. They have dared to prophesy. Coming World Changes is a remarkably interesting volume." The Aquarta. and isv are Much spiritual pabulum is developed in their new book which we take pleasure in commending. believe a remarkable change not ds. and this volume is of special value in the present World Crisis. . "Even when read with certain reservations as to possibility and probability." Canadian Theosophist (Toronto). F.

Psychic Phenomena. Miscellaneous. in answer to questions coming from earnest and intelligent students all over the world. touch just the practical questions that arise in the daily lives of all who are strivmg to live the higher life. The Masters of Wisdom and Their Work. Volume L Sixth Edition Price $2. tirely different letters covering different phases of the subject mentioned in the other volume. The Astral Plane. IlL After Death Conditions. Prayer and Its Results. Volume II Health and Disease. Prayer and Its Results. Concerning The Order of Christian Mystics. Each volume contains en- The Sex Problem. Health and Disease. Reincarnation. Discouragement Jesus and The Christ. X.00. . Dreams and Visions. Psychic Conditions. Coming World Changes. Marriage and Divorce. TABLE OF CONTENTS Volume I Spiritual Growth and Development. IL Financial Problems. Miscellaneous. IlL The Law of Karma.00. Conoerning The Order of Christian Mystics. IL The Sex Problem."The Curtiss Books" Solve Sex Problems Normally LETTERS from the TEACHER These letters from the Teacher of The Order of Christian Mystics. Volume II. Second Edition Price $2. VIIL Health and Disease.

"W. knowledge is instantaneous there is no doubt. are to be commended."Portland Oregonian. "Many Biblical and other problems are handled clearly and convincingly in a manner that shows the instructor to be one sure of the position taken."Mrs. E. at the same time leaving all students in full mental liberty. of which this book is nearly full." Unity.. "Another interesting contribution to the department of occult science. Marriage and Divorce. E. . "I find your books the most helpful I have ever read. . and its frank and rational discussion of the sex question ."M. bear every mark of culture. When one comes into the realization of one s dearest dreams. The tone of the whole subject is Purity. "The beautiful truths expressed in beautiful diction cannot help but appeal to the soul which is seeking the higher things of life.". including special chaf)ters on Sex.Mystic Light Library Bulletin. etc. desirous of imparting helpful knowledge to all earnest inquirers." Editor 0.Son Francisco Argonaut. Vol."Anzerican TheosophLrt. "Its warnings against the dangers of psychisni. "The letters of advice. II. Words are so inadequate to express my gratitude."edwards Paul Jones. C. "There is no subject in the book that is not treated in a mmnuer so interesting that it is hard to lay it down. . Colville. S. Financial Problems. G. I.. and of a lofty thought. I felt the moment the book came into my hands like one who had come home at lastto a wonderful home for which one had been long and earnestly seeking and praying and longing. of sincerity. Critic. . It is the sort of a book the student wants for reference. the Christ and the comnsg World Teacher. but when the chapter on The Sex Problem is reached there is found some strong food for a strong man with a strong mind. "The book is pervaded with the spirit of loving service Every question receives a clear and careful answer which must have satisle4 the inquirer. New letters covering other subjects. I know of none more useful and admirable than the work now before ine. "I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the comfort that has come to me through your Letters from the Teacher. They are so liveable and meet the wants of life. aiming to assist students who desire earnestly to master lower appetites and devote themselves seriously and successfully to the culture of true spirituality. H."The Curtiss Books" explain the problems of daily life LETTERS from the TEACHER APPRECIATIONS "Among the many occult volumes before the publi.

and the Christ Star. Man and the Zodiac: how the 12 signs are represented in man. THE INNER RADIANCE Forty splendid chapters covering almost every phase of the mystic life. redemption. Man and the Planet: their relation. A companion to THE VOICE OP ISIS and THE MESSAGE OP AQUARIA. Lesson of the sage-brush. The Rowdd Table: symbology of King Arthur and his knights. As in the Days of Noah: planets returning to similar relations and producing similar conditions today. King Arthur and his knights. God. CONDENSED TABLE OF CONTENTS in man. Divine Fire: fire of life. D. The Lord from Heaven: bow the spiritual man descends into the human. The God Man: God in the process of manifestation Second Edition with full index Order all of "The Curtiss Books" direct from Price $2. The Lord. Not reincarnation. How to master thent Spiritual Co-operation: a law of the universe. Sylphs and Salanianders. of Karma: the events of life neither fate nor pun. The Realm of Be-nw: the mystery of Being irons non-being. to the zodiac. Saturn and Cyclic Law: role of Saturn as tester and Initiator. C. Cosmic Causes of World Conditions and the Remedy: Cosmic and Karmic factors. Preparation: for the Second OflhIflg The Inner Radiance: that mysterious power which pushes all things on to perfection. Man and the ElementaLr: role of the Gnomes. from the stock market collapse and the depression. . ishment but opportunities. Reliance: of the outer upon the inner. The Book of Remembrance.50. The five points. The Authors' latest work. The Mount of Attainment: the end of the Path."The Curtiss Books" Are Exhaustless Wells of Vascinating Material Newt Just outl in June of 1935. Hymn to the Elements. Lessons by the Way: the ancient continents. occultism and spiritual philosophy. The Glory of the Lord: how recognized and contacted. The Soul Language: the inner language f spiritual consciousness. The Great and the Small: all things are relative. divine fire. 3510 Quebec St N. Why necessary. the atoms. King Desire: his meaning and mastery. Curtiss' lecture before the Chamber of Conunerce. The Great Work: the mystery of spiritual alchemy. Nature's synibology. Undines. Dr. The King of Glory: where and how he reigns. King Desire. The Mystic Rose: why a symbol of Divine Love. Tran. Redemption: the esoteric doctrine. The Mystery of the Elements: the conscious forces back of Nature. The Third Eye: functions of the pineal gland. Cosmic fire. W. Washington. the eleinentals. THE CURTISS PHILOSOPHIC BOOK CO. The Chrict Star: the shepherds and the Wise Men. and the remedy.iimgration: the doctrine. Another large volume. of mind.

. and their viewpoints and suggestions should prove both interesting and encouraging to lielpfid. W. found in the long series of volumes issued by the authors. As Christian mystics who work strenuously for the dimination of greater spiritual knowledge among all races and creeds. "This is the latest of the numerous publications of Dr. Uj have enjoyed all of your books so much that somehov any other literature has lost its value for me... of nnt modern times. Toronto. "There is no need for ignorance in the world today. London.. H. W1 Indianapolis..."_The Rally. S. .. which com- "It Is a continuation of the inspiring and practical teachings to be bine a firm adherence and interpretation of our Bible truths with a deep and extensive knowledge of the esoteric teuMng. H. Many most abstruse subjects are discussed with utmost simplicity and fr*n1rw. the revolutionary changes through which humanity "This is the 18th volume of 'The Curtiss Books' and measures up to chapters include several chapters dealing with present-day conditions in the world. I will not rest until I can successfully correlate with the true Inner Mr. Curtiss write with wide knoidedge and experience. and are in need of counsel and encouragement in the difficult and crucial period through which we are passing. Dr and those who view with apprehension the religious. htfeThgible language. social and political upheavals which would appear to some to be the visible signs of an angry Deity's vengeance. nat Mrs... loving and jrue. and their answers! It Is food which if earnestly partaken of by the student will result in good digestion. and its aba is to be of service to all who are on the upward Path. the authors are nothing if not supremely Mrs."Mrs. Curtiss . It is a fit companion to the other 'Curtiss Books. Its membership ranges over some 70 foreign countries and is united only by specific hours of devotion and intercession. S. The Inner Radiance brings into one's consciousness the Why? of all questions. I am quite satisfied to read and enjoy it.."The Curtlu Books" Are Life-long llrlends APPRECIATIONS "The majority of the forty chapters which comprise this work concern the revolutionary changes through which humanity is now passing.. . 'Permit me to add ray tribute of praise to the great volume you no doubt have received from the production of The Inner Radiance."Sptingflcld Union and Republican."The Aquarian Age... Of whatever they treat.. ."Mrs.Occult Review. M. Washington. the best teaching put out by the well known authors.. London.' and I believe shows a deeper spiritual insight than possibly Its predecessors.. B. The book helps one to better understand from the is now passing.. .. The forty spiritual standpoint. as it is so constructive... and their spirtuaily erudite contents should do muck to allay fears which tend to flood the mind through Jack of knowledge.. It is couched in plain. the purpose of which is to make religion a practical and vital aid in the conduct of life.

Cooking. What is health? Uses of pain. Vaccination. of prayer. etc. as well as the physical factors. Chapter V. Mental health. rules and directions. All boiled down into twelve chapters paciced with definite laws. Chapter VII. 3510 Quebec Street. and physical. Serums. Raw foods. properly combine. Spinal adjustments. Occult uses of breath. Price $1. Menus and Statistics. exercise. Invisible helpers. bathing. How to choose. . Chapter II. as well as explicit instructions as to just what to do in acute attacks. prayer. faith and spiritual healing. Study carefully the table of contents and see if you can afford to be without it. Best methods. Appendicitis cured hi a few hours. etc. Mental Influences. Compatible combinations etc.50 postpaid. Restoration to health. Mechanical Factors in Health. Compatibility of Foods. Breathing. Chapter XII. prayer. Each chapter gives the essence of whole. Chapter I. Washington. Origin of thought. Effect of joy. non-technical language. Science of breath. and how to retain or regain it.The Nineteenth Volume of "The Curtiss Books" HEALTH HINTS long-winded discussions and theories about health. emotions and psychic influences to which you respond. Natural immunity to all diseases. happiness. This is not a large elaborate volume filled with dry statistics and together with our highest mystical teachings as to the health of the inner as well as the outer man. mental. Chapter III. psychic. Chapter IV. Chapter IX. W. Just what you have long been waiting for. Reasons for. It contains the essence of the most advanced metaphysical teaching on bathing. The body an instrument. cook and serve foods. Various Suggestions. THE CtJRTISS PHILOSOPHIC BOOK CO. Cure of. Insomnia. mind and spirit. AU expressed in simple. Acute Duorders. Spiritual Influences. breathing. yourself or your family. It therefore deals with the effect upon your health of the thoughts. Chapter VIII. Chapter X. but a vitally interesting and practical summary of our teachings on the importance of health of body. It contains the essence of my many years of medical experience. D. Mechanism of. Tobacco. Chapter VI. Alcohol. This may save the life of your child. Rules for combinations. Constipation. C. Price $1. Emotions. Chapter XI.50 postpaid. TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction. N. expensive courses on each subject. Structural defects. Contains the exact routine to eliminate most chronic disorders. how attained. Healing Prayer. aspiration. Food in General. thought-control.

The chapter on Constipation defines. and will be an asset in any family because of its many valuable suggestions. which have afforded such an inexhaustible store of Ancient Wisdom and Mystic Truth for the past thirty years. it would be difficult to find advice and hope so evenly balanced with sound authority. No sufferer or nonsufferer can read this book in vain. D. J. etc. The Aquarian Age. . with suggested menus of correct diet." Mrs. Homer Curtiss. The last chapter is devoted to Spiritual Influences. London. It is well indexed. W. The present volume. It has invaluable chapters on Breathing. So important . emotional and spiritual influences which play so vital a part in the health of the individual. contains Health Hints for the purification of the body. "As an inspiration as well as an instruction to all physical sufferers. as well as the outer man. . The book is one of the most interesting and comprehensive of the hundreds we have seen on the subject of health. helps in acute diseases. Valuable suggestions and directions are given on Breathing. harmony and happiness to the reader. as is found in the recent book Health Hints by Dr. with the untinctured recommendation of the whole book as being the best document on the subject health yet to appear for lay readers. and he therefore includes most interesting chapters on the mental.APPRECIATIONS "This boolç as the name implies. understanding health. The author is an M. mind and emotions. and the various methods of Healing. and is one of the best books we have ever seen on the maintenance of health from all standpoints. Author of Love Can Open Prison Doors. . baths of various kinds. From New Zealand: "I have received my copy of Health Hints and I find it invaluable. Am already greatly improved by following its practical directions. both physical and spiritual. ." Editor." Editor. "This is the nineteenth volume of the famous Curtis: Books. do we deem this chapter that we quote it in its entirety." Starr Daily. F. as well as a nationally known teacher and lecturer along spiritual lines. it is a book that should be in every home. The Rally. the plain. in the opinion of this writer. gives forth the results of his many years medical experience as applied to the inner. . and some valuable advice in regard to foods. concluding with an earnest desire that the following of the teachings given may be a source of purification. a very comprehensive chapter on Constipation and its cure. simple and fundamental cause underlying the common diseases to which the flesh is heir. Food and Exercises.

" The Way of Attainment. . The bidden wisdom. M." Light. Swedish. New York City. Covenant with Levi. M. TOWARDS THE LIGHT By PRINCESS MARY KARADJA Founder of The White Cross Union. 'Will appeal to the general reader as well as to the Metaphysician. Cherubims." Symbolism of the ark. The Seven Sacraments. C. J. Masculine and fnhiine aspects of the Soul. Control of appetites and desires. Curtus. "This poem is a powerful meditation on the theme: 'Whatsoever a man sows that shall he reap." Light. Price j'ostpakL sons from suidda. Glasgow Times. and that the sex relation is far more than mere animal procreation. and The Curtiss Book. Price 1. "You have put the entire matter on a high and spiritual plane. "The coming of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth must be through the spiritually developed individual. To the Author's knowledge this poem has saved at least jfteen per.) Introduction. There ii a chain of circumstances powerfully described. The Law of Love. Finnish and German 1ithm have appeared in addition to the English edition. Mr. Chapters on What shall we soy of matter? Erroneous concepts and the correct. Action of Spirit on matter. "A noble message from the Great Beyond. A glance at fundamentals.00 postpaid. Warnings and safe-guards. Spirit. Stanford of California presented 500 copies to the free libraries of Australia. "The best exposition of the doctrine of complementary Spiritual Mates. and no reader can miss your meaning.' Dr. "Things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world. ualizes the whole subject of sex." Search the Scriptures.c. "The story is told in dramatic and moving language." Rev." The Fire of the Lord. Esoteric symbolism of Jehovah." Key to the interpretation of the Old Testament. "To the pure all things are pure. not an end in itself." "Her Majesty Queen Alexandra has graciously Infmted her pleasure In accepting a presentation copy. censer.Two other important books now published by us THE SEVENTH SEAL By JEANETTE AGNES (A student of the O. etc. Dutch. Danish. Creation among the lower forms. The fate and redemption of a suicide told in inspiring blank verse. Sex not a weakness of the flesh. Author of King Solomon.o . In harmony with the Teachings of thç 0. Herman Randall. Ample biblical quotations are given in confirmation." Pall Mall Gazette. altar.C. King Oscar of Sweden read it aloud at a reception in 1901. "Go In unto the veil.'" Aberdeen Daily Journal. "From the beginning of the creation God made them male and female. Woman must be allowed the Initiative. The Lost Word.

New fabrikoid binding. Acr L The Battlements of the City. Real leather.00 THE MYSTIC LIFE An introduction to mysticism and a dear exposition of its meaning. Contains chapters on How Mysticism Solves the World's Problems. A collection of inspired and inspiring prayers for all occasions and for every need and mood. small groups of those interested to form study-classes for mutual Indexed. Some i. recovered psychically by the Authors. Published in small. 50 cents.00 THE LOVE OF RABIACCA A Tragedy In Five Acts A thrilling tale of a pee-historic race.The following are three new volumes of the handy "Gem. $100 . The Love Thilter." PRAYERS of THE ORDER OF CHRISTIAN MYSTICS A long felt want finally filled. the protection and comfort of the spiritual forces which these mystical prayers actually invoke. $1. New fabrikoid binding. Acv IL The Shrine on the Monfniitt Acr III. Acr IV. handy form convenient for the pocket or hand-bag. 50 cents. Real leather. and accessible at all times. By its regular use all aspirants may experience the manifold bless- ings and joys. Indexed. Acr V. The Mystic Christ Recommendations for Daily Living. Real leather. The Path of Discipleslup. The Rite of Naked Sword. Scene iL The Flaming Pyre1 and the Prophecy. New fabrihoid binding. The Crypt Beneath the Temple. $1. Illumination. Just the thing to place in the hands of one who is beginning to aspire and think for himself. 50 cents. Series. its scope and its importance in the daily hfe. Full information for gathering belp understanding and fellowship.

Fifth Edition. Practical working directions given. 50 Cents. re- freshment and delight. Handy Pocket SIm. Art Paper. Paper. SANTA BAEBARA.O. Curds. IlL Karma. . The Great SilenceEntering the Silencethe Noon Silence Service. Mast» of Wisdom.00 Send for Descriptive Catalog of The Crvtlss Books The Divine Motherthe Bringer Podhthe Mish%bt Prayerthe Order "The Curtis. 50 Cents. $1. Books" Direct from THE CURTISS PHILOSOPHIC BOOR CO. Art Paper. Editor "Out Wed" Fourth An Edition. Spiritual Growth.. 6imatN-W. $1. that comes as unpretentious as a song-sparrow. IV. Linsp Leather. VI.."The Curtisa Books" Blaze the Trail for the New Age The GEM SERIES of BOOKLETS Ideal Gifts at Any Season. Paper 75 centt. Reincarnation.00 Thkd Edition German Edition. and place and not receive the Inspiration one will get out of a tenminute perusal of this little book. I.».00 THE TEMPLE OP SILENCE The most Inspiring treatise on Me'Uttinn and entering the Sil. v. BOX 336. e*zy soul can eat and drink of a book full of loving helpfulness. Art Paper. CALIF. IL Duty."Baltiniore American. Waters of Lifethe Comforter. VIL Miscellaneous. as soft as an odor-laden zephyr. e NEW ADDRESS P. limp Leather. $te-QL1. with song."George Wharton James. THE DIVINE MOTHER The latest and most beautiful gem of the series. as quiet as a hidden spring. Gives best simple insight into Mysticsm. Limp Leather. and Mrs. wi u. Third Edition. GEMS OF MYSTICISM Inspiring passages selected from the writings of Dr. 50 Cents. Limp Leather. $100 "One might wade through the religious philosopbizings of every people THE SOUNDLESS SOUND A Prose Poem of Devotion and Meditation "Whatever one's creed. The Christ. 50 Cents. $1.

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