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House No. 935, F. B.

Area Block- Phone # 0321-8713074
20, Karachi, Pakistan. e-mail:

Muhammad Taqi
Experience Trainee Claiant Textiles Karachi
In progress

Internee Lucky Knits, Zone Karachi
Wet processing of Knitted Fabrics
• Color matching using spectrophotometer and Robo lab
• Different fastness tests
• Handling of machines used in dyeing and finishing

Trainee Farid Ahmed Vavda & Co., SITE Karachi
Colour Matching
• Use of Digital Spectrophotometer (Data Color)
• Rubbing Fastness test
• Washing Fastness test
• Light Fastness test

Industrial Visits Karachi
• Eastern Textiles, Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi
• Al Abid Textiles, SITE, Karachi
• Muslim Cotton Mills, SITE, Karachi
• Lucky Textile Mills, Zone, Karachi
• Dadabhoy Textile Industries, SITE, Karachi

Education 2006- 2010 SFDAC-College of Textile Engineering
B.Sc. (Engineering)
‘The study of different options available for dyeing of P/C Blends, their
Costing etc.’

2004-2006 The Aga Khan College, Karimabad Karachi
Higher Secondary School Certificate

2002-2004 Shaheen Public School Karachi
Secondary School Certificate

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